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TNA Moving Out Of Headquarters, Impact Replay Moved, Reset Coming?

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Things appear to be getting even rockier for TNA Wrestling, even though Dixie Carter claims big things are coming. While the company searches for investors to help with cash flow, there are a couple of notable news items surfacing.

TNA will move out of their office headquarters at Cummins Station in Nashville and into the warehouse they’ve used for Shop TNA. There are varying accounts making rounds as to why this is happening, from some claiming their lease expires on May 1, 2016 and they chose not to renew with others claiming they’re being evicted. TNA’s production facilities are moving to NorthStar Productions in Nashville.

Pop TV has moved the replay of Impact from late Tuesday nights to Saturdays at 11:30 AM ET. By all accounts, Pop is content with TNA at this time.

Jim Ross, who keeps a good pulse on the business, weighed in on TNA’s recent issues. Below is an excerpt:

“Apparently, things internally at TNA are challenging these days as they are moving out of their long time offices to consolidate into their warehouse while they are allegedly speaking with a potential buyer/investor for their company. TNA apparently needs an infusion of cash to help keep their company moving forward. Real wresting fans never want to see a wrestling company fail and the same holds true here. I’m pulling for Impact Wrestling and my many friends who work there.

If they do get an investor and initiate a restart of their brand I’d suggest that they change their name to give the ‘new brand’ a fresh start. Nonetheless, I’m hopeful that TNA Impact Wrestling can kick out of this apparent predicament.

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