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Tommy Dreamer Runs TNA Angle At Indy Show Over Bully Ray's Absence

Tommy Dreamer did a worked shoot angle on Dixie Carter at Friday night's House of Hardcore show in Poughkeepsie, New York. The segment centered on Bully Ray being pulled from the card by Carter for a Spike TV obligation.

Below is a recap of how it went down:

After the second match on the card (Lance Anoa'i vs. Ben Ortiz), Dreamer came to the ring with Abyss and Devon. He announced that a nationally syndicated television show is filming and for legal reasons, he can't say what it is. He said he got a call at 11:30 PM on Thursday night that Bully was being pulled to go to "some Spike show" per Dixie's orders. Dreamer said Dixie was a mark for Twitter so Tweet her and let her know how you feel about that.

Dreamer said that Bully Ray wanted the fans to know if they attend any upcoming TNA shows they could bring their House of Hardcore ticket and he would sign them. Not for TNA but for the Hardcore fans.

Playing to the crowd (that were chanting expletives directed at Dixie Carter and TNA), Dreamer promised to get Dixie back for this. The line resulted in Abyss laying out Dreamer and defending "his boss." Abyss cut a pro-TNA promo and Rhino came out.

Rhino ended up clotheslining Dreamer and announced the new main event is him and Abyss vs. Dreamer & Devon.

Dreamer recovered and announced that refunds were available due to Bully's absence. He thanked the fans for attending and the show continued.

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