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TNA Reaches Out To Goldberg, Why We’re Not Surprised

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Scott Fishman published a new interview with Bill Goldberg now available on, where he said TNA Wrestling reached out to him a couple of days ago. They want to promote his new movie that also features Bram and feature him on television.

“When something supersedes your business sense, it has to be ego or something ridiculous. I surely am not going to miss a bit of sleep if I don’t get a phone call from them. I just got contacted by TNA a couple of days ago. I don’t know. They want to promote the movie since one of my adversaries in the film is Bram (Thomas Latimer), who works for them. I’m greatly appreciative they want to help the movie out. Now at the end of the day, promoting the movie is one thing, but getting a guy like Goldberg in your wrestling organization is a completely different story. We’ll see.”

You can read the interview in its entirety at this link.

I am not one bit surprised at this. As we reported last month on WNW Premium, TNA has been trying for months to land a big name. Alberto Del Rio is a talent in particular they had money earmarked for and he ended up going to WWE. They’re trying to sign a big name to generate some buzz and goodwill to give them momentum but it’s been difficult to get anyone to take the money.

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