Complete TNA Slammiversary XI Results - TNA's Next Hall Of Famer, Title Changes, Could Bully Ray Retain?


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TNA Slammiversary XI Results
Sunday, June 2, 2013
From Agganis Arena in Boston, Massachusetts
Report by Sean Hopkins of

The show opens with a video package highlighting some of the history of TNA since the beginning, being interrupted with footage of Bully Ray and Aces and Eights. The focus is on Ray vs. Sting, which Ray calls the end of an era.

Todd Keneley welcomes us to the show, and he's sitting alongside Mike Tenay and Taz. They also highlight their Spanish and French announce teams. Tenay says they're going to announce the second inductee into the TNA Hall of Fame tonight. The discussion is broken up as Ultimate X is about to begin.

Chris Sabin is out to the ring first to a big reaction out of the crowd.

Suicide is out next, and he gets a bit of a reaction out of the crowd, but not nearly as big as Sabin's.

Kenny King, the champion, is out last, and he gets a good bit of heat from the crowd.

X Division Championship Ultimate X Match: Kenny King vs. Suicide vs. Chris Sabin

King bails to the outside, but he's chased back into the ring by Sabin and Suicide. Sabin and Suicide team up on King, hitting him with a couple of strikes before hitting a double hip toss. Suicide sends King into the ropes and ends up hitting an arm drag/hurricanrana combo on both opponents. Suicide looks to go up the structure and Sabin tries to stop him, but is pulled face first into the ring apron by King. King hits shotgun knees on Suicide in the corner, then hits Sabin with an exploder suplex. King stomps at Sabin before stomping on Suicide's head.

King and Sabin trade chops in the corner. Sabin hits King with a big forearm before being caught with a belly to back suplex from Suicide. Suicide grabs King, and hits a crazy hurricanrana before being caught with a knee from Sabin. Sabin hits Suicide with a nice suplex, then turns to King, choking him with his boot in the corner, before simply standing on his chest. Sabin ends up in the corner, but he kicks King in the arm before hitting a nice tornado DDT, and kicking Suicide in the process. Sabin hits a suplex, planting Suicide on top of King. Sabin heads up to the top of the structure and begins climbing, but is pushed to the mat by Suicide. Suicide heads up, and King stops him, seating him on the top turnbuckle. Suicide pushes King away, but King comes right back up with a big enzugiri to send Suicide to the outside.

King turns to Sabin, rolling him up and avoiding a knee. King comes up with a single leg Boston crab, but Suicide comes in and ties King up, driving him head first into the middle turnbuckle. Suicide hits King with an inverted atomic drop, then kicks him back before hitting a DDT on Sabin. Suicide heads up the turnbuckle and begins climbing toward the belt, but he's stopped by a huge punch from King. King chokes Suicide with his boot.

King and Sabin head to the outside and Suicide hits a giant missile dropkick from the apron to take out both King and Sabin. Suicide heads up in the corner and there’s almost a tower of doom, but it’s broken up as Sabin traps Suicide in a tree of woe, blocking King. Sabin climbs up, but he’s stopped and hit with a double superplex from King and Suicide.

King heads up in one corner, and Suicide is climbing in from the other. They reach the belt at the same time, and Suicide drops when King grabs at the mask. Sabin climbs in quickly and drops King down but Sabin has to get back up. He reaches in between his legs and unhooks the belt to win the match.

Winner and NEW TNA X Division Champion: Chris Sabin

Sabin was busted open somehow, which it's easy to see as he holds the title over his head, and the fans in attendance cheer wildly.

Sabin heads toward the back, but he's interrupted by Hulk Hogan's music. Hogan comes out with a mic in hand, and of course one of his hands it heavily taped up. Hogan raises Sabin's hand and points toward the new X Division Champion. Hogan says he wants Mr. Sabin to hear what the Boston maniacs sound like. Hogan says he's got to give Sabin props because he's fought wars here, and Boston loves champions just like Sabin. Hogan says that every time Sabin comes out here, these people are going to scream just as loudly as they did when Hogan beat Andre. And to make a great night even better, Hogan wants Sabin to know that just like last year, the X Division champion is going to have a shot this summer at Destination X. So with the momentum that Sabin has, Hogan is betting on him this summer to have a shot at the title. Hogan congratulates Sabin and sends him to the back.

Hogan says now we're getting down to Hogan's business. Sabin is a great champion, but we've got to talk about what's going down at Slammiversary. Hogan is interrupted by Ace's and Eights. Mr. Anderson makes his way down to the ring with Wes Brisco, and Garrett Bischoff.

Anderson says this is sweet. Hogan loves Boston and Boston loves Hogan. That just tickles his giblets. There's only one thing Hogan needs to recognize. Anderson tells Hogan he'll be standing on a mountain of Impact wrestlers because Ace's and Eights will steal the show. Hogan says they're in Boston, jack. No one in Boston is scared of no ghosts. They sure as hell aren't afraid of terrorists. And they're not afraid of three p*****s in leather. This is not Ace's and Eights night. Joseph Park is going to start a roll by taking away the TV Championship from Devon. Hogan tells Garrett that he needs to shut up of he might get a b**** slap. He then calls Garrett and his old man b****es. Hogan says the greatest wrestler in the business, Sting, is going to punk out Bully Ray and bring the power back to TNA. Seeing as how Hogan is the GM, they might as well get things started, because these three guys are in a match against Magnus, who makes his way to the ring. Samoa Joe, who's introduced to a lot of love. And finally, Hogan introduces Jeff Hardy, who comes out to a nice pop from the crowd.

It's worth noting that the only face paint that Hardy has on is what is covering his eyes. He's also got some around his throat and shoulders, but not too much on his actual face.

Garrett Bischoff, Wes Brisco and Mr. Anderson vs. Magnus, Samoa Joe and Jeff Hardy

Hardy is attacked from behind by Anderson while Garrett and Wes attack Joe and Magnus. Anderson and Hardy look to start things off. Anderson catches Hardy with a shot to the gut before sending him back in the corner and kicking away at Hardy's stomach. Anderson slams Hardy's head into the corner turnbuckle. Anderson picks Hardy up to his feet and lays in with a nasty chop to the chest. Hardy reverses a whip and hits a flying forearm before hitting an inverted atomic leg drop, and a low leg drop. Anderson heads into the corner and tags out to Wes who comes in to eat an immediate hip toss. Hardy slams Brisco head first into the corner, then Wes tags out to Bischoff. Bischoff comes in and catches a snap mare, and a kick to the back of the head. Hardy tags out to Joe who comes in with a series of jabs, then repeated stomps to Bischoff.

Bischoff begins fighting back, but Joe avoids a flying Bishoff, and walks calmly away. Joe catches Garrett with a kick to the back and a big knee to the face. Garrett rakes the eyes and tags out to Anderson. Joe catches Anderson running in with a forearm, then tags out to Magnus, who double team Anderson with a crazy combo that ends in a big boot and senton splash. Anderson tries to fight back with a cross body, but Magnus catches him and tosses him into a huge suplex in an amazing display of power. Magnus catches Anderson with a big right hand, but is distracted by Wes and clotheslined by Anderson for a two count.

Magnus runs into an elbow in the corner, and has him arm dropped over the top rope by Anderson. Anderson heads back into the ring and focuses on the arm by clamping on an arm bar. Magnus fights out of it, but Anderson goes right back to work, then tags in Brisco. Brisco comes in with a big suplex, then drops a couple of elbows and a leg across Magnus' arm. Brisco traps Magnus in a keylock hold, but Magnus fights up to his feet quickly. Anderson tags in and takes Magnus down to the mat, where he drives his knee into Magnus' shoulder. Anderson taunts Magnus before hitting Joe and Hardy with a couple of forearms. Garrett comes into the ring and works on Magnus' arm before tagging right out to Brisco. Brisco drops down with Magnus' arm across his knees. Magnus is able to make the tag to Hardy who comes in with a big clothesline and back elbow, then flying forearm for Brisco. Hardy takes out all three of his opponents before hitting the twist of fate of Garrett. He's cut off by Brisco, but he connects with a back elbow and the whisper in the wind. A pin is broken up by Anderson and things immediately break down.

Hardy hits Brisco with a couple of terrible looking twist of fates before heading to the top. He's stopped by Bischoff, who looks very proud of himself. Joe hits Bischoff with a big splash and enzugiri in the corner before snap maring him out of the corner for Magnus to his a diving elbow. Joe locks in the rear naked choke on Anderson on the ramp, and Hardy hits the swanton on Brisco in the middle of the ring for three.

Winners: Jeff Hardy, Samoa Joe and Magnus

We get a look at Sting's legacy in TNA through a video package that highlights some important moments for the Icon. The first one showcased is his title vs. career match against Jeff Jarrett at Bound for Glory in 2006.

Things go backstage as JB is standing with a mic in hand. JB talks about some of the things that happened 11 years ago when TNA began before bringing in Joseph Park. He says it was a year ago that he made his debut. Park says it's the 11 year anniversary for TNA, but only 1 for Park. It's his very first opportunity to get gold, and he loves Boston. Park says he went to four restaurants before figuring out that the Boston crab was a hold. He calls out Devon, but he's attacked and jumped by Ace's and Eights from behind. Devon and I Knox beat Park around the backstage area, slamming him into the wall and throwing a table on top of him before walking away smiling.

Up next is the finals of the Gut Check tournament as Jay Bradley makes his way out to a bit of a reaction. Sam Shaw is out next to just a little of a reaction from the crowd.

Gut Check Tournament Final: Jay Bradley vs. Sam Shaw

The bell rings and Shaw takes Bradley down to the mat quickly, trying to go for a pin right away. Shaw chases Bradley into the corner and pulls him out hard on his back. Shaw clamps on a headlock, and Bradley fights his way out of it, slamming Shaw head first into the corner. Shaw avoids a splash and hits an arm drag, taking Bradley to the mat and putting him in another headlock. Bradley fights up to his feet and slams Shaw down to the mat with a belly to back suplex. Bradley stomps away at Shaw's midsection before dropping an elbow and missing. Shaw hits a monkey flip to send Bradley out of the corner, but he misses a second attempt and ends up being pulled to the mat hard. Bradley lays in a couple of hard right hands to Shaw before whipping him into the corner and dropping a huge knee to the chest.

Bradley hits a big head butt, and even though Shaw tries to fight back, he only gets a backbreaker for his troubles. Bradley tries for the pin, but Shaw kicks out at two. Bradley catches Shaw with a knee to the side of the head before trapping him in a rear chin lock. Shaw fights up to his feet and out of the hold, then hits a kind of Thesz press to take Bradley down with a series of right hands. Shaw hits a dropkick and a back elbow to take Bradley down before he hits shotgun double knees in the corner. Shaw hits the Randy Orton backbreaker, but misses a neckbreaker and eats a poke to the eye. Bradley hits a giant clothesline and pins Shaw for the three count.

Winner: Jay Bradley

Christy Hemme is standing by with a mic. Bradley says it feels good. He's the first one in the Bound for Glory series, and he'll be the last one out. You're looking at the future TNA World Champion: Jay Bradley.

Christy sends it back to JB who says next it'll be a four team tag team match. JB interviews Bobby Roode and Austin Aries. Roode says that JB failed to mention that one half of the team was the most dominant, longest reigning champion in TNA history. Aries agrees and says that Roode was the longest reigning champion until Aries was able to cash in and beat Roode, that's why they're the team to beat. They are an equation that equals championship gold. Roode tells Storm that he might have a partner in Gunner, but Gunner is no Bobby Roode.

This leads into a video package that highlights the recent history between Joseph Park and Devon.

Devon makes his way out through the crowd to the ring first for the next match, and of course he comes out with Knox in tow.

Joseph Park is announced next, but no one comes out of the entranceway.

TNA TV Championship Match: Devon vs. Joseph Park

Devon has a mic and he asks where Park is. He says it seems like he might have fallen, and not be able to get back up. Devon says it's no different than when the New York Knicks beat the Boston Celtics in the NBA playoffs. He says this is what they're going to do. Devon tells the ref that he's going to ring the bell, and if he's not out by a count of ten, the ref is going to award the match to Devon. Devon tells the ref if he doesn't ring the bell, he can kick his a**, and TNA can't do anything about it. The ref obliges and rings the bell.

The referee counts to ten and awards the match to Devon. Devon grabs the mic again and says that he knew Park didn't have it in him. Just like Abyss didn't have it in him. Because if Abyss was here right now, Devon would have them ring the bell again, and he'd do him just like he did his brother. But since Abyss isn't here, they're going to go to the clubhouse, drink some beers, and play with some strippers. Abyss' music hits and Devon stops cold.

TNA TV Championship Match: Devon vs. Abyss

Abyss gets into the ring and knocks out both Devon and Knox with clotheslines. Abyss clotheslines Knox over the top rope and hits a big clothesline. Devon wipes out Abyss with a big clothesline. Devon stomps away at the big man before choking him on the middle rope.

Devon hits Abyss with a big right hand and a series of kicks in the corner before hitting a running splash. Devon hits Abyss with a right hand, but Abyss is quick to fight back with a couple of rights of his own. Devon rakes the eyes and hits Abyss with a shot to the gut, and a couple of kicks to the back of the knee. Devon hits the ropes and drops a head butt on Abyss' shoulder which is good for a two count. Devon drops a leg across Abyss' throat before mocking Hulk Hogan. Devon heads up to the middle rope and goes for a diving head butt, but Abyss moves out of the way. Abyss hits a couple of big clotheslines and then a running splash in the corner. Abyss knocks Knox from the corner and then chokeslams Devon to the mat. Abyss sends Devon into the ropes, but eats a kick to the chest. Devon charges in right into a black hole slam from Abyss, and gets pinned for the three count.

Winner and NEW TNA TV Champion: Abyss

Abyss holds the title in his hands while the crowd celebrates.

We get another moment in Sting history, this one is Sting vs. Angle at Bound for Glory 2007.

It's time for the big announcement as to who will be going into the TNA Hall of Fame next. Dixie Carter makes her way out to the ring to a respectful reaction from the fans.

Dixie thanks the fans says tonight they're celebrating 11 years of this company. The fans, those who have just found them, and those who have been around since the beginning. She thanks all of the wrestlers that have ever been in a TNA ring. Together we've built TNA into a global success, and this company has more determination and spirit than any she's ever seen. Tonight they're going to be announcing another inductee into the TNA Hall of Fame, so she asks all of the TNA talent to come to the stage for the announcement. Wrestlers and referees pour out from the back to find out who will be going into the Hall.

Dixie says she's very proud to announce the next inductee into the TNA Wrestling Hall of Fame, and that person is, Kurt Angle. Angle has a big smile on his face as he shakes hands with Chavo Guerrero and makes his way down to the ring.

Angle gives Dixie a hug, and we get a video package of Kurt Angle's life, and his accomplishments in TNA. Angle looks like he's fighting back tears as footage of his Olympic days is shown.

The crowd is cheering for Angle, and he lets a couple of tears slip. Dixie says in 1996, Angle defied all the odds because he knew he could. Ten years later, he crossed the line, and shocked the wrestling world. Dixie says it was so loud in the Impact Zone she couldn't hear anything on her phone. Dixie says she knew when Angle joined that they would make it. So she would like to introduce the 2013 inductee to the TNA Hall of Fame, Kurt Angle. Big USA chant from the crowd.

Angle says he has to be honest, he wasn't expecting this. He's had some awesome moments in Boston, but this one has to be the best so far. Being inducted into the Hall of Fame is an honor. He thanks God for his ability to wrestle. He thanks his wife and his kids, saying he's glad to make them proud. He thanks Dixie and her husband, and mother and father, saying she made him love it again. Angle says he's humble, and being in front of Boston, there are a lot of guys right here that are deserving of being in the Hall of Fame. People like AJ Styles, Samoa Joe, Bobby Roode, James Storm, and Angle could go on. The roster makes him look good. He's in the Hall because of them. He thanks Dixie again before thanking Jeff Jarrett in a classy move. Angle thanks the fans and says he appreciates them all for being TNA Wrestling fans. He thanks the crowd one last time before heading to the back.

Another look back at Sting's history in TNA is the Icon winning the Championship from Samoa Joe in 2008 after Nash hit Joe with a bat.

Footage of Sting entering the building earlier in the day is shown. Keneley asks if this will be the last time we'll see Sting compete for the World Title. He sends it back to JB.

JB says coming up next is the tag team elimination match. He introduces Bad Influence. Christopher Daniels says that two years ago the tag team titles weren't anything until Bad Influence came in and made them valuable. Valuable enough to make all three teams decide they were important enough to team up for. Kaz runs down all of his opponents, making fun of Gunner's tattoos in the process. He says tonight their hands will be raised in the air, and then everyone will have permission to worship them.

This leads into a video package that shows how we got into this crazy four team tag team elimination championship (any more adjectives I'm missing?) match.

Bad Influence are out first to a nice little reaction out of the crowd.

Aries and Bobby Roode are out next, and they too get a nice little reaction out of the crowd on their way to the ring.

James Storm and Gunner are the third team to make their way into the arena, and the make-shift team gets a tiny reaction out of the crowd as well. I don't know if it's the sound, or if the Hall of Fame segment wore them out, but the crowd seem to be sitting on their hands.

Chavo and Hernandez are out last, and they actually get a bit of a negative reaction out of the crowd.

World Tag Team Championship Elimination Match: Hernandez and Chavo Guerrero vs. Bad Influence vs. Bobby Roode and Austin Aries vs. Gunner and James Storm 

The bell rings and it looks like Daniels and Chavo will be kicking things off in this one. We get a lock up and Daniels goes to work on Chavo's arm. Chavo works out of it and the two trade holds until Daniels hits a shoulder block. Daniels tries for a hip toss, but ends up eating a clothesline instead. Chavo tags out to Hernandez who comes in and traps Daniels in a bear hug before suplexing him across the ring. Daniels tags out to Aries who comes in and tries for a cross body. Hernandez catches him and slams him down for Chavo, who comes into the match with a slingshot body press. Aries tags out to Roode and Chavo takes him to the mat with a drop toe hold. Storm tags Chavo and Storm comes in for a staredown with Roode.

Roode and Storm trade rights with Storm getting the upper hand. Storm tags out to Gunner and Roode tags out to Hernandez. Gunner and Hernandez shove each other a bit before Gunner hits a shoulder block, then Hernandez hits one. Neither man moves. Both men hit the ropes and get attacked from the back, but Gunner brings in Aries and Hernandez brings in Kaz. Things break down and Chavo helps get both members of Bad Influence on Hernandez's shoulders for a double backbreaker. Roode and Aries come in to clear the ring, but they're taken out by Storm and Gunner. Bad Influence are back in and they attack Gunner and Storm in the corners of the ring before shaking hands and posing for the crowd.

Hernandez and Chavo back up the ramp and charge in with a double shoulder block to wipe out their opponents. Hernandez and Chavo double team Daniels for a two count. Hernandez tries for a suplex, but Kaz kicks Hernandez in the back of the knee and he's sent to the outside. Kaz sends things back into the ring where he and Daniels double team Hernandez for a two count. Kaz gets Hernandez up to his feet and tags out to Roode. Roode comes in with a big blow to Hernandez's back before he sends him head first into Aries' boot and stomps away at him in the corner. Roode kicks away at Hernandez before tagging him with a nasty chop to the chest and a running neck snapper. Aries tags in and hits a diving elbow into Hernandez's back that's good for a two count. Aries and Roode try for a double clothesline, but Hernandez breaks it. They try for a double suplex, but Hernandez is able to reverse things and hit a double suplex of his own. Roode tags Kaz who is quickly kicked away by Hernandez. Chavo tags in and takes out Kaz with a hurricanrana, drop toe hold and a kick to the back. Chavo hits a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker before hitting a running cannonball in the corner that's good for another two count. Miscommunication leads to Daniels clotheslining Kaz. Chavo hits one suplex, then a second and a third.

Daniels comes in and hits Chavo with the Angel’s wings. Things break down again and it ends with Storm taking Roode to the mat. Storm waits for Roode to stand up, but Daniels hits him in the side of the leg with the title. Aries blasts Gunner and sends him from the ring. Hernandez tries to press Aries, but Aries falls to the mat. He runs right into a giant shoulder block, but he's knocked back by Kaz. Hernandez is quick to recover and he tosses Kaz across the ring. Chavo hits the frog splash, and Daniels hits Chavo across the back with the title, but he's caught by the referee.

Bad Influence has been eliminated

Chavo is pinned for three.

Chavo and Hernandez have been eliminated

Roode and Aries are quick to take the fight to Gunner, double teaming the big man. Aries hits Gunner with a chop and Gunner doesn't respond well, dropping Aries across his knee with a huge backbreaker. Roode pulls Storm from the apron to avoid letting Gunner make the tag. Roode heads into the ring and helps Aries work over Gunner. Gunner fights back with a big boot to Aries and a flying clothesline to Roode. Gunner makes the tag to Storm and Storm tosses Aries for the ring. Storm hits Roode with a series of rights and a big back body drop. Storm heads out to the apron and hits Roode with a big enzugiri before hitting a nice neckbreaker. Storm hits Aries with a suspension DDT before tagging out to Gunner. Aries hits Storm with a kick to the chest, but he's caught by Gunner and catapulted into a DDT from Storm. A pin is broken up by Roode. Roode sends Storm from the ring and tries to suplex Gunner, but Gunner traps Roode in the Gun rack. Aries breaks it up and hits a kneebreaker/backbreaker combo on Gunner. Roode launches Aries in for a corner dropkick before hitting Gunner with a spinebuster. Aries heads to the top and connects with the 450, but Gunner kicks out at two.

Aries has the belt and turns around into a codebreaker from Storm. Storm knocks Roode from the apron. Storm hypes himself up and hits the last call superkick. Aries is trapped in the Gun rack by Gunner, and taps out.

Winner and NEW TNA World Tag Team Champions: Gunner and James Storm

They immediately send it to the back where JB says next it'll be the TNA Last Knockout Standing match. He introduces Brooke Hogan. She says this year has made her so proud. She thinks it was a great idea to bring Taryn in for a ref, but her true calling is as a wrestler, and who thought she'd be wrestling Gail Kim here tonight. JB asks Brooke about Bully Ray. Brooke says they're going to have to end the interview now.

This leads into a video package where the issues between Taryn Terrell and Gail Kim are explained.

ODB is introduced first as she'll be the special guest referee for this match tonight.

Gail Kim is out to the ring first, and she doesn't get much of a reaction out of the fans on her way down.

Taryn Terrell is out next, and she too gets next to no reaction out of the crowd.

TNA Last Knockouts Standing: Gail Kim vs. Taryn Terrell

The bell rings and Gail and Taryn get in each other's face. Gail strikes first, but Taryn gets right in her face and tells her to bring it on. Gail fights back, but Taryn is unrelenting, continuing to attack repeatedly. Kim slams Taryn headfirst into the turnbuckle and chokes her with her boot before hitting a big running clothesline. Taryn comes back with a couple of shoulder blocks and a running neckbreaker along with a quick suplex. Taryn runs into a back elbow from Gail that sets up an octopus hold. Gail brings Taryn down to a knee and eventually all the way down to the mat. Gail gets up and tells ODB to count. Kim kicks Taryn down to the mat at 4 and brings her out to the apron, slamming her leg down on the ring apron.

Kim heads to the top and hits a big missile dropkick that puts Taryn down for a 7 count. Kim heads to the outside and grabs a chair, but it's kicked away by Taryn. Terrell hits a snap mare before tossing Kim around the ring by her hair. Taryn screams at Kim before heading to the top rope. Taryn leaps off and hits a cross body, but Kim gets the chair up and both women suffer the repercussions.

Both women get to their feet and Gail wedges a chair in the corner. She tries to send Taryn into it, but Terrell is able to avoid it. Kim knocks Taryn to the mat and locks in a figure four around the ring post. Taryn screams in pain. ODB counts, but Taryn is able to make it up at 8. Kim comes charging in and runs right into the steel chair in the corner before falling to the outside in an insane spot. ODB heads to the outside and counts, but amazingly, Kim is able to stand at 9. Kim heads back into the ring and Taryn pulls her toward the ring post, locking in a figure four around the ring post of her own. Taryn breaks the hold and ODB begins the count.

Kim pulls herself up by the ropes on the apron and Taryn charges in. Kim avoids it and Taryn lands on the entrance ramp in a rough fall. ODB comes out and begins the count once more. Taryn stands at 9 and blocks a forearm from Kim, scoring a couple of her own. Taryn charges Kim, but Kim sweeps the leg and Taryn lands on her back and the back of her head on the entrance ramp. ODB counts and Taryn stands at 9. Kim tries for a piledriver on the ramp, but Taryn fights it off and hits an ace cutter off of the ramp, sending both her and Kim crashing down to the floor.

Taryn Terrell stands before ten, but Kim is not able to, so we have a winner.

Winner: Taryn Terrell

Another look back at Sting's career, and this time it's Sting winning the gold from Mr. Anderson on Impact.

This leads directly into another video package, this one highlighting AJ Styles' return to TNA, and his confusing direction as of late.

The first man to the ring is future Hall of Famer Kurt Angle, who gets a nice pop out of the crowd.

AJ Styles is out next, and the TNA Original gets a good reaction, even with his weird, somber entrance.

AJ Styles vs. Kurt Angle

The bell rings and Angle and Styles size each other up for a bit before Styles dives at Angles legs. Angles avoids Styles, keeping his distance. Styles kicks at Angle's knees but Angle backs away. Styles kicks at Angle and Angle catches the leg, sending Styles to the mat. Styles heads to the outside and Angle follows. Styles plasters Angle with a couple of nasty chops and heads back into the ring for a quick diving baseball slide through the ropes to send Angle crashing into the guardrail. Styles brings things back into the ring and sends Angle into the corner, coming in with a huge flying forearm. Angle comes back with a series of rights, but eats a kick to the chest. Angle comes right back with a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker. Angle punches Styles back into the corner, where he kicks away at Styles before choking him with his boot.

Angle sends Styles into the ropes for a back body drop before taking Styles into the corner for another series of punches. Styles kicks Angle in the knee, backing him up. Angle backdrops Styles to the apron and hits him with a back elbow. Styles recovers and hits a springboard dropkick to Angle's knee. Styles kicks at Angle's knee before yanking Angle's let back hard. Styles slams Angle's head into the turnbuckle, but Angle fights back, hitting a couple of rights. Angle tries for a hip toss, but Styles blocks it and turns it into a submission, but Angle is right next to the ropes and forces a break.

Styles kicks the back of Angle's knee before picking him up and hitting a beautiful dropkick. Styles is really taking his time, going back to work on the leg, locking in a single leg Boston crab on Angle's injured knee. Angle rolls through and drops Styles down, clamping on the ankle lock, but Styles is close to the ropes to force a break. Styles punches Angle, but Angle comes right back with an explosive clothesline, and both men are down.

Styles and Angle both get to their feet and trade kicks and punches. Angle hits Styles with a nasty uppercut, and Styles comes right back with a series of his own. Angle drops Styles with a couple of clotheslines and a belly to belly suplex that's good for two. Angle sets up the Angle slam, but Styles counters with an arm drag. Angle follows right up with another suplex for another near fall. Angle tries for the ankle lock, but Styles kicks him away and takes Angle to the mat for a lionsault. Angle takes Styles over with a German suplex, then a second, and finally a third. Angle goes for the pin but he only gets two.

Styles heads out to the apron and comes in with a slingshot senton that's good for a near fall. Styles drags Angle into position and heads up in the corner, but Angle is up for a top rope German suplex. Styles lands on his feet, but runs right into a belly to belly suplex into the corner from Angle. Angle goes for the pin but Styles is still able to kick out.

Angle picks Styles up to his feet and Styles is full of fight with strikes, kicks, a spinning back fist, and a big clothesline. Styles crawls out to the apron and goes for a springboard move but he's caught with a kick by Angle. Angle hits Styles with the Angle slam and coves him immediately but Styles is still able to kick out at two. Angle pulls down the straps and targets Styles' ankle. Angle clamps on the ankle lock but Styles rolls through to break the hold. Angle is relentless, but Styles is able to trap Kurt in the middle of the ring in a submission. Angle turns it right around into the ankle lock and Styles is in the center of the ring. Styles gets close to the ropes, but Angle pulls him back and drops down, grapevining the leg. Styles rolls over to his back and kicks away at Angle to break the hold.

Styles crawls to the corner and avoids a charging Angle, sending him shoulder first into the ring post. Styles seats Angle on the top turnbuckle and traps him in the tree of woe. Styles walks across the ring and charges in with a dropkick to the midsection. Styles picks Angle up and drops him across his knee with a backbreaker. Styles heads out to the ring apron and goes for the springboard 450, but Angle moves and Styles lands on his face. Angle goes for a roll up for two. Styles counters the Angle slam, but Angle plants Styles on the mat and keeps him pinned for a three count.

Winner: Kurt Angle

Bully Ray is shown backstage. No Holds Barred. He tells Sting he's not quite sure he thought about this before he opened his mouth and made the stipulation for this match. Sting told Bully he was going to break his leg, snap his arm, poke out his eye, and he should do the same to Sting. He's not doing any of that. Throughout the course of history, it meant that there were certain moves that were banned, career threatening or ending. Everywhere there's one move that wrestlers try to avoid using on each other because of the consequences, and that's the piledriver. And Bully is using that to win the match tonight. Bully is going to break Sting's neck. He's Bully Ray, enough said.

This leads into the final video package of the night (maybe?), that shows how this match came to be, and how it came to be a no holds barred match that could mean that Sting might never challenge for the World Title ever again.

Sting is the first man to make his way to the ring for the main event. He gets the biggest pop of the night, aside from Angle being inducted into the Hall of Fame, probably.

Bully Ray is out next, of course coming out through the crowd. He doesn't have any of his partners from Aces and Eights with him though.

After formal ring introductions from JB, we're ready for the main event of the evening.

No Holds Barred World Championship Match: Bully Ray vs. Sting

Sting charges in with a clothesline in the corner right after Bully is introduced. He takes things to the outside where he slams Bully's face into the ring steps before he uses the title to beat Bully across the back. Sting brings things back into the ring where he and Ray trade rights. Sting gets the upper hand, hitting a series of big forearms before whipping Ray across the ring hard. Sting is all over Ray sending him across the ring and hitting a clothesline to the back of the head. Sting heads to the apron and grabs the title, using it to whip Ray across the back again. He repeatedly slams the belt down across Ray's back before sending him to the outside. Sting heads out and sends Ray head first into the announcer's table, but Ray comes up with a giant clothesline that wipes out Sting.

Ray takes a page out of Sting's book and whips the Icon with the title belt. Ray stands Sting up, rips his t-shirt, and hits him with a couple of nasty open hand chops to the chest that send Sting to the arena floor. Ray looks under the ring and the crowd gets excited. Ray picks Sting up and sends him crashing shoulder first into the ring steps. Ray picks Sting up and slams his head into the ring steps before hitting him with a series of clubbing blows to the back. Ray goes around the ring and keeps looking under the ring, but not getting anything. Ray grabs Sting and hits him with a short arm clothesline before he takes off and runs up the ramp up to the backstage area.

Ray runs to the ring with a chair in hand, but he misses a chair shot and hits the ring post, dropping the chair in the process. Sting grabs the chair and thrusts it into Ray's gut before using it to beat him all the way up the entrance ramp. Sting drops the chair and charges in with a huge kick to the chest, sending Ray crashing on his back. Sting grabs the chair again, which is bent from Sting's earlier assault. Brooke Hogan is out on the ramp out of nowhere and she looks concerned. Sting tells the ref that he's got to get her out of here before he turns back and blasts Ray with a chair shot to the back. Sting grabs Brooke by the shoulders and tells her to go to the back before turning back to Ray. Sting catches a low blow from Ray for his troubles and he crumples on the ramp.

Ray grabs the chair and uses it to blast Sting across the back a couple of times, chasing him into the ring. Ray gives the chair to Sting and hits him with a big boot, sending the chair crashing into Sting's face. Ray hits Sting with a nasty piledriver and goes for the pin, but Sting kicks out at two. Ray heads to the outside and goes under the ring for a table. He brings it back into the ring and sets it up. Ray turns around into a clothesline from Sting. Sting takes Bully into the corner and hits him with a series of punches, but Bully brings Sting out of the corner in powerbomb position and he sends him through the table with a huge powerbomb. Sting is still able to kick out at two.

Ray heads to the outside and pulls out a knife, using it to cut away the ring apron. Ray pulls up the canvas and parts of the foam, exposing the wood underneath the ring. Ray avoids a Stinger splash in the corner, and piledrives Sting on the exposed wood beams. Ray covers Sting and only gets two!

Ray gets Sting in position again, but Sting counters with a back body drop. Sting tries for a piledriver of his own, but Ray counters with a back body drop. Ray tries for a senton from the middle rope but Sting moves out of the way. Sting kicks Bully in the back and hits the Death drop on the exposed beams. Sting goes for the cover, but Aces and Eights pour out from the back, beating down Sting one by one. Tenay is furious, saying that this is ridiculous. Sting fights back with a series of low blows to the members of Aces and Eights. Sting tosses Bischoff out to the ramp, then pounds his chest. Devon tosses a chain in, but Sting grabs it and lays out Ray with it. Sting goes for the cover, but Devon pulls the ref out and stops the count. Sting heads out with the chain and uses it to take out Devon. In the ring Ray has a hammer, and he uses it to blast Sting as Sting dives in from the top rope. Ray covers Sting, and gets the three count.

Winner and STILL TNA World Heavyweight Champion: Bully Ray

Ray celebrates with the other members of Aces and Eights while Tenay and Keneley freak out that Sting will never be able to challenge for the World Title after tonight. We get footage that reveals that Anderson was the one who slipped the hammer in to Ray. The pay-per-view ends with Aces and Eights standing tall over Sting, who's laid out on the mat.

Thanks for joining us here tonight for WNW's live coverage of TNA Slammiversary XI.

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