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TNA Management Comments On Rampage Jackson's Accusations

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Former TNA Wrestling talent Rampage Jackson went on record late last year about his experience with the company. He ripped them apart by saying there was so much lack of communication between him and management (John Gaburick and Dixie Carter). He said he saw the writing on the wall and didn't want to come back.

Apparently the latest coming from Rampage Jackson is that TNA "killed" his desire to do pro wrestling.

TNA Management Bob Ryder 'fired' back at Rampage Jackson's comments by stating what the company has done for him while he was there and then stated that "he was afraid to get touched in the ring". You can read his tweet below, or at this

Really? First class travel for him & an entourage, & then he was afraid to get touched in the ring. Hope he loses.

— Bob Ryder (@brydertna) April 23, 2015


">April 23, 2015

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