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TNA Slammiversary Results (6/15/14) - Did Young Retain? Team 3D To TNA Hall of Fame.

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Welcome to our exclusive live play-by-play coverage of TNA Slammiversary 2014. Please enjoy streaming live results below. Also, please feel free to discuss the show as it airs in the comments area below.

TNA Slammiversary 2014 Results
Sunday, June 15, 2014
From College Park Center at the University of Texas at Arlington
Report by Sean Hopkins of

The show opens with Kenny King and Bobby Lashley talking to MVP about the main event tonight. King is complaining to MVP. MVP says everything he's doing is second guessed by the board, and he has to do things the right way, and it's not up for discussion. MVP says King has his own back, just like Bobby has his own back. King walks off, saying he's going to win the title, and MVP says something to Lashley privately.

This leads into a video package highlighting some of the history of TNA more than the events leading up to this actual show.

We get some shots of the outside area of the building before long shots of the crowd. It looks like a pretty big house for TNA.

The X Division Championship ladder match opens the show as The Wolves, Davey Richards and Eddie Edwards make their way to the ring with their tag team titles around their waists.

Tigre Uno is out next, sprinting down to the ring.

Crazzy Steve is out next with a little person, dancer, a bearded guy, and Rob Terry in a mask. Steve rides a tricycle on his way down to the ring, with a big bunch of balloons in tow. Steve hands out balloons ringside, then heads right into the ring.

Manik follows next, coming out to a nice little pop from the crowd.

Ladder Match for the TNA X-Division Championship
Sanada © vs. Manik vs. Tigre Uno vs. Crazzy Steve vs. Eddie Edwards vs. Davey Richards

Sanada is the final man out to the ring, and the X Division champion walks right into a suicide dive through the ropes by Manik. The Wolves follow suit, hitting a double suicide dive on Sanada and Manik. Steve heads to the outside and goes under the ing to grab a ladder. He sets it up on the outside and uses it to climb to the apron. Tigre Uno knocks Steve from the apron with a dropkick, and jumps out on everyone with a crazy twisting moonsault. Manik is up with a ladder in the ring. Sanada comes in and drives Manik into the corner, using the ladder. Sanada whips Manik into the ropes, and Manik holes on. Sanada goes to the outside, but is able to connect with a springboard tomahawk chop. Uno and Sanada square off for a bit, trading holds, before Uno sends Sanada out with a kick to the chest. The Wolves are in and they double team Uno, Edwards hitting a kick, and Richards hitting a German suplex to plant Uno on a propped up ladder in the corner.

The Wolves grab a ladder, and they're both holding on to it when they're hit with a springboard dropkick from Manik. Steve is in the ring and puts a ladder around his neck and spins, hitting just about everyone who tries to run in to stop him. Steve sets up the ladder in the middle of the ring, but Manik cuts him off. Manik climbs the ladder, but Steve pushes the ladder over. Manik lands on the top rope and then dives out on top of some of his opponents. Crazzy Steve is up the ladder and has his fingers on the belt when Sanada comes in and knocks the ladder over.

Sanada lays Steve on the ladder in the middle of the ring with a half hearted slam. Sanada goes up in the corner and hits a moonsault on Steve, still laid out on the ladder. Sanada sets up another ladder underneath the belt. Uno is in and he climbs the same side of the ladder. Uno catches Sanada with a couple of shots to the ribs, and an enzugiri that knocks Sanada down. Uno lays a ladder across the middle rope and threads it into on of the rungs, making a bridge. Uno picks Sanada up and slams him face first into the ladder. The Wolves are in and Eddie gets Uno in powerbomb position. Davey leaps from the top rope and hits a backstabber off the powerbomb. Davey and Eddie look up and both go for the belt. They climb either side of the ladder and hit each other with rights and head butts. Sanada comes in and pulls Edwards of, suplexing him over the top and to the outside, following over himself. Manik jumps on to the ladder and hits a sunset powerbomb on top of the bridged ladder. Sanada is up out of nowhere and sneaks up the ladder, grabbing the title and bringing it down.

Winner and STILL TNA X Division Champion: Sanada

Mike Tenay and Taz officially welcome us to the show, wishing everyone a Happy Father's Day. Taz and Tenay talk about MVP not being able to compete at the show tonight, and he talks about the qualifying matches for a shot in a triple threat match against World Champion Eric Young. Taz and Tenay are interrupted by MVP's music, and he makes his way out to the top of the entrance ramp on crutches, with Lashley and King in tow.

MVP says he's supposed to be in the hospital with a serious torn meniscus, and this is how he's treated (boos from the fans). MVP says he knows the fans are upset, because everyone spent money to see MVP become the new TNA World Champion, and if he were them, he'd be disappointed too. He came to the arena for the fans, and the fans shouldn't boo him. MVP says because Dixie Carter went to the board, MVP has been censored, but everything he's done has been to make TNA better for the fans. MVP talks about how he was tasked with creating a new match. MVP says Eric Young will still defend the title in a steel cage, but tonight Kenny King will face Austin Aries, and Bobby Lashley will face Samoa Joe, with the winners of those matches going on to face EY. MVP says he won't be helping in either match. Kenny King grabs the mic and talks some trash about the Dallas Cowboys. King says Young won't leave as champion. He says he's going to be whipping asses all night long, and there's no vegan recipe for that Aries. MVP then turns his attention to Lashley and tells him to do what he's got to do, and let the carnage begin. Lashley heads down to the ring, getting a little bit of reaction out of the fans.

Samoa Joe is out next, and Joe gets a great reaction from the crowd on his way into the ring.

Singles Match – Winner Advances to TNA Championship Match
Bobby Lashley vs. Samoa Joe

The bell rings and Lashley jumps on Joe in the corner. Joe scores with a couple of strikes back, but Lashley buries his shoulder in Joe's stomach in the corner. Lashley whips Joe into the corner, but runs into a big boot. Joe hits a back splash in the corner, and a kick to the back of Lashley's head. Joe scores with a couple of rights and a big chop.

Lashley is able to leap frog Joe pretty easily, and he comes up with a giant clothesline. Lashley tries to slam Joe head first into the turnbuckle, but Joe fights it off with a couple of quick rights. Joe hits a flurry of right hands in the corner, beating Lashley to a seated position. Joe face washes Lashley with his boot a couple of times, but Joe hits the ropes and Lashley rolls to the outside.

Lashley gets a bit of recovery time, but Joe leaps through the ropes with a suicide elbow to wipe out Bobby. Joe follows Lashley around the ring, chopping and head butting him. Lashley comes right back, catching Samoa Joe with a strike before whipping him into the ring steps. Lashley slams Joe head first into the steel steps, then backs him into the ring apron hard. Lashley brings things back into the ring for a near fall. Lashley chops at Joe's throat before hitting a clotheslines in the corner. Joe catches a charging Lashley in the corner, but Lashley fights off the urunage and hits a spinning neckbreaker. Lashley chokes Joe across the middle rope before hitting him with big cross face blows to the side of Joe's head. Lashley drops an elbow that's good for another two count.

Lashley hits a snap suplex on Joe, sending him over for another two count. Lashley buries his knee in Joe' back a couple of times before clamping on a nerve hold. Joe fights up to his feet, but Lashley shuts him down immediately with a couple of right hands. Lashley picks Joe up and hits him with a couple more big rights. Lashley puts Joe right back in the nerve hold. Joe fights up and to his feet, and he's able to score with a leaping kick to the back of Lashley's head, and both men are down.

Back on their feet, Joe scores with a couple of jabs, then hits an atomic drop, big kick and senton. Joe catches a charging Lashley in the corner and executes a urunage. Joe tries for the rear naked choke, but Lashley backs him into the corner to break the hold. Joe is able to turn things around in the corner and he almost hits the muscle buster, but Lashley fights it off. Lashley hits Joe with a big spear off a quick ref distraction, and he gets the three count.

Winner and Moving on to the World Championship Triple Threat Match: Bobby Lashley

Tenay sends it to JB in the back. JB is up in the Carter Family suite. Dixie says they're in her home town where everyone loves her, and her family and friends. They talk a bit about the upcoming match tonight between EC3 and Bully Ray. Dixie says no one's seen Ethan's vicious side. JB asks Dixie about some high level meetings she had this week. Dixie says she'll talk about it in the middle of the ring when the world is listening.

They talk a bit about MVP hurting his knee, and Dixie calls it karma before saying there's more coming.

Back out in the arena, Magnus makes his way down to the ring to some boos from the crowd.

Willow is out next, and Tenay talks about Jeff Hardy's alter ego and how he's taking on the man who beat Jeff Hardy for the World Championship. Willow runs around the ring before falling over comically, and then heading into the ring.

Willow leaps right back out of the ring and sits next to some of the ringside officials.

Abyss' music hits, and Tenay talks about how Willow said he'd have Abyss in his corner earlier this week. Abyss gets one of the biggest pops of the whole match, and he's not even wresting in this match.

Singles Match
Magnus vs. Willow

The bell rings and Magnus and Willow circle each other. Bram distracts Willow, and it allows Magnus to get in a couple of quick shots. Willow comes up with a jaw breaker that sends Magnust to the outside. Willow dropkicks Magnus through the ropes, but when he goes for a baseball slide, Magnus catches him in the apron and hits him with a series of clubbing blows. Magnus sends things back into the ring for a couple of near falls.

Magnus sends Willow into the ropes and hits a big clothesline, wiping Willow out for another near fall. Magnus almost gets caught with a roll up, but Magnus rolls through and picks up Willow, hitting a big powerbomb for another two count. Magnus hits a couple of forearm shots to Hardy's face, then takes him into the corner where he hits a couple of shots to the gut. Magnus hits a vertical suplex, goes for yet another pin, and gets a two count.

Magnus locks in a rear chin lock. Willow is able to fight out of it, but then runs right into a sleeper hold. Magnus takes Willow down to the mat and stares down Abyss. The ref checks on Willow and drops his arm once, twice, but not three times. Willow begins to fight back up to his feet, getting out of the hold. Willow ducks a clothesline and hits a leaping forearm to Magnus' forehead.

Willow hits an inverted atomic drop and a leg drop to the midsection for two. Willow hits a back single leg dropkick, the does some sort of fancy flip into a slap in the face to Magnus in the corner. Willow goes up in the corner and hits a dropkick to a seated Magnus' chest. Magnus fights off the twist of fate, but Willow is able to knock him down to the mat following a splash from the middle rope. Willow goes back to the top and tries for a swanton, but misses.

Bram tries to get into the ring but Abyss pulls him out and immediately begins beating him down. Magnus is out and he and Bram double team Abyss for a bit. Willow heads up to the top rope and leaps off backwards, crashing down into Bram and Magnus. Abyss rolls Bram into the ring, where he hits a couple of big clotheslines, and a splash in the corner. Abyss tosses Bram to the outside.

Magnus and Willow get back in the ring. Willow hits a twist of fate, then another twist of fate immediately after. Willow goes for the pin, but only gets two. Bram has a steel tool in hand, but Abyss goes under the ring and pulls out Janice. Abyss stalks Bram up the apron and to the back. Willow goes for the whisper in the willow, but Magnus pulls him down, and drives Hardy into the mat with what looks like a urunage, hard for three.

Abyss comes down to the ring to break up Bram and Magnus' celebration and check on Hardy

Winner: Magnus

Taz and Tenay talk for a bit about the honor of being inducted into the Hall of Fame. JB says it's become a yearly tradition for TNA to announce an inductee at Slammiversary. JB introduces last year's inductee, to announce who'll be going in to the Hall this year. Kurt Angle walks out to the ring to a nice pop from the fans.

Angle has a mic, but soaks up the 'Angle' chants for a bit. Angle thanks the fans. He says he'd like to thank to board of directors for allowing him to make this announcement. Angle says that being inducted is a level of greatness that's respected by the boys in the back, and the fans. And for that, Angle is grateful. Angle says he's not retired yet, and tells the fans not to thank him now. Angle announces the next member of the TNA hall of fame. Angle says they're quite possibly the greatest tag team of all time, Team 3D.

Devon and Bully Ray make their way to the ring to a big pop from fans in attendance.

After a lot of posing, Bully's got a mic. Bully and Devon still don't talk for a while as they listen to chants of 'we want tables'.

Bully says that is the best 'we want tables' chant that they've heard in forever. He stops for big '3D' chants. He tells Devon he can't begin to tell him how great it is to be standing in the ring together again. Bully and Devon hug.

Lots of 'welcome back' chants for Devon. Bully says they accept the Hall of Fame induction, for one reason, the fans. For their entire career, each of the fans were responsible for taking and making Team 3D the most successful tag team in the history of pro wrestling.

Devon gets the mic. He says last August, when he left TNA, he vowed not to come back. He thought he was done, and that he was through. 'You still got it', chants from the crowd. Devon says thank you, but then he got the phone call, saying they'd be inducted into the TNA hall of fame. Devon says he's created history with Bully Ray, and it's only fitting that if they go out, they go out together. Devon says if it means going out in the Hall of Fame, they'll do it in a blaze of glory. Devon testifies, and the two men pose a bit more to a lot of love from the fans.

JB is backstage, he talks about the Team 3D induction, then asks ECIII for his comments. Carter says he loves the pomp and circumstance. Carter says he beat Sting, then Angle, becoming the face of wrestling. And when he beats Bully Ray tonight, He'll be the Harcore American Icon. Carter says tonight they're in Dallas, and this isn't Von Erich country, it's Carter country. Carter says he's fighting for everyone in his family, but mostly his Aunt D. He asks if Bully knows who he is, saying he's a Carter, and the world needs them.

Kenny King is shown entering the arena for the next match. King gloats on his way down, showing his aim for the World Championship.

Austin Aries is out next, and he gets a pretty favorable reaction from the crowd.

Singles Match – Winner Advances to TNA Championship Match
Kenny King vs. Austin Aries

The bell rings and there's a bit of smack talking before King shoves Aries away. Aries hits a big dropkick in the corner and tries for the brainbuster, but King escapes and goes to the outside. Aries goes to the top rope and flies to the outside with the double sledge. Aries props King up on the apron and hits a big chop, then follows him around the ring, getting in a couple more shots before sending King back into the ring. Aries hits a slingshot splash and an elbow drop for two. Aries goes right up to the top, but King hits the ropes and crotches Aries before hitting a dropkick to the head that sends Aries to the floor.

King hits a slingshot twisting body press to Aries on the floor. King picks up Aries and sends him crashing into the guardrail. King tells Taz to tell the world he's going to win. King walks back into a quick shot from Aries, but King turns it right back around, slamming Aries into the ring steps. King brings things back into the ring for a two count.

King hits a spinning back kick to knock Aries down for another near fall. King takes Aries to the mat and hits some clubbing forearms to Aries' face. King locks in a seated submission hold, but Aries fights his way up and hits a hip toss to escape. King comes right back with a clothesline, and traps Aries in the same seated abdominal stretch. Aries fights up to his feet and out of the hold. King shoulders Aries, but Aries drops down into a roll up. Aries goes out to the apron, flips in over King, and boxes his ears. King drops to the floor, and Aries follows with the heat seeking missile through the bottom and middle ropes.

Aries brings things back into the ring, slamming King head first from corner to corner, slamming King's head repeatedly on the corner. Aries hits a neckbreaker from the apron, snapping King down across the top rope. Aries hits a missile dropkick from the top rope that's good for two. King backs Aries into the corner, and hits a cradle throw to toss Aries across the ring. Aries avoids the shotgun double knees in the corner, picks King up and hits him with a couple of chops to the chest. Aries charges into the corner, right into a big boot. King kicks Aries in the top of the head then hits a spinebuster for two.

King gets hit with a big elbow shot to the face that's good for two. Aries locks King in the last chancery, but he can't get the tap out. King snaps Aries' neck over the top rope, then hits a blockbuster from the top rope for another two count. King takes Aries out to the apron. King goes to the top rope, and pulls Aries up on his shoulders. Aries fights out with elbows and turns it around into a brainbuster from the middle rope. Aries pins King for the three count.

Winner and Moving on to the World Championship Triple Threat match: Austin Aries

The Steel Cage match for tonight is set as Eric Young will defend against Bobby Lashley and Austin Aries.

JB is standing in the ring, and he welcomes members of the Dallas Cowboys in attendance. He says there are other things, like the Cowboys that are intertwined with Texas. He talks about the family that has been the measuring stick for Texas for almost six decades. JB introduces Marshall, Ross and Kevin Von Erich. They all make their way down to the ring to a very nice reaction from the fans.

JB welcomes the Von Erichs. He wishes Kevin a Happy Father's Day. Kevin says it's a pleasure to introduce his sons, and says God bless Texas.

Bro Mans make their way down to the ring, Jesse talks about things that are tight, then talks about things that aren't tight, including the Dallas Mavericks, being part of the Cowboys, or being a Von Erich.

Tag Team Match
Marshall & Ross Von Erich w/Kevin vs. The Bro Mans

The Bro Mans jump the Von Erichs, but Marshall turns things around, back dropping Jesse. DJ tags in, and falls victim to a couple of shots, but is able to hit a drop toe hold to send Marshall into the corner, where he and Jesse sandwich him. Marshall takes a couple of shots, but slams DJZ on the mat. Ross tags in and scores with a couple of shots, but Jesse knocks him to the floor and DJZ flips over the top rope to wipe out Ross on the floor.

DJZ goes for the pin, but only gets two. Ross fights off both DJZ and Jesse for a bit, but Jesse comes up with a big dropkick to knock Ross back to the mat. Jesse misses a leg drop, but avoids a roll up. Jesse punches down, but Ross moves and Jesse connects with the mat. DJZ tags in, but so does Marshall. Marshall takes it to both members of the BroMans, but double teaming catches up with him. Ross hits both of his opponents with a missile dropkick. Ross hits a dropkick to Jesse, who grabbed a chair, and eats it. Ross and Marshall double team DJZ, hitting a crazy series of kicks and punches, followed by a standing moonsault. Jesse hits Marshall with a chair, and the match is thrown out. Kevin Von Erich is in the ring in a flash, locking DJZ in the claw hold. The Von Erichs leave standing tall.

Winner by DQ: Marshall and Ross Von Erich

JB is backstage, talking Knockouts Championship. Angelina Love says she was born ready for Gail Kim. How can she claim to be the best Knockout of all time when Love is the most decorated women's champion of all time, which is something that Gail will never do. JB asks how much of that is due to Velvet. Velvet doesn't seem happy with the insinuation. She says they do everything together, and Love says two is better than one. Love says she'll see Gail soon.

Gail Kim is the first woman to make her way down to the ring, getting a nice pop out of the fans on her way to the ring.

Angelina Love is out to the ring next, and she's got Velvet Sky right along with her. She holds her title high all the way down the aisle.

TNA Knockouts Championship Match
Gail Kim vs. Angelina Love

The bell rings and Gail sweeps Angelina's feet out from under her. Gim trips up Love, and hits a running low clothesline that's good for two. Love bridges out of another pin attempt, but Kim comes right back sending Love to the mat. Kim grabs the arm and jumps up the ropes, going for a hurricanrana, but Love turns it into a powerbomb. Love whips Kim into the corner hard, then backs her up repeatedly. Love picks Kim up and slams her back into the corner. Gail fights back and goes for another headscissors, but Love turns it around into a side slam for two. Love sends Kim crashing to the outside.

Velvet Sky laughs in Kim's face, so Kim fights her off, slamming her head first into the ring apron. Love uses the distraction to attack Kim from behind. Kim launches Love into the ring steps hard. Kim brings things back into the ring. Kim goes to the top, but Love pushes her into a seated position up top, hitting a weird hanging neckbreaker. Velvet Sky blows powder into Kim's face, and Love hits a big boot to the face for two. Earl Hebner comes down and sends Sky from the ringside area, then says he's going to be taking over the reffing.

Gail Kim comes back with a couple of quick shots, a leaping clothesline for two. Kim is relentless, as she mounts Angelina in the corner. Love powerbombs Kim into a pin, using the ropes. Hebner breaks it up. Hebner is knocked to the mat, and Kim hits Love with eat defeat. The ref Stifler does nothing. Kim rolls up Love, and Stifler still does nothing, but when Love reverses it, Stifler comes in and makes the count while Hebner's down.

Winner and STILL TNA Knockouts Champion: Angelina Love

Devon and Bully are shown talking about their segment earlier, and Bully's match tonight. Bully says about EC3, 'over my dead body' four times, came out of his mouth last Thursday night. Ethan signed his death warrant. He's responsible for putting it into his head to bring back the Texas deathmatch. And when he thinks about that match he thinks about the Von Erichs, Freebirds, Stan Hansen, and Terry Funk. Bully doesn't know if Ethan is religious, but if he is, start praying. He says tonight his ass belongs to Bully Ray. He's going to crucify him for the sins of his Aunt Dixie, then he'll baptize him in blood.

EC3 is out to the ring first, and he doesn't get much of a reaction out of the fans.

Bully Ray is out to the ring next, and he's got a thick rope with a cowbell attached, in hand.

Texas Death Match
Bully Ray vs. Ethan Carter III

Bully heads into the ring and squares right off against EC3, peppering him with rights in the corner. Bully wraps the rope around EC3's neck and tosses him across the ring a couple of times. Bully picks up Carter and tosses him over the top rope and to the outside. Bully follows Carter, and the crowd chants for tables. Ray looks under the ring and grab a table. He moves back the announcers table and pulls out a table, then pulls up the ringside mat to reveal the concrete.

Ray knocks EC3 to the floor,then sets up the table over the bare concrete. Ray grabs another table and sets it up beside the one already on the floor. EC3 attacks Ray out of nowhere and brings things back into the ring. Ray doesn't eat too much offense as he hits a series of jabs and an elbow to EC3's head. Ray grabs another table and brings it into the ring, propping it up in the corner. Ray turns around into a back elbow from Carter, knocking Ray to the mat. Carter goes to the outside and grabs a chair, using it to hit Ray across the back repeatedly.

Carter puts the chair up and runs right into a big boot from Ray, sending the chair crashing into Carter's face. Ray picks up EC3 in the corner and hits him with a couple of chops to the chest. Ray goes out to the floor and under the ring to grab a cheese grater. Ray hits Carter in the chest with the grater, grinding it in. Ray teases hitting Carter, but he's stopped with a low blow that sends Bully reeling to the floor. Carter comes off the apron with a dropkick from the apron to wipe out Bully on the floor.

Carter brings things back into the ring, and he slams Ray face first down into a chair on the mat. He slams it down once more, and stomps once for good measure. Ray is able to get to his knees, but EC3 knocks him back down. EC3 heads to the top, but Ray hits the ropes and crotches EC3. Ray hits a superplex from the top rope, sending EC3 crashing down with his lower back landing on a chair. Bully goes to the outside and grabs a Dallas Cowboys small trashcan. Ray grabs a box cutter and begins pulling up part of the ring, exposing the boards underneath the mat. Ray grabs EC3, and Rockstar Spud comes out and hits Ray with a kendo stick from behind. Bully doesn't sell it at all, instead grabbing the stick and crotching Spud with it before slamming it down across Spud's head. Bully turns around and has his head driven down into the exposed boards. Bully stands at 8.

EC3 empties the trashcan, and it appears to have glass in it. EC3 goes to the middle rope and leaps off, but he's caught with a Bubba cutter, sending him chest first into the pile of glass.

EC3 stands at 7. Ray follows EC3 and uses the kendo stick to whack EC3 in the head. Ray sets EC3 on the tables he set up side by side earlier. Bully goes up, but Dixie Carter runs down. She tells Bully not to do it. Ray pauses and tells Dixie he's going to kill her. Bully chases her around the ring, and Dixie ends up running right into her nephew, knocking herself out somehow. Ray knocks EC3 to the floor, then picks up Dixie, laying her across the tables. Ray goes up to the apron, and EC3 hits Bully with the kendo stick. Spud pulls Dixie from the table as Bully falls through them. Hebner counts to ten with Bully ruled out on the floor.

Winner: Ethan Carter III

Spud helps Dixie and Ethan Carter to the back, all huddling together. The Carter's and Spud pose at the top of the ramp before heading off to the back.

We get a recap of the events that led up to James Storm vs. Mr. Anderson. This includes Anderson and Storm having a 'drinking contest' with Anderson drinking near beer, and wiping Storm out after getting him drunk. And Anderson coming out making fun of Storm and escalating tensions.

Tenay and Taz kill a bit of time talking about this next match since the ring crew is likely trying to put back together the ring.

James Storm is out to the ring first, and Storm gets a bit of a mixed reaction with cheers, and some boos.

James Storm has a mic and says now that a real cowboy has come to the state of Texas, he's got something to say. Speaking of some fake ass Cowboys, he sees there are Cowboys players in the crowd. A Cowboys helmet is tossed in the ring, Storm pours beer on it and says he's a Titans fan, before running down the Cowboys and Tony Romo.

Mr. Anderson is out next, and he calls down the microphone, saying we have the Dallas freaking Cowboys here tonight, and the stupid Cowboy in the ring, and this guy, from GREEN BAY WISCONSIN! MR. ANDERSON.

Instead of saying it again, he charges down to the ring and trades blows with Storm on the outside, slamming him into the ring steps and slamming one of the Cowboys' drinks on Storms head.

Singles Match
James Storm vs. Mr. Anderson

In the ring, Storm hits a chop block, then goes right to the attack on the leg, slamming his knee to the mat. Storm picks up Anderson and kicks the back of his leg. Storm drops down into the figure four, wrenching back on Anderson's legs. Anderson turns it, but Storm makes it to the ropes. Storm charges in, in the corner, but Anderson moves and Storm crashes into the middle turnbuckle. Anderson gets a clothesline, elbow, and spinning neckbreaker. Storm heads to the top, but Anderson stops him, shouldering Storm and flipping over, planting him on the mat for a two count. Storm sends Anderson face first into the middle turnbuckle, then chops Anderson before seating him on the top rope.

Storm heads up after Anderson, but Anderson fights Storm off to the apron. Storm comes back with a kick to the back of the head, but when he goes up against Anderson in the corner, Anderson shoulders Storm and flips over from the second rope, driving Storm down into the mat. Storm still won't stay down for three. Storm brings things to the outside, and he spits beer into one of the Cowboy's faces. Things immediately break down as they charge through the barricade and security is breaking things up. Storm makes his way into the ring, and is distracted by one of the players, eating a mic check from Anderson. Anderson pins Storm for three and all the Cowboys players and it looks like their friends, make their way in to celebrate with Anderson.

Winner: Mr. Anderson

Mike Tenay sends it backstage to JB. Eric Young is interrupted immediately by Austin Aries. Aries says he's going to taste the championship again tonight, and may the greatest man win. Young talks about his opponents, and says that he's a world class professional wrestler, a champion, and a crazy person. He's going to get so crazy, he's going to keep his belt. He's going to get just crazy enough.

We get a video package that highlights how Young made his way to the World Heavyweight Championship, and the path he's carved so far, leading into tonight.

We get a recap of how both Lashley and Aries made it into this match tonight by winning their respective slots against Samoa Joe and Kenny King respectively. Tenay repeats earlier reports of MVP not being medically cleared to compete tonight. Taz says that makes things harder for EY since he didn't get to prepare for the guy he ends up taking on.

The first man to make his way out to the cage is Austin Aries, who comes out to a good little bit of fanfare.

Bobby Lashley is the next man out to the ring, and he doesn't get that much of a reaction out of fans on his way to the ring. Lashley tosses the steel steps to the side, and jumps up into the ring.

Eric Young is out last, and he gets some love from the crowd, who clap him down to the ring.

TNA Triple Threat World Heavyweight Championship Steel Cage Match
Eric Young vs. Bobby Lashley vs. Austin Aries

This match can only be won by pin or submission. The bell rings and both Aries and Young try to get in as many shots as they can against Lashley. Lashley is able to fight off both men, burying his shoulder in Aries' midsection, then crashing into Young in the corner across the ring. Lashley shoulder Young, but Young fights out and tosses Lashley into an elbow from Aries. Young and Aries try to double suplex Lashley, but Lashley suplexes both men instead. Aries and Young are able to send Lashley crashing face first into the cage wall. Young and Aries square off for a bit before Lashley picks up Aries and slamming him into the cage wall, and tossing Young into another side of the cage.

Aries kicks the backs of Lashley's legs, and Lashley sends him crashing back to the mat. Young hits a missile dropkick from the top rope to take Lashley out for two. Lashley backs Young into the corner and buries his shoulder in Young's gut, then he does the same to Aries. He goes back and forth, but misses Aries once and crashes into the corner. Aries and Young fight a bit more with Young scoring with a running knee, clothesline, and back suplex to take Aries down for two. Young mounts Lashley in the corner for a series of punches. Aries powerbombs Young out of the corner for two, then dropkicks Lashley. Aries tries for the brainbuster, but Lashley suplexes Aries into the cage wall for two.

Young hits a tornado DDT out of the corner, but runs into a big boot from Lashley in the corner. Lashley is seated on the top rope, and Young is below him. Young shoulders Aries, and Lashley! EY sends both men crashing down to the mat. Young is heading toward the top, but he's stopped by Lashley. Lashley fights with Young on the top rope. Lashley drapes Young over the top of the cage. Aries is up to fight with Lashley, and he hits a hurricanrana from the top rope to send Lashley crashing to the mat. Young stands on the top of the cage, and he drops the elbow into Lashley's heart. He goes for the pin, but Aries breaks it up. Aries hits Young with the brainbuster, but Young kicks out at two.

Lashley hits Aries with the spear, but Young breaks up a pin attempt. Lashley picks up and slams EY to the mat. Lashley goes for the spear, but EY moves and Lashley goes through the door, falling to the outside. Young heads to the top rope and hits an elbow drop on Aries. Young pins Aries but only gets two.

Young calls for the piledriver. Aries reverses out of it, rolling out of a roll up to hit a dropkick to EY's face. Aries and Young stand and trade rights. Aries gets more cheers than Young. Aries misses a discus forearm, but Young misses a flying forearm. Aries connects with the elbow, then hits the dropkick in the corner. Aries goes for the brainbuster, but Young turns things around into a pile driver, keeping Aries down for a three count.

Winner and STILL TNA World Heavyweight Champion: Eric Young

Young checks on Aries, and helps him get to his feet. The fans chant 'TNA', and Aries and Young shake hands in the middle of the ring. Aries exits the cage, and the ref holds Eric Young's hand high, as he celebrates his win to end the show.

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