How TNA Talent Is Treating Spike TV Situation; Update On Negotiations


We reported on Monday exclusively on that TNA Wrestling sent out an email to talent regarding TMZ's report that Spike TV had canceled Impact. In that email, it was stated that negotiations between TNA [through their UTA representative] and Spike were ongoing. There was a gap in the amount TNA wanted and Spike was offering but they were still talking and there were other networks on the table as well.

In asking around, most talent is taking an "out of my hands" approach. What that means is, they're hoping for the best and focusing on what they can control. It's a sentiment Rockstar Spud shared when speaking to the media on Wednesday and one I've heard other contracted workers say as well.

The last we heard was there was a meeting last week and Spike offered to renew at $65,000 per hour and TNA didn't take the deal. This was after the Vince Russo controversy. I have complete details on the negotiations at this link.

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