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TNA Wrestling Producing A New Television Series?

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Bill Banks, Producer - Television and Digital Assets at TNA IMPACT WRESTLING (as his bio states on LinkedIn, wrote that he was at the TNA studios filming for a new TV series earlier this week. His status showed a picture of Jeremy Borash with a graphic behind him of "TNA Legends".

Bill's complete status write-up is as follows:

Filming on-cameras with JB at the TNA studios for the new Legends TV series coming soon"

While a new TV series is surprising given TNA's uncertain future on television in the US, "TNA Legends" could be a television series for international markets.

While there's still a lot of information that hasn't been disclosed yet, we can clearly see that TNA is well on their way of producing a show titled "TNA Legends". Below is a snapshot of Bill Banks' status:


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