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TNA Slammiversary Results 6/28/15 – King Of The Mountain Claims His Rightful Throne


TNA Slammiversary Results June 28, 2015
From The Impact Zone, Orlando, Florida
Reported on by Kendra Bunyon For Wrestling News World

WNW's own CJ Blaze in at the Impact Zone live for this very special Slammiversary!


Slammiversary Starts

CJ tells me that The Pope, Josh Matthews and Mike Tenay are on announce, and the show will be starting with the X Division Championship, followed by Godderz vs Robbie E. All of this in front of a very small crowd.

The show starts playing and we can hear music and chanting, but nothing being said on announce by Josh, Pope, or Tenay.

X Division Three Way Elimination Match – Tigre Uno (c) vs Manik vs DJ Z

Manik all over DJ Z and Tigre Uno very quickly. DJ Z and Tigre Uno right back with drop kicks on Manik. DJ Z has stepped up his game and looked strong with Tigre Uno against Manik, then they start fighting. DJ Z from the ring, so Manik back in on Tigre Uno. Back and forth, then DJ Z involved taking Tigre Uno out, then taken off the apron by Manik. Tigre Uno with a corkscrew from the ring, landing on DJ Z and Manik outside. Chants for "Manik" and "DJ Z" at varying times. DJ Z with his purple hair tossed from the ring, and Manik on Tigre Uno for two, and a quiet boo from the fans.

An arm wrapped in Manik's leg, and a chinlock on Tigre Uno on the mat. Tigre Uno free, and Manik gets two for it.

Manik chokes Tigre Uno in a corner against the post, and then continues to to work him over, as audio goes all screwy, and I can only hear stuttering horror. Manik still all over Tigre Uno. Snap suplex on Tigre Uno, then a back suplex, and we finally have audio from announce! DJ Z all over the ring, taking down Tigre Uno and Manik! Enziguri on DJ Z from Tigre Uno, then a drop kick on Tigre Uno from Manik. DJ Z sends Manik out over the top only Tigre Uno. DJ Z then flips out over the top and lands on both, not hurting either, and making it look solid. Elbows to DJ Z dropping him to the mat from a corner by Tigre Uno. Manik tries to get on Tigre Uno, but also tossed off. DJ Z up on Tigre Uno, so Manik tosses them both off. Manik with two on DJ Z.

Hurricanranna from DJ Z on Tigre Uno for two.

Tigre Uno botched a move on DJ Z, then follows it up with a running drop kick on DJ Z – eliminated at 9:31.

Manik with a springboard and doesn't connect. Tigre Uno back kicks Manik for two.

Tigre Uno up top, but lands on his bum when Manik moves. Some quiet chants for Manik growing. Frog splash on Tigre Uno who gets his knees up and rolls up Manik for two.

Matthews talks up Tenay noticing nuances. Double underhook to knees on Tigre Uno's chest. Frog splash on Tigre Uno for two.

Tigre Uno body scissors and rolls through into a German on the corner for Manik. Tigre Uno off the top on Manik for three.

Winner – Tigre Uno 12:05)

Jessie Godderz vs Robbie E

After a video explaining their feud, Hemme announces Godderz to the ring, wearing a fur collared cloak. Godderz shows off his muscles in the ring, staring into the camera, then poses. Heat for Godderz as he grabs a mic.

Godderz talks about Robbie E calling him a bitch. Godderz tells everyone to look at him as he poses. "You suck!" chants, then more heat. "We don't care!" chants for Godderz. Godderz talks up being a reality TV star, and did Robbie E a favor by letting him hang out for Godderz.

Robbie E's music cuts Godderz off. They meet outside, and start fighting. "Robbie!" chants.

Robbie E uses his shirt to toss Godderz across the ring. They fight back and forth, then head outside. The ring. Robbie E into the stairs, and Godderz slides in a bit to break the count. Power slam to Robbie E outside, and Godderz rolls in. Robbie E rolls in, only to be stomped by Godderz. "Robbie!" chants. Blows to Robbie E who is down, then covers for two.

Godderz botches, almost drops Robbie E on his head, ends up putting Robbie E down and locks his arms around his waist for a different tactic. Robbie E sent into a corner, and Godderz poses for the fans to heat. Godderz pins for two.

Drop kick to Robbie E's neck, and Godderz poses again. "You suck!"chants for Godderz. Godderz back on with a bear hug as Pope talks smack at Matthews, sounding clueless! Back breaker on Robbie E for two.

Bear hug back on Robbie E, Godderz trying to look intense through the hold. Robbie E with blows to get free, and low pulls the top rope and Godderz out. Godderz in and eats a big boot. Cross body from Robbie E, and both are down. "Robbie!" chants. Godderz up with a blow, but Robbie E comes back. They exchange, and the fans are starting to get into the show. Robbie E is all over Godderz, taking him down over and over with blows, then a sick DDT for two!

Godderz botches again, can't keep Robbie E up with all his muscles, then a sorta powerbomb onto a corner. Double clothesline and both are down. Clothesline takes Robbie E down. Double ax handle to Robbie E's back. Godderz is actually able to get Robbie E up for the powerbomb – third try – for two!

Godderz locks on a Boston crab, but Robbie E to the ropes. Godderz won't break until five.

Godderz talks down to Robbie E. Robbie E reverses on Godderz for three.

Winner- Robbie E (11:18)

Backstage Segment

Borash with Matt Hardy. He says he's a tag wrestler, but tonight it's singles in the King of the Mountain Championship, and he will cement his career. It was nice to see Jarrett back, but once was enough, Hardy will be KotM.

Bram vs Matt Morgan

Video of Bram taking out Vadar recently. Bram to the ring. Morgan out to face him.

Morgan on mic, talking about how great it is to be back. Morgan wants it to be a Street Fight now.

Bram in, right into Morgan's face. They exchange blows, back and forth, seeing what each other has. Morgan telegraphs, sorta, and is kicked. Morgan comes back with a clothesline. Bram eats corner, being slammed down by Morgan with a hand to the back of his head. Bram hung up top, and Morgan lands on him before sliding out. Morgan crosses himself, flips Bram the bird, then drops a leg on the apron. "We want tables!" chants as Morgan and Bram work outside the ring. Bram sitting in a chair, a big boot to his head. Bram half under the ring, crawling under, but Morgan pulls him out by a leg. Bram has something, it's a metal turn buckle screw! To Morgan's gut, then head! Bram pulls out a trash can and tosses it in. Cookie sheet to Morgan's head. Bram tosses more into the ring, then hits Morgan over the head with a trash can, then yells smack at Morgan as he's on the mat. Morgan eats the top of the barricade, then a trash can lid. Morgan's head sent into the post, but it's at least five inches away – he still sells it. Morgan sent into the ring, and Bram climbs the stairs and into the ring. Bram at Morgan, but takes a big boot, elbow, and then clotheslines. Side slam on Bram, and calls for the chokeslam. Bram up, caught, but Bram elbows free. Bram with a trash can, but a carbon footprint into the trash can. Morgan on the mat, either in pain, or selling well. Bram out, selling. Morgan pulls him up, then gets hung up top by Bram.

Outside the ring Bram is hunting under each side for something. He cannot find it and getting upset about it. All this time for Morgan to recuperate. Bram is pacing the ring, confused. Bram back out to hunt under the other side. People in the front row are texting, not watching. A couple chairs into the ring, then Bram grabs Morgan. Morgan with shots on Bram, but then taken down. Morgan grabs Bram for a chokeslam onto a chair! Morgan takes a bit, then covers for two.

Morgan with a chair and pop from the fans. Bram with a low blow, then the brighter side of suffering on the chair on Morgan for three.

Winner – Bram (9:29)

Backstage Segment

Borash with EC3 and Tyrus. EC3 is all about himself, and beating Angle. Tyrus then talks up EC3, and says he's all the best. Borash corrects Tyrus, and gets his mouth covered. EC3 wants to get rid of Borash's tupee. Tyrus pulls on Borash's real hair.

Davey Richards (w/ Eddie Edwards) vs Austin Aries (w/ Bobby Roode) – Winner picks stipulation for match 5

Austin Aries to the ring, bathing in his own ego. Davey Richards to the ring to face him.

As the match starts, Richards speaks to the ref, so the ref checks Aries' for weapons. Aries from the ring, then makes the ref back Richards off. They waste over a minute. In the ring they jockey for position with some creative chain wrestling. Aries then hides in the ropes. A slap to Aries' back after they can be seen calling the moves. They finally lock up through dueling chants for the men. More chain wrestling, many reversals, then Aries rolled up for two.

Richards kicks wildly, but Aries rolls out to slow the pace and get things going in his direction. Aries on Richards with an arm bar. Richards reverses the hold. Aries flips and reverses the move. Rich goes for the reversal and eats a right. Knees to Richard's gut, then he's slammed back to the mat. Aries works the fans so much that Richards is back and not there for the move. Clotheslines to Aries who rolls out to regroup. Aries back in and on Richards with blows, elbows and knees. Aries runs the ropes over and under Richards, stopping to avoid the move. Aries off the ropes again and eats a drop kick. Aries rolls out, the ref is getting annoyed. Big boot over the top rope from Richards, and Aries flees the area to avoid a dive. Richards follows. Aries sent into the stairs shoulder first, only because he dove at them. Aries free, but Richards grabs him and bounces his face off the apron. Richards then stands on a chair and hits Aries ten times again the barricade. Aries then sits in the chair before being rolled into the ring. Richards climbs, but Aries up and hits the ropes. Drop kick knocks Richards to the floor. Aries flies off the top with the double sledge. Richards now sitting in the chair and taking blows, and chops. Richards rolled in. Aries works the fans, then slingshots onto Richards, then off the other side onto Richards for only one!

Aries with cheap shots on Richards. Richards back with blows, but then shoulder blocks in a corner from Aries. Aries on the second rope with an elbow to the back of Richard's neck for two.

Facelock on Richards on the mat. Richards up, elbows free, but Aries with his flipping springboard back elbow. Kicks to a kneeling Richard's chest. Richards up with kicks of his own, but then Aries blocks by catching the leg. Richards reverses, sends Aries out. Suicide dive on Aries outside. "TNA!" chants from some fans. Richards up top with a lovely missile drop kick off the top, then kicks on Aries. Richards with his own springboard move, but Aries kicks out at two.

Aries is looking for Roode to tag, but he's not there. Richards behind Aries. Aries elbows free, then eats a sick kick followed by a German suplex on Aries for two.

Aries rolls out. Aries on the apron, dragging Richard's face on the top rope. Aries boxes Richard's ears three times, and he rolls out. A suicide dive from Aries! Aries up top with a beautiful missile drop kick, just as Richards did earlier. Aries with a drop kick that was mostly blocked. Aries on Richards with a hold, but Richards was able to turn his body around and reached for the ropes with his feet for the break.

Richards blocks Aries, then a back kick. Richards all over Aries, but Aries back with that drop kick and brain buster for two.

"This is awesome!" chants. They go back to exchanging blows. Off comes Aries' elbow pad. More blows between the two. Jumping head butt on Aries! Aries all over Richards. Richards elevates Aries and he splats. A boot to Aries' head, then flipping him on the mat. Double stomp off the top, but Aries kicks out at two.

Roode stomps out to the ring, climbs up and yells for Aries to come on! Edwards out and pulls Roode down, but that distracts enough for Aries to get the three.

Winner – Aries (17:24)

Aries on mic talking smack to Richards and about making the stip for Wednesday. They are giving the fans what they want – a Bra & Panties Match! Kidding. They go longer and harder than anyone in that ring, it's a 30 Minute Iron Man Match!

Backstage Segment

Borash with EY who is ready for King of the Mountain tonight. He's held every title in TNA. JJ is the original, the reason this match exists. EY is more passionate than I've ever see him!

The Dollhouse (Taryn Terrell & Marti Bell & Jade) vs Brooke & Awesome Kong

Video recap of how this match came about.

The Dollhouse to the ring together. Taryn on mic talking down to Brooke and Awesome Kong.

Brooke and Kong to the ring.

They all fight in the ring. Taryn on Kong's back, so Kong slams her back into a corner, then stacks them against each other and sends Brooke into them. Then Kong splashes them and they all end up outside arguing about who has to get into the ring. Jade into the ring, as Taryn wouldn't do it. They lock up and Jade is tossed across the ring. Chop on Jade in a corner, then blows in the next corner, punctuated with a chop. Jade fights back with kicks, but a foot is caught and she's slammed back. Jade whipped, moves, then gets Kong into the ropes and kicks at her head. Jade back in with kicks, then eats a clothesline. Kong splashes Jade, but Marti with the break. Marti laid across Jade and Kong splashes them both as Taryn sits on the corner yelling. Brooke off the corner with a flying hurricanranna on Jade. Marti tags in and is all over Brooke and gets two for it.

Jade tags in with a delayed vertical suplex for two.

Kicks on Brooke, then Jade locks on a bear hug, Brooke's arm wrenched behind her. Brooke comes back boxing Jade's ears, but cannot reach Kong! The bear hug is back on, but Booker T boxes ears again. Brooke is able to tag out, but The Dollhouse distracted and the ref didn't see it. All of The Dollhouse in to stomp Brooke. Marti with a fake tag and the ref takes it. Booker T rushes Marti, but takes a boot to the chest. Brooke takes Marti down hard, and both are down. The ref is counting them both down. Jade and Kong tag in. Kong on her with blows, then a flying cross body for two that Marti breaks up.

The try to double team Kong, but she takes them down. Brooke off the top with double clothesline on them. Kong over the Taryn, but Marti knocks Taryn off the apron. Brooke up top with Jade, flying down with the butter face maker.

Winners – Brooke & Kong! (8:02)

Backstage Segment

Borash with Magnus. People can say what they want about TNA, and do, but TNA was his home, he grew up here. Storm tried to take his family.

Non-Sanctioned Match – James Storm vs Magnus

Video about their growing feud and Mickie's involvement in it all. Storm holding Magnus and Mickie's baby. Storm tried to manipulate Mickie and cause issues with their family.

Storm to the ring with a noose and cowbell around his neck. Magnus out to face him.

They meet and fight outside the ring. Blows on Storm outside, sending him into the post head first. Storm into another post, then takes more blows to the head. Storm's head off the apron. Storm pokes Magnus in the eye, bounces his head off apron. Storm back first into the barricade. Storm through the fans. An upper cut to Storm, and Magnus moves a table covered with food and containers. Magnus tries to lift Storm, but then takes a body drop through the table.

Back through the fans to the ringside area. Storm eats the barricade over and over, but then a side Russian leg sweep sends Magnus back first into the barricade – even though Storm was further back. Josh says Storm is going to far. Storm gets in Josh's face, yells at him, then spits on Josh. Into the ring and Magnus hits clotheslines. Magnus out to get a table from under the ring to solid pop. Table into the ring and the fans are happy. Magnus sets up the table, but then takes a low blow from Storm. Josh goes off about Storm and being spit on. Magnus kicks back at Storm. Magnus sets up and slingshots Storm up into the table!

Storm from the ring, so Magnus gives chase. By the ramp and the stage. Over by the fans and Storm hits Magnus with something to the face. Magnus has a huge welt and bruise on his back. Storm yells at someone to shut up. A fan yells, "YOU shut up!" Storm stops and just looks at the fan incredulously. They fight to the back, then lights go out in the arena. CJ sends me a message to make sure I noticed they shut the lights out to work the situation. They fight back to the ring, the lights return. They fight back and forth and the lights back on. Magnus distracts and puts Storm through the table in the ring. Powebomb from Storm gives Storm the time to go out and set up another table outside the ring – TERRIBLY! After Storm figures out how to set up a table, Magnus comes out and gets laid out it. Storm gets a beer, spits it in the air, then pushes Earl Hebner. Earl pushes back and Magnus is there to attack. Storm ends up on the table outside the ring for a little nap. Magnus climbs a corner. Quite a distance, but Magnus flies to land an elbow, but Storm moves. The table crumbles. "Holy shit!" chants followed by, "This is awesome!" chants. Into the ring and Storm gets two on Magnus.

Storm pulls something out of his pants, then opens the bag. It's powder of some sort. He glares at Josh on announce. Magnus counters, the powder flies into Storm's and Earl's faces. Storm is down, but Earl cannot see it. Magnus checks on Earl. Last call on Magnus for a LONG two.

Earl keeps trying to clear his face on the mat. Storm grabs the rope with noose and bell. Magnus takes Storm down hard for two.

Storm slams the cow bell up into Magnus' face, then two last call kicks for another long two!

Storm pulls a piece of the metal barricade and tosses it into the ring, then a couple chairs go in. Storm sets up a chair in the ring, then another chair. He puts the barricade across them. Magnus lifts Storm outside, Storm kicks Magnus in the back of the head. Storm climbs, Magnus joins him up there. Magnus superplexes Storm off the top. Storm's lower back, bum and legs hit the barricade set up. "This is awesome!" chants.

Magnus out to get a beer bottle. Storm got one of his own. They both break bottles over each other heads. Storm falls onto Magnus and covers him for three, but both are 'out cold' in the ring.

Winner – Storm (16:39)

CJ said a standing ovation for both men, who absolutely deserve it!

Backstage Segment

Borash with a screaming Drew Galloway who won't let KotM slip through his fingers!

Announce Segment

Announce tries to talk to no sound. Video of them cleaning all the fake glass from the ring. They then blast music at us, then no sound. Josh claims it all has to do with what Storm and Magnus did backstage, but this was happening at the start of the show. More lack of audio, then Tenay can be heard, bits and pieces, agreeing with Josh. They show announce sitting there looking annoyed, especially Tenay. Chants of, "EC3!" with chants of, "Fuck!" between each chant.

Tag Team Match – Lashley & Mr. Anderson vs Ethan Carter III & Tyrus

EC3 and Tyrus to the ring together. Now announce seems to be back again. But no, they are gone, and so is Hemme announcing in the ring. Music is playing, a few chants and clapping can be heard. Mr. Anderson to stage and gets his mic. Then he decides not to use it and heads to the ring. Wonder if it wasn't working, so he did that. Hemme announces Anderson in a glitchy sounding way. Lashley to the ring to tag with him.

EC3 takes Anderson down. Anderson back up, the lock up, chain wrestling to a kneeling firemans carry, dropping EC3. Lashley tags in. Lashley takes EC3 down hard and works the fans. Anderson tags back in with a serious arm drag on EC3. Lashley back in, working over EC3, then a three point into tackle on EC3 in a corner. EC3 wiggles free and chops Lashley. Lashley laughs. Lashley takes two more, but a poke to the eyes gets Lashley mad. Lashley over EC3, then a clothesline. Lashley takes two tries to suplex EC3. Lashley then wander to Tyrus for no reason and taken down. Tyrus tags in and drops an elbow on Lashley for two.

Tyrus all over Lashley on the mat, then a Vulcan nerve pinch and Lashley in a corner and takes a big Tyrus splash. EC3 tags in and struts. EC3 tries to splash, but Lashley moves and tags out. Anderson all over EC3, taking him down over and over, and yelling smack. Anderson gets EC3 up, takes him down for two, but Tyrus breaks it up.

Tyrus shaken, and Anderson gets him up, but EC3 holds Anderson's ankle and Tyrus lands on Anderson's head for two, Lashley breaks the count.

Tyrus knocks Lashley off the apron. Blows from Anderson, but Tyrus comes back and bum slams Anderson in a corner. EC3 tags in and all over Anderson on the mat. EC3 with a head and arm hold on Anderson. Dueling chants of, "Ethan's awesome!" and "No, he's not!" Anderson trying to get to his corner. Tyrus in to distract. Finally Lashley tags in and he's on EC3 with a belly-to-belly on EC3. EC3 gets an elbow on Lashley. EC3 driven into the mat for a long two.

Lashley gets EC3 up again. EC3 three free and lands his TKO on Lashley. EC3 pushed off and eats a spinebuster, but Tyrus breaks it up.

Anderson and Lashley both on Tyrus with blows. Tyrus looks shaken. EC3 up and takes blows from Anderson and Lashley. They double shoulder tackle Tyrus. They try to double suplex Tyrus, but they double suplex them! Anderson knocked outside. Lashley ducks the spike and spears Tyrus. EC3 with his finisher for three.

Winners – EC3 & Tyrus (10:13)

Backstage Segment

Borash with Jeff and Karen Jarrett. JJ says the founders of GFW are in TNA for the King of the Mountain. JJ says one more match, and if he gets that belt, this relationship will go to a whole other level.

King of the Mountain Championship Match - Jeff Jarrett (w/ Karen Jarrett) vs Matt Hardy vs Eric Young vs Drew Galloway vs Bobby Roode

Galloway to the ring. EY out next. Hardy out looking confused as ever. Roode out looking like the Superstar he really should be. JJ out with guitar in hand, Karen by his size looking dazzling. They kiss their kids on the way by, as they are in the front row.

Borash in the ring announcing the match. Hardy moves the ref from in front of him, and tells the ref that's his space. Little for Galloway. A bit of heat for EY. Lots of V1s for Hardy. Not much of anything for Roode, but I think the audio is messed up, as Borash sounds glitchy. You can see people cheering for JJ, but barely hear them. "Thank you Jarrett!" chants. "Hardy!" chants.

The fighting starts and JJ is left alone in the ring, and looks shocked. He just waits. Roode looks at JJ, but then walks back to Galloway. JJ won't accept this, and goes after Roode. Body drop on Roode, then another for EY. "You still got it!" chants for JJ. JJ lands on EY in the ropes, then does the Jarrett strut! Roode rolls JJ up for three.

JJ is in the penalty box for 2 minutes. Roode is the only one at this point who can go for the win. Spinebuster from Roode to Galloway. The strap has dropped, so it's in play. JJ makes Brian Hebner watch the clock closely for him. Roode and Hardy with a double clothesline. JJ is free and into the ring, but EY grabs him and sends JJ into the metal cage, then a DDT on JJ for three.

EY is legal to win it, but JJ is back in the box. EY climbs, but Hardy pushes the ladder over. Karen is crawling around the cage as JJ sits in the bottom holding his head. Galloway with a future shock DDT on Hardy onto the ladder! Roode breaks Galloway's pin on Hardy! Roode stomps Hardy down in a corner, then slams him to the mat. Karen is wailing out there, her hand on JJ's shoulder through the bars of his cage. Galloway back first into the stairs by EY, then he sends Hardy head first into the stairs. JJ is free again and all punching on everyone in the ring until he takes a low blow from EY! JJ rolled from the ring. Roode gets Hardy up, but Hardy reverses into a twist of fate. Hardy on Roode for three, qualifies.

Galloway on EY for three, qualifies. EY and Roode are in the box together. EY has a plan, but they start arguing. Hardy and Galloway are up top, but JJ pushes the ladder over. The stroke on Galloway, but Hardy breaks the pin. JJ on Hardy with kicks. Hardy whipped, gets a foot into JJ's face. JJ turns into Hardy, but strokes, but Galloway breaks the count from JJ! In the ring Roode and EY are discussing things in the cage, then get free. EY on Hardy, then Roode helps take Hardy out. They go after Galloway, take him down with a double suplex. JJ into the ring, Roode takes him down, and EY with a flying elbow on JJ. EY and Roode with hands on heart, sing Oh Canada! But then EY attacks Roode. They fight all over the place. Hardy and Galloway fight in the ring. Hardy up top, Galloway climbs. JJ up, and takes them both down. Hardy and Galloway are both pinned by EY and Roode for three. JJ didn't get the three, and Hardy and Galloway are in the cage.

Roode says how the three of them built this place! So they need to do this! JJ takes Roode down. EY takes JJ down. EY tells Karen to get away from the guitar. Karen slaps EY hard. EY brings the guitar into the ring, but JJ takes it and uses it on Roode for three!

Roode in the cage as Hardy and Galloway get out. JJ is legal. They fight around the ring with the belt. JJ put Roode into the cage himself. Hardy and Galloway fighting. They drop down before JJ slams a ladder into the upright ladder. JJ gets the belt. Everyone is down, Roode in the box. JJ climbs, but EY grabs JJ and dumps JJ outside. EY went out too. They fight on the apron. EY with a sit down piledriver on JJ on the ladder between the apron and the barricade. JJ isn't moving on the floor and Roode is free of the box. Galloway is on top of the box! Hardy, Roode and EY are fighting next to the cage. Galloway flips off the cage onto the three. Galloway into the ring, strap in hand. Galloway stars climbing, but Hardy is there, climbs as well. Twist of fate off the top of the ladder. Galloway is twitching. Hardy sets up the ladder. Hardy climbs the ladder, but Roode attacks from behind. Roode with blows on Hardy's lower back, then powerbombs Hardy to the mat. Karen trying to get JJ back to this world. Roode climbs, but EY sets up another ladder. At the top EY grabs the strap and hits Roode in the head with it. EY falls, but keeps possession of the strap. JJ climbing, but the title fell. Stroke from the top of the ladder. JJ grabs the strap and looks up. JJ climbs and everyone is down. Roode starts toward the ladder, but it's JJ who puts the strap up and wins the match.

Winner & New King of the Mountain Champion – Jeff Jarrett (20:56)

JJ and Karen get their collective children into the ring to celebrate.

Biggest Pop
Jeff Jarrett
Anderson & Lashley

Biggest Heat

Biggest Botch of the Night
Production not being in any control of audio for announce through much of the show, specifically the opening and the last hour.

Biggest Questions of the Night
What does Jarrett winning King of the Mountain mean to TNA and GFW?

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