TNA Touring On Hold, Dixie To Miss Impact, Reality TV Elements


TNA news and notes…

- TNA Wrestling has officially put domestic touring on hold as they focus on their Destination America reset. They’re heading to the United Kingdom in three weeks for shows in Glasgow, Manchester and London. All three will be Impact tapings.

- Dixie Carter Tweeted that TNA will have a few live pay-per-views and several One Night Only pay-per-views in 2015. I haven’t heard of a schedule being set but the pay-per-views are going to be done when they “make sense from a storyline standpoint.” Carter has come to the realization that the traditional pay-per-view model is outdated but still important.

- As noted earlier, Impact on Destination America is set to feature more reality TV elements, with a renewed focus on quality matches and sensible angles.

- Once again, Dixie Carter is not scheduled to be at Wednesday’s tapings as she’ll be at the Television Critics Association conference.

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