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TNA Wrestling On Bound For Glory Weekend: How Much Worse Can It Get?

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In less than 24 hours TNA Wrestling will hold their biggest pay-per-view of the year with Bound for Glory in Tokyo, Japan. There has never been a time in TNA's history when their version of Wrestlemania has been so heavily criticized. I was asked by one reader that usually orders Bound for Glory each year if they were alone in not ordering this year and sadly, they are not.

Even hardcore TNA fans are coming out in droves to state their discontent over the show, explaining they have no interest with no TNA Championship match, limited storyline buildup, unfamiliar non-regular TNA talent (it's an inter-promotional event with Wrestle-1) and the fact it will air on tape delay.

The TV leading up to Bound for Glory was taped last month so news has been few and far in-between. With no domestic live events in over a month, interest in TNA is waning. On Friday, TNA President Dixie Carter finally got people talking… but for all the wrong reasons.

Typhoon Vongfong is bearing down on Japan as the TNA pay-per-view approaches. In fact, it's hitting as I type this.

Carter, in attempt to create a clever pun to co-promote Bound for Glory with the storm, Tweeted the following:

Dixie Carter Tweet

The reactions were strong and predictable. You had several categories of respondents.

The TNA Yes-Men featuring Bob Ryder:

TNA Yes-Men

The outraged respondents featuring pissed off TNA fans:

This crowd responded to the Tweet, insulted and offended that Dixie Carter could be so insensitive. That she could use the strongest storm on planet Earth of 2014 as promotion for a wrestling pay-per-view that has very little interest in the United States. I saw someone question if she was intoxicated, someone call out to the King (just quoting the Tweet with the words Jesus Christ next to it), one person questioned if she was an idiot, another Tweeted Jeff Jarrett, begging for an alternative. This reaction was fierce and likely resulted in the Tweet being deleted a few hours after it was posted and Dixie Tweeting out the following apology:

Click here to load Tweet (if not loaded)

">@JamesStormBrand tweet was supposed to be about James Storm. Sincere apologies how it was posted.

— Dixie Carter (@TNADixie)

The @JamesStormBrand tweet was supposed to be about James Storm. Sincere apologies how it was posted.

— Dixie Carter (@TNADixie) October 11, 2014

">October 11, 2014

The outraged respondents offended people were offended featuring TNA loyalists:

Someone said they can't believe people were offended, Tweeting it's not like Dixie Carter's Tweet caused the storm. One person said people are too sensitive nowadays. Another said anyone offended by Dixie Carter's James Storm Tweet is an "ignorant, self righteous moron."

Then you have me.

Dixie Carter's Tweet was ill-timed, insensitive and maybe even offensive. However, the Tweet isn't my source of frustration. My source of frustration has to do with the fact we've had less than 10 TNA news stories in the week leading into the company's biggest pay-per-view of the year.

Out of those stories, we have an update on #TheWrestlers in The Amazing Race, the Tweet itself, this week's Impact viewership, the ridiculous CM Punk story, Impact results, an exclusive Kharma/Awesome Kong interview, an Impact preview and details on how fans can get 20% off merchandise for buying a ticket to TNA's UK tour.

Nothing about Bound for Glory!

In fact, Dixie Carter's Tweet was the first thing we've posted about the pay-per-view all week. We're the source of the most interested and invested pro wrestling fans on the planet. People that visit this website do so to get the story behind the story. We're the 1%, the people that watch through thick and thin. Often called "smart marks" or "smarks," one could say we're the biggest marks of them all because we continue to support the product even when we shouldn't.

We're part of the reason Impact draws a consistent viewership average of 1 million each week, regardless of content, timeslot or anything else. We're the reason numerous independent promotions exist and can make some side cash on the weekends. We're the people that help keep stars relevant, even when their days in the spotlight are decades behind them.

Yet TNA has given us nothing for this year's Bound for Glory. At a time when they need it the most, there are crickets. No stories. No juicy backstage rumors. Just a stupid Tweet and the fallout from it. One reader commented, "it got people talking didn't it?" It sure did. Dixie finally got us talking but about something that gives us no reason what-so-ever to buy the show. A shameless/shameful attempt at promotion at a time when no one is talking about TNA's biggest event of the year.

Before you write me off as the overly critical "dirt sheet guy" that's been aiming for TNA to fail, a falsity that couldn't be further from the truth, let me leave you with some comments from the official Facebook page of Dixie Carter. These are people that like TNA so much they follow Dixie Carter on Facebook. These aren't casual fans, these are people that go out of their way to make sure the TNA President shows up in their newsfeed. Here's a brief sample:

Joseph Collins feels like a One Night Only PPV to me

Christo Maass I'm a huge tna lover but as this is your wrestlemania every match should of had maybe a couple of months build up and I'm not even sure of the card

Jeremy Lorence The weird thing about this year's Bound For Glory is that while it still could end up being a very good event it's basically a cross promotional thing with most matches having no connection to TNA's current storylines. I think that's why some are comparing it with the One NIght Only events. But I think the oddest decision is having no World Title match. And yes I do know that WWE's current heavyweight champion isn't at every pay per view either but if it were Wrestlemania they'd make sure there would be a world title match. So I think not having Lashley defend the title at BFG is a mistake. And by no means am I trying to come off as anti TNA. I think TNA has been delivering some really great Impacts over the last several months. I just think some of the decision making is a bit odd for what is considered to be TNA's SuperBowl.

Louis Dufresne Sorry Dixie. This year's BFG is basically Global Impact 3. I like the 'back to basics' flow of Impact lately but something needs to change quick. TNA has been on a slow and steady decline since January 2010. I'm going to lose another wrestling company I love, and I'm not alone. I really hope TNA gets a new TV deal soon, otherwise I think EC3, Joe, Roode and Storm will make great additions to RAW.

Austin Allen Love how this is Japan. Hate how there is no world title match. It's you're biggest show of the year, how can you not showcase the most important title in your company? Ridiculous.

Angel Marin I'm a huge TNA fan, but they really dropped the ball here, this ppv does nothing for the product and its a shame that there "wrestlemania" is nothing more than a few match fillers, I hope they find a new tv deal and focus on improving because they where doing such a great job in the beginning of the summer

With wrestlers upset about the lack of dates, fans disgruntled about the biggest show of the year and the fact TNA is going to have to drastically scale back if they lose Spike TV, how much worse can it get?

As someone that depends on the pro wrestling business and its success to make a living, I am frustrated and disappointed. However, beneath that, it saddens me to see the current state of TNA Wrestling.

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