TNA Wrestling's Great Matches Show Possibly Canceled


It has come to our attention that TNA Wresting's Greatest Matches television show that aired every Saturday at 12PM ET on Destination America may be cancelled.

TNA Wrestling is no longer advertising the show on their official website under their "U.S. Television Schedule" as of this week. Destination America doesn't have it listed on their schedule for their line-up either.

The show was announced back in December and made its debut on television on January 10 2015.

In an interesting note, the show did air this week at 3AM and 4AM ET, which, obviously, is so early in the morning that it is almost impossible to get any amount of viewers at that time. While we have been following the Impact Wrestling viewership each week, we don't know the viewership numbers for TNA Wrestling's Greatest Matches television series.

The question that also arises is whether 'season one' of the television series is over. While nothing has been announced on TNA Wrestling's side, or Destination America's, we have to look at the information that we have. When further information is available we will let you know.

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