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TNA Lockdown Results (3/10/13) - Bully Ray Wins TNA Championship With Help From Devon

The show opens with a video package that highlights feud between Aces & 8's and TNA. They also focus in on the World Title match as well, with only a bit of focus on the all-cage match theme of the show.

Hello everyone and welcome to Wrestling News World's live coverage of TNA Lockdown. I'm Sean Hopkins and I'll be providing multiple updates for every match throughout the night. Keep your browsers pointed here and keep refreshing this page for more information.

The music starts and Todd Keneley welcomes us to the PPV. He hypes that this is the largest crowd in TNA history. Taz immediately begins hyping Aces and 8's against TNA before Tenay talks for a bit about Bully Ray and Jeff Hardy. Keneley throws it to the ring for the first match of the night, the X Division Championship Match.

Zema Ion makes his way out to the ring first, to not much of a reaction.

Christian York gets a bit more of a pop out of the crowd, but it dies off pretty quickly.

Kenny King is out last, and the champ gets another lukewarm reaction out of the crowd.

X Division Championship Match

Kenny King vs. Zema Ion vs. Christian York

Zema jumps King from behind before sending York into the corner and gloating. York fights his way out of the corner and dropkicks King before eating a hurricanrana from Ion. York clotheslines Ion, but is then attacked by King, who bails to the outside when the going gets tough. York dives through the ropes to take out King, hitting him with a big right hand for good measure. York is able to turn around in time and stop Ion with a kick. King sends York into the barricade and tries to moonsault off of Ion, crashing into the barricade in a NASTY landing. King and York both stand, only to be wiped out by a corkscrew dive from Ion.

Ion and York head back into the ring where York gets Ion in powerbomb position, and King hits a blockbuster. York tries for the pin, but only gets two. York turns to King, hitting him with a suplex for another two count. King is up and he jumps over the top rope with York's head in his hand, choking him on the top rope. He heads back in and gets a two count before beating on York in the corner for a bit. York fights out with chops before getting his eyes raked by King. King picks up York and slams him to the mat before heading to the top. Ion stops King and hits a hurricanrana, landing a moonsault on York and pinning him for two.

Ion suplexes York and hits a springboard moonsault for another two. Ion gets too close to the ropes and is sent to the mat by King. York grinds King's face across the top rope before hanging him up on the middle rope, and hitting a leg drop to the back of King's head. York pins King for another two count. Ion backs York into the corner and sends him across the rope. York pops him out to the apron, but Ion comes back in, kicking York in the head, hitting a baseball slide on King, and hitting the low tornado DDT on York for two. Ion heads to the top, but he's stopped by King. King heads to the outside ramp with Ion, slamming him down on the raised entranceway before hitting a bit leg drop.

York tries to pin Ion, but only gets two as it's broken up by King. King hits York with a nasty knee lift before putting Ion on the top turnbuckle. York rushes over and powerbombs King, who in turn hits a fall away slam on Ion at the same time from the top rope. York tries for a pin on both men, getting two counts. York hits King with some big forearms and a running bull dog before dropping Ion with a right hand. King tries for a spinning back kick, but is dropped with a big suplex by York. York slams Ion to the mat and gets another two. King misses a flipping kick, but York lands one of his own. Ion attacks both men, but it ends up hurting him as King and York team up. Ion is able to force York to DDT King while he hits a neckbreaker on York in an impressive display.

York drops Ion with a naty kick and double stomp. York tries for the mood swing, but it's broken up by King. King is able to come back, and after a bit of a stumbling point, he hits York with the royal flush to get the three count.

Winner and STILL TNA X Division Champion: Kenny King

JB is backstage with Joseph Park. He talks about how he's been ribbed this week, being sent to The Alamo to try and rent a car. Kazarian and Daniels walk in and says Dixie Carter has been looking for him. Park walks off and Kaz talks about how tonight is all about Bad Influence and how they will win tonight. Daniels says they're not jokes and they're tired of being disrespected by everyone in TNA and all the fans. Tonight, they walks into the ring, and win the belts and hold them high above their head. Daniels spouts off a couple of nifty catch phrases before they walk off.

Joey Ryan makes his way out to the ring for the next match, offering Christy Hemme a lick of his lolly pop, but she declines.

Joseph Park is out next, and he gets a pretty nice reaction out of the crowd.

I guess it's worth noting that this match won't be taking place in a cage, and neither did the last one.

Before the match, Ryan has a mic. He says they say everything is bigger in Texas, and judging by Park's gut and the fat people in the audience tonight, he's going to say that's true. He calls that evidence. He says Park is a big mark, since he's learning insider terms, and he belongs more in the audience than in the ring. Ryan says he's got the size advantage where it count, and Park is about to find out that size matters.

Ryan shoves the mic at Park, who says San Antonio rocks. He went to River Walk, and sang karaoke, and this place rocks. Ryan attacks and this match is on.

Joey Ryan vs. Joseph Park

Ryan pops Park a couple of times before rubbing some baby oil on him and grossing out everyone in the arena. Ryan bails to the outside. Park tries to pull him in, but Ryan avoids it. Ryan heads back into the ring and eats a couple of hip tosses from Park. Park takes Ryan into the corner and hits him with a big chop, but then runs into a big boot. Park is able to shove off a middle rope cross body from Ryan. Ryan avoids a splash in the corner and hits Park with a dropkick to the knee. Ryan stands over Park and rains down with right hands before rubbing some more baby oil off of his chest, and into Park's face.

Ryan waits for Park to stand before kicking the back of his knee. Ryan tries to pin Park a couple of times, but Park won't stay down for three. Ryan takes Park into the corner and rubs Park's face in his baby oil slathered chest hair. Ryan backs up across the ring and splashes Park in the corner. Ryan goes for a running forearm and is dumped to the apron, but Ryan heads to the top and takes Park out with a missile dropkick. Ryan goes for another pin and gets a two count.

Park gets to his knees and grabs handfuls of Ryan's chest hair, ripping it off not once, but twice. Park stuns Ryan with a couple of blows before hitting a Manhattan drop. Park hits a running splash in the corner and he heads up to the middle rope. Park leaps off with a big splash, but Ryan rolls out of the way. Ryan heads to the middle rope and tries for a sunset flip, but Park is able to steady himself before dropping down with all of his weight across Ryan's chest. Park stays seated to get a three count.

Winner: Joseph Park

After a terrible backstage segment between Bully Ray and Hulk Hogan, it's time for another championship match.

TNA Knockouts Championship Match

Velvet Sky vs. Gail Kim

The bell rings and Sky surprises Kim right off the bat, trying to roll her up for a quick victory. Gail is able to turn things around with a roll up of her own, and Sky reverses it. Sky hits a headscissors and a big neckbreaker on Kim that's good for two. Kim rolls to the apron and Sky hits a dropkick that sends her to the outside. Sky heads to the apron and flies off, crashing down on top of Kim. Kim pushes Sky back into the ring post. Kim sends things back into the ring and pins Sky for two. Kim hits Sky with a nasty kick before sending her into the corner and hitting a running spear. Sky heads back into the ring and hits Kim with a forearm, but she's slammed to the ring for another two count. Kim chokes Sky against the middle rope and it's broken up by Taryn.

Kim get's in Taryn's face while standing on the side of Sky's face. Kim doesn't like how Taryn counts her pinfalls either. Kim heads into the corner with Sky behind her. Kim gets her feet on Sky's shoulders, but she's splatted down on the mat in a rough fashion. Sky hits Kim with a kick to the gut before hitting her with a nice facebuster. Sky pins Kim for two. Sky blocks a kick, but Kim grabs on to Taryn. Kim is able to get her balance and hit Sky with the eat defeat, but she only gets a two count.

Kim gets in Taryn's face, arguing with her before slapping her hard. Kim yells in her face and tells Taryn to DQ her. Taryn almost does, but she turns around instead and slams Kim down to the mat, grabbing her by her hair and slamming her head to the mat repeatedly. Kim gets up and doesn't look too happy, but Sky turns her around and hits In Your Face to get the three count.

Winner and STILL TNA Knockouts Champion: Velvet Sky

Backstage again with JB and he hypes the next match as bro vs. bro. Robbie E says tonight is the night that he finally proves that big Rob is better than bigger Rob. He did everything for Terry, and T held him down for two years. He says he'll say this slow so the Texans understand. His former bro, he's going to make his ho, oh. This leads to an absolutely goofy video package that shows the events leading up to this match. I don't know what it is about these video packages and backstage segments tonight, but I'm not sure TNA is even trying anymore.

This video package is AUTO-TUNED in certain parts.

Robbie E. is the first man to make his way out to the ring for this match, and since they both have the same name, for the play-by-play, he'll be Robbie for the purposes of this match.

Robbie T. (Terry), makes his way out next and sends Robbie scampering from the ring in intimidating fashion.

Robbie E. vs. Robbie T.

The bell rings and Robbie tries to beg off, calling for a time out and wrapping himself up in the ropes. Robbie asks for Terry to listen, and he gives him a big hug. Terry doesn't look like he's into it as the crowd chants to 'hug it out'. Terry shrugs Robbie off. Robbie isn't too happy about it, stretching out and doing a couple of squats before locking on a headlock. Terry fights out of it with one hand, dropping Robbie to the mat. Robbie scrambles into the ropes before going for Terry's leg. Terry picks Robbie up and drops him to the mat with a gut-wrench slam. Robbie tries to use his quickness, but he's popped up into the air by Terry. Terry misses a splash in the corner, and Robbie tries to punch away at his shoulder, but Terry grabs him around the throat. Robbie breaks his grip and hits him with a couple of chops before bailing to the apron. Terry reaches over and Robbie drops his arm across the top rope before targeting the knee and bringing him to the mat for a one count.

Robbie clamps on a sleeper, but Terry stands up to his feet. He stumbles around the ring, but doesn't do anything to get Robbie off his back, so he ends up fading and dropping down to one knee. Terry still won't die, fighting up to his feet. Robbie jumps on Terry's back, but Terry backs himself into the corner, squashing Robbie. Robbie is able to catch Terry with a boot, but he's dropped with a nice elbow, then clothesline. Terry slams Robbie down to the mat hard, then shoulders him and pops him up for a spinebuster. Terry pins Robbie, and gets the three count.

Winner: Robbie T.

JB is standing by backstage yet again. Austin Aries joins him without his partner. Aries says everyone's been asking where Bobby Roode is and what Aries will do if he's not here tonight. Aries says he's proven he doesn't need Bobby Roode to get the job done and keep the Tag Team Championships. He can defeat all four of his opponents by himself, but luckily, that won't be necessary. Roode walks in and asks if Aries missed him before they walk off smiling.

Hernandez and Chavo Guerrero are the first two men to make their way out to the ring for the third championship match of the night, getting a nice reaction from what Tenay calls a hometown crowd.

Kazarian and Christopher Daniels are out to the ring next, getting a pretty nice reaction while strutting down the entranceway.

Austin Aries and Bobby Roode make their way out to the ring last, getting another warm reaction from the crowd, who seem to be pretty darn interested in this match.

TNA World Tag Team Championship Match

Austin Aries and Bobby Roode vs. Chavo Guerrero and Hernandez vs. Bad Influence

The bell rings and it looks like Chavo Guerrero and Bobby Roode will be kicking things off in this one. Daniels tags Roode from behind, and Roode balks on his way out. Daniels and Chavo lock up and Chavo clamps on a headlock. Chavo pushes off and drops Daniels with a shoulderblock. Daniels returns the favor, dropping Chavo to the mat, but he ends up eating a couple of right hands, and a big back drop from Guerrero. Hernandez tags in and we get a double hip toss on Daniels, and a double back drop on Kaz before they take out the tag champs. Hernandez hits a splash and Chavo hits a dropkick on Daniels and everyone is outside the ring except Chavo and Hernandez.

Hernandez begins Daniels back into the ring the hard way and tags back out to Chavo. Another tag lets them continue to double team Daniels and Chavo sets up Daniels for a bear hug from Hernandez, that leads into a suplex. Another tag leads to Chavo pinning Daniels for two. Kaz is able to tag in and eats a hip toss from Chavo. Hernandez tags in and splashes Kaz for two. Hernandez misses a running splash in the corner that lets Kaz head to the top for a nice missile dropkick. Kaz mounts Hernandez for a couple of punches before tagging out to Daniels. They take Hernandez down to his knees for a kick from Daniels and an elbow from Kaz. Daniels tags out and they try for a double suplex, but Hernandez suplexes Kaz and Daniels instead.

Chavo heads back into the ring and takes out Daniels, hitting two of three amigos before being interrupted by Kaz. He tries to continue on Kaz, but is interrupted by Aries. He hits a couple on Aries, but it's stopped by Roode, and it looks to have stopped him for the time being as Daniels and Kaz are able to choke Chavo against the ropes. Daniels tags into the match and drops a knee across Chavo's throat before tagging out to Kaz again. A slingshot elbow from Kaz leads to another two count. Another tag, and more double teaming from Daniels and Kaz leads to a nice stomp to the chest from Daniels from the middle rope.

Daniels puts on a rear chin lock on Chavo, and slams him to the mat when Chavo is close to fighting out. Chavo dropkicks Daniels and it leads to a tag from Roode. Roode chokes Chavo for a bit before hitting him with a nice back elbow that's good for two. Roode tags Aries and slingshots Chavo into an elbow from Aries. Aries comes in with a nice slingshot press that's good for two. Referee distraction allows Aries and Roode to choke Chavo until it's broken up by Hernandez. Roode tags back in and kicks away at Chavo in the corner. Chavo tries to fight back, but Roode spears him back into the corner and tags out to Aries. Aries hits a snap mare, then heads to the middle rope for a dropkick to Chavo's back that's good for two.

Chavo tries to fight back, but Roode intervenes, raking his eyes before tagging in and taking him down to the mat. Chavo is able to send Roode to the mat, and send Aries from the apron, but he misses a moonsault. Chavo lands on his feet, and both he and Roode hit clotheslines at the same time. Roode tags out to Aries, who runs around the ring and attacks everyone on the apron. Aries sends Chavo out of the ring, and Bad Influence is in, not happy with Aries. Things break down as Roode comes in and all four men fight. It ends with Aries and Kaz both hitting cross body blocks. Chavo heads to the top and hits a cross body to Aries and Kaz. Hernandez is in, maybe he tagged, and he takes it to Kaz and Aries, gorilla press slamming Aries, before hitting a double clothesline on Roode and Daniels. Hernandez shoulders Aries, and Chavo helps him shoulder Kaz as well for a double back breaker. Hernandez makes the pin on Aries but the ref doesn't notice it so he only gets two.

Aries runs right into a shoulder block from Hernandez, but he's taken out with an STO. Roode hits Chavo with a urunage, but he almost falls victim to the fade to black. Aries is in to break it up, and he heads to the top, but he's stopped by Aries. Apparently the legal men are Roode and Daniels, who exchange punches in the middle of the ring before being interrupted by a flying Hernandez out of nowhere with a double shoulder block. Hernandez catches Daniels and drops him with a sit out powerbomb. Chavo tags in and heads to the top. Chavo fights off Kaz, sending him out to the floor. Aries tries for a superplex, but Hernandez grabs him. Aries sends himself and Hernandez to the floor with a hurricanrana. Daniels tries for a superplex on Chavo, but Chavo pushes him off. Chavo hits a frog splash, but Roode tags his foot. Roode goes for the pin on Daniels as Aries tosses Chavo from the ring and defends the pin, allowing his partner to get the three count.

Winners and STILL TNA Tag Team Champions: Austin Aries and Bobby Roode

After the match, they cover the results of the Knockouts match again, with the referee Taryn getting involved, and saying that it caused controversy in the back. They send it to the back where JB is standing by with Taryn. She says she made a judgement call, and at the end of the day she had to stand up for herself. She's attacked from behind by Gail Kim who goes nuts, hitting her with repeated forearms.

Back in the arena, and the cage is finally being set up for the remaining matches.

They review what happened at their fan access this weekend before showing a brief teaser for Slammiversary, which will be taking place June 2nd.

Aces & 8's are shown backstage. D'Lo is giving a speech, thanking Devon, Knox and DOC, Anderson, Baby Boy and Wes for all their various deeds. He says tonight it's Wes and Angle locked in a cage, and he tells him to go out and handle club business. D'Lo says everyone has to bear down tonight, especially Anderson. He says they need to go over the plan for Lethal Lockdown. They walk off to review their plans.

JB is still backstage while the cage is being constructed. He's with Kurt Angle. Angle says tonight he makes him famous. Briscoe is going up against the greatest wrestler who ever lived, inside a steel cage with nowhere to run and nowhere to hide. He tells D'Lo that he's next. He says that Wes is nothing like his father, and tonight he's going to get a San Antonio a** whupping. This leads into a video package showing Wes joining Aces & 8's, and the events leading up to this match.

The cage is ready, and Christy Hemme introduces the participants for the first cage match of the evening.

Wes Brisco makes his way down to the ring through the crowd. He makes his way into the cage, but doesn't get much of a reaction either way out of the crowd.

Kurt Angle is out next, and he gets a nice pop out of the San Antonio fans on his way down the entrance ramp.

Kurt Angle vs. Wes Brisco

Angle takes Brisco right down to the mat. Brisco looks frustrated, but he gets right up. Angle takes him over with a nice German suplex. Brisco catches Angle in the corner, burying his shoulder in Angle’s gut. Brisco tries to escape the cage, but Angle pulls him down and takes him to the mat with a belly to back suplex. Angle sends Brisco down to the mat, where he begins laying in a couple of boots. Angle hits him with a couple of big right hands in the corner before burying his shoulder in Brisco’s midsection. Angle misses a running spear in the corner, hitting his shoulder on the ring post. Brisco turns things around, mounting Angle and hitting him with a couple of big right hands. Brisco rips off Angle’s shirt and wraps it around his throat, choking him for a bit.

Brisco clamps on a rear chin lock, but Angle is quick to fight out of it. Angle goes up to the middle rope and actually hits a missile dropkick to Brisco's gut to knock him back. Angle hits Brisco with a running clothesline, then a second and third. Angle heads to the top rope and tries for a frog splash, but he misses the target. Wes tries to roll up Angle, but only gets a two count. Angle comes back with an Angle slam, planting Brisco on the mat, and both men are down. Angle gets up, but catches a low blow from Brisco. Angle falls to his knees and Brisco crawls toward the cage door. Angle grabs him by the ankle and drags him back into the middle of the ring. Brisco counters out of it. Brisco heads up to the top of the cage, but he’s pulled down by Angle until they're both standing on the top rope. Angle launches Wes with a huge belly to back suplex. Angle tries for a shoulderblock, but wipes out the ref. Angle clamps on the ankle lock, and Brisco taps, but there's no ref to see it.

Angle hits another Angle slam, then he heads out of the cage door. The ref still doesn't see it, and Angle is attacked from behind by D'Lo, who smashes Angle into the cage door and sends him back into the ring before pulling Brisco out to the entrance ramp. The ref turns around to see Wes outside of the ring, and he awards the match to Brisco.

Winner: Wes Brisco

Keneley says that this is far from over, because we've still got Lethal Lockdown. This leads to a video package showing just a small part of the long history between Aces and 8's, and their feud with TNA.

Mr. Anderson is the first man to be introduced for his team, and it looks like they'll be entering the arena one at a time. He gets a decent reaction from the crowd as he makes his way out through the audience, and into the cage.

Anderson's first opponent will be Magnus, who gets a pretty nice pop out of the crowd.

Lethal Lockdown

Team TNA vs. Aces and 8's

The bell rings and Anderson and Magnus jaw with each other for a bit before trading right hands. Anderson puts on a headlock, but ends up pushed off and runs into a shoulder block. Anderson gets up, but is shoved right down to the mat. He's able to send Magnus face first into the corner turnbuckle, but Magnus recovers quickly, hitting Anderson with a series of rights, and kicks to the gut in the corner. Magnus hits Anderson with a nice flying knee, but Anderson gets in a shot to the gut. Magnus comes right back with a big clothesline.

Anderson is able to send Magnus face first into the cage, and then hits him with a clothesline to the back of the head. Anderson snap mares Magnus out of the corner and puts him right in a rear chin lock. Magnus fights up to his feet and hits Anderson with elbows to the gut. Anderson tries for the mic check, but Magnus fights out. Both men hit clotheslines as the clock counts down and Knux is out next.

Knux makes his way out and attacks Magnus from behind. Anderson picks him up and sends him into the corner hard. Knux hits Magnus with a right to the kidney before picking him up for a sidewalk slam. Anderson hits Magnus with a leg drop before stomping at his fingers. Knux and Anderson stomp away while the clock counts down and Samoa Joe makes his way down to the ring.

Joe comes in with a series of clotheslines for both men before he and Joe double team Knux with some of their old tag team maneuvers. Joe beats down on Knux in the corner while Magnus takes it to Anderson on the opposite side of the ring. Joe and Magnus team up on Anderson, hitting a double back elbow before dropping back to back elbows. Magnus chokes Anderson with his boot while Joe sends Knux into the corner. The clock counts down and Garrett Bischoff is the next person out for Aces and 8's.

Garrett comes out and turns right to Magnus, but it turns around on him as Joe and Magnus team up on Bischoff and hit him with a devastating combination of moves. Joe and Magnus whip Garrett across the ring and Joe hits a running forearm. He runs in for something again, but he's shoulder checked by Anderson. Knux body slams Magnus out of the corner, and the advantage turns as the clock counts down. Eric Young is out next, and he gets a huge pop as he takes off his pants, and heads into the cage.

Young goes nuts on all the members of Aces and 8's in the cage, taking them all out and getting a huge pop from the crowd. TNA turns things around, with everyone choking members of Aces & 8's in the corners with their boots. Magnus slams Anderson down to the mat, and Garrett is able to choke EY against the top rope before rubbing his face into the side of the cage. The clock counts down once more, and Devon is out for Aces and 8's.

Devon heads right into the cage and goes to work on Magnus, hitting him with a couple of big right hands before attacking EY in the corner. Devon misses a splash in the corner, and is dropped by a huge running kick from Young. Bischoff catches EY from behind and stops him from getting any further offense. Joe comes right back with a series of open hand slaps. Devon turns his attention to Magnus with a couple of big right hands before choking him. Bischoff slams EY's head into the turnbuckle. The clock counts down once more and James Storm is the next man to the cage.

Storm comes into the ring and dispatches Anderson and Garrett before hitting closing time, and the last call superkick on Knux. Storm slams Anderson face first into the corner turnbuckle, but Anderson rips away at Storm's face. It's pretty much a basic brawl at this point as everyone waits for the last members of their respective teams to begin going really crazy. The clock counts down one last time for Ace's and 8's, and DOC is the last man to make his way out for the team.

DOC heads right into the ring and goes to work on Magnus with some nasty body shots in the corner. Aces and 8's gloat with their last advantage until the clock counts down for the last time and Sting makes his way out to the ring with a trashcan full of weapons.

Sting comes into the ring with a baseball bat in hand, and he lays waste to the members of Aces and 8's.

Sting actually has a couple of trash cans of weapons, which he brings into the ring. The members of Team TNA disperse the weapons between themselves and begin to take turns whacking the members of Aces and 8's with various weapons like kendo sticks, trash can lids, chairs, and pipes. Joe catches Devon with a nice running kick in the corner, which Magnus chokes DOC. Bischoff sneaks up in the corner, but Sting crotches him with his baseball bat. Sting pops Devon with the trash can before throwing it at Garrett. Joe picks up the trash can and does the same. Sting hands the trash can to Joe, who holds it in front of Bischoff's face for a nice Stinger splash.

Sting puts the trash can over Anderson's head, and hits another Stinger splash. EY almost hits Sting with a splash, and a couple of low blows turns things around for Aces and 8's. Devon and the other guys get their hands on some weapons. Devon uses a trash can lid to crack EY in the head. Anderson does the same to Joe. DOC chokeslams EY. Storm has a trash can and he hits DOC. Magnus slams DOC to the mat. Garrett tries to bail over the top of the cage, but Storm and Magnus stop him. They get him in position for a superplex, and Devon and Anderson come in. Joe comes in from underneath the whole mess and powerbombs everyone. He clamps on the STF on Anderson, but Knux breaks it up with a chair. EY blindsides him with a flying elbow, and Sting hits Knux with the death drop. EY heads up in the corner, but Sting tells him to go to the top of the cage. EY obeys, heading right up. Young stands on top of the cage and leaps off with a flying elbow drop. He covers Knux for the three count.

Winners: Team TNA

Eric Young gets the pinfall for his team after a pretty crazy ending to Lethal Lockdown.

Taz isn't happy after the match, arguing that TNA had to go to unnecessary lengths to win the match and endanger lives in the process. Tenay and Taz argue for a bit before they turn their attention to the TNA World Championship match. Apparently, upon polling the fans, 51% think Hardy will win the match, while 49% support Ray.

We get another video package, detailing Bully Ray's rise to number one contendership, and Hardy's respect for his opponent.

Bully Ray is the first man to make his way out into the arena. Ray gets a pretty nice reaction out of the crowd on his way into the cage.

Jeff Hardy is out next, and the champion also gets a warm reception from the crowd. Hardy can't walk down the aisle with his eyes closed here since the ramp is raised and he would probably end up falling off. He makes his way down and around the ring where he can look goofy for a little bit though, stumbling around and walking into various fans' hands.

Taz yells at Bully Ray for some reason, telling him to get his face out of his face.

After formal ring introductions from JB, we're ready for the main event of the evening.

TNA World Heavyweight Championship Match: Jeff Hardy vs. Bully Ray

The bell rings, and both men are slow to start. After a stare down, Ray and Hardy lock up. Hardy ends up in a headlock, but he's able to fight out of it. Hardy hits the ropes and runs right into a big shoulderblock from Ray. Another lockup, and Ray clamps on a headlock. Hardy backs him into the ropes, but Ray blocks a clothesline. Ray tries for a quick roll up, but only gets a one count. Another lockup, and Ray slams Hardy right down to the mat for a two count.

We get another lockup and Ray takes Hardy right into the corner, but tries to catch him with a right. Hardy ducks it and hits a couple of arm drags, and a big splash in the corner. Hardy hits the whisper in the wind out of the corner, which is good for a near fall, but Bully Ray powers out of the pin. Hardy heads up, trying to head out of the cage. Ray catches him by the foot, but Hardy kicks him away and hits a springboard splash.

Hardy heads up to the top of the cage and straddles the top. Ray stops him and slams his knee and ankle into the side of the cage before bringing him back into the ring and crotching him on the top rope after a kick to the head. Ray hits a couple of big elbows to Hardy's head which sets him up for another near fall. Ray stomps away at Hardy before picking him up and slamming him right back down to the mat for another two count.

Hardy tries to sneak out of the cage, but Ray catches him and hits him with a couple of nasty clubbing blows to the back. Ray brings Hardy back into the middle of the ring and continues to grind away at Hardy, driving his knee down into Hardy's back and hitting him with a double ax handle to the small of Hardy's back. Ray stalks Hardy, catching him in a bear hug and wearing down the champ.

Hardy reaches for the ropes, but Ray keeps him in the middle of the ring. Hardy fights out of the hold, but Ray hits Hardy with a big back drop that sends Hardy crashing to the mat for another near fall. Ray tries for a Vader bomb out of the corner, but misses as Hardy rolls out of the way.

Hardy tries for a twist of fate, but Ray reverses it, almost hitting a Bubba bomb. Hardy turns it around and does hit the twist of fate. Wes Brisco and Garrett Bischoff make their way out and into the cage. They attack Hardy, but Ray hits them with a double clothesline, then gets on his hands and knees for Hardy to hit a poetry in motion on both men. Ray tells Hardy to open the cage door and they toss both men from the ring.

Hardy and Ray trade right hands in the middle of the ring, and after an extended sequence, Hardy gets the best of Ray with a flying forearm. Hardy takes Bully down and hits him with the double leg drop to the midsection which sets up Ray for a near fall. Hardy begins the climb to the top of the cage, but he's stopped by Ray. Ray pulls him down to the top rope, and both men stand on the ropes. Ray hits a chop, and Hardy responds with rights to the head. Hardy kicks at Ray, but Ray catches his foot. Hardy hits a kick and falls to the mat. Ray falls off the top on top of Hardy, and he gets a two count in the process.

Hardy hits another twist of fate and heads for the top again, but he's stopped by Ray. Ray pulls down Hardy and gets him into powerbomb position, hitting a huge sit-out powerbomb from the top turnbuckle, and both men are down. Ray rolls over into a pin, but he's still only able to get a two count.

Both men take their time getting to their feet. Hulk Hogan is shown walking his way down to the ring on crutches with Brooke in tow. Hogan walks his way around the ring and shouts words of encouragement to Ray. He tells Bully to get up and not stop. More members of Aces and 8's make their way out as all the members begin to surround the cage and make their way inside. Ray and Hardy get back to back. Devon reaches in his pants and pulls out a hammer, tossing it to Ray. Ray hits Hardy in the back of the head. Hogan is completely shocked, screaming out 'NO'. Devon and Ray celebrate and Ray pins Hardy for the three count.

Winner and NEW TNA World Heavyweight Champion: Bully Ray

Brooke cries and Hogan continues to look shocked as Ray celebrates with Aces and 8's and yells at the referee to raise his hands. Ray yells at Brooke and says she's nothing to him. He calls Hogan an old man, and a piece of crap, and tells him to do something. Ray tells Brooke to shut her mouth as Hogan calls him a dead man.

Ray has a mic and he says that's right. He tells Devon to let that stupid b**** cry. He calls out Hogan, telling him that he used him. He tells Brooke he screwed her. Hogan and Brooke go nuts, and fans begin to litter the ring with bottles and garbage. Ray says he fooled every single one of the fans. The music hits and Taz says Aces and 8's hold all the cards. Ray says that he's the president of the Aces and 8's, and he's the TNA World Heavyweight Champion.

Ray and the rest of Aces and 8's continue to antagonize the crowd while they throw garbage as the PPV fades to black.

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