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Bound For Glory has been seen as one of the most important pay per views in TNA/Impact Wrestling history, it's often looked at as the company's equivalent to Wrestlemania and it has provided fans with moments and matches that definitely feel once in a lifetime.

With that said, there have been a number of times the card for Bound For Glory has changed from what the original plans were and today I'll be mentioning ten matches that almost had the opportunity to take place at on Impact's biggest stage.


10. Eddie Edwards vs. Moose (Bound For Glory 2018)

So, this match ranks low on the list as it technically did happen at the event but was changed due to an unexpected attack. 

At Bound For Glory 2018, former world champion Eddie Edwards was scheduled to face his former friend and pro wrestler, Moose at the Melrose's Ballroom in New York City.

The scheduled match took place until a surprising attack from Impact's the newest acquisition, Killer Kross resulted in the match ending in a disqualification victory for Eddie Edwards; A beat down would ensue as Moose and Kross continued to attack Eddie until Tommy Dreamer came out to the rescue and then got on the mic and said that he wanted a no disqualification tag team match between himself and Edwards vs. Moose and Kross, which by the way he got and won.

The match between Moose and Eddie Edwards would take place in January of 2019 at the Homecoming PPV which saw both men compete in a falls count anywhere match.


9. Eli Drake vs. Joey Janela (Bound For Glory 2018)

Still in 2018, we go back to Bound For Glory in NYC for the culmination of the Eli Drake Open Challenge. After months of facing various wrestlers from across the globe the 'Namer of Dummies' called out anyone in the back to face him in the ring and he got the form of James Ellsworth.

The reactions from the crowd was truly the only memorable thing about the match as the audition in attendance began shouting a number of despairing remarks at the former WWE jobber; After defeating his opponent with ease, Drake went back on the microphone and said he want some real competition but instead he got chokeslammed through a table by the recently inducted Impact Wrestling Hall of Famer, 'The Monster' Abyss.

While the match was nothing special, it may come as a shock to many of you to realize that Ellsworth wasn't the original opponent for Eli Drake.

janela (1)

In a few articles that were released after the PPV, it was revealed that All Elite Wrestling star, Joey Janela was suppose to answer Eli Drake's Open Challenge and wrestle a competitive match with the former world champion which reportedly could of lead to a long term feud, unfortunately Janela had suffered from injuries that prevented this happening which led to Ellsworth becoming Drake's opponent at BFG.

Eli would have a long term feud with Abyss leading to a monster's ball match at the Homecoming PPV which ended up being The Monster's last match in the company before leaving for the WWE with fellow talent, Sonjay Dutt in early 2019.


8. Drew Galloway vs. Aron Rex (Bound For Glory 2016)

In the finals of a tournament to crown the first ever TNA Grand Champion, former WWE superstar, Aron Rex was set to face off against former TNA World Champion, Drew Galloway at Bound For Glory 2016.

The match between these two failed to take place on this night as Galloway had suffered from a neck injury which took Drew out of action; As a result, Eddie Edwards was chosen to take Galloway's place in the match.

Thanks to the ruling and ranking system that went with the newly created championship, Aron Rex became the inaugural TNA Grand Champion.

Although the idea for the Grand Championship was unique at first, Rex's reign as well as the concept for the title didn't go over as well with the fans and by July of 2018, then world champion Austin Aries would absorb the Grand Championship into the Impact World Heavyweight Championship thereby end the existence of the belt. 


7. Taya Valkyrie vs. Rosemary (Bound For Glory 2017)

The first of many matches that were changed at BFG 2017, would of seen "The Demon Assassin" Rosemary take on Taya Valkyrie, who at the time was still using her Lucha Royalty gimmick and had only been with Impact for a couple of months.

Taya's debut on Impact in 2017 saw her attack and make a statement out of Rosemary which led to mind games and attacks that all left Rosemary laid out. This resulted in a match being set for that year's Bound For Glory where Rosemary would face her arch rival in a "Red Wedding" Match (which was most likely another name for a no hold barred match also because it's a Games Of Thrones Reference).

Sadly this match never took place at BFG, as issues regarding Taya Valkyrie's visa prevented her from working at the show.

In response, a last minute match-up between indy wrestlers, Tyson Dux and Taiji Ishimori would be added into the card, while Rosemary would appear on the show as she involved herself into the Monster's Ball match between Abyss and Grado.


6. Tessa Blanchard vs. Rohit Raju vs. Ace Austin vs. Daga vs. Jake Crist (Bound For Glory 2019)

In the lead-up to Bound For Glory 2019, a number of matches were made to determine who would participate in a ladder match for the X Division Championship; At the time names like Jake Crist, Daga, Ace Austin and Tessa Blanchard were set to take part in the match with final qualifying bout seeing Rohit Raju taking on Sabu to see who would get the final spot.

However, the match between Rohit and Sabu ended in a double count out with many on commentary believing that both men would added into the ladder or at the very least Rohit.

The reason: Well during a weekly AXS TV special where Impact would show replays of that year's pay per views in the lead up to Impact Wrestling's official move to AXS, an image was shown for the up-and-coming X Division ladder match which showed the previous names and faces of those would had advance including an image of Rohit with no sign of Sabu thus, making it look like Rohit would have advance into the ladder match. 

However, these plans were changed as both Rohit and Sabu were seen in "The Call Your Shot Gauntlet" opening contest while indy wrestler turn newest signing for Impact, Acey Romero was added into the mix with the explanation being that he got this opportunity in addition to being signed onto the roster less than 24 hours earlier.


5. Abyss vs. Judas Mesias (Bound For Glory 2007)

At BFG 2007 "The Monster" Abyss wrestled and won a monster's ball match against fellow wrestlers: Black Reign (Dustin Rhodes), Rhino and Raven; But as it turns out if the cards went the other way, Abyss could of wrestled a completely different opponent around this time.

Months leading into Bound For Glory, Father James Mitchell was seen in video packages hyping up the arrival of his son and Abyss' step-brother, Judas Mesias (aka Mil Muertas in Lucha Underground). Through a combination of sneak attacks and mind games, the duo of Mesias and Mitchell were looking to destroy Abyss after the monster decided to turn on his satanic manager/father and became his own man. 

However, the possibility of seeing Abyss vs. Mesias on the company's biggest stage never least not yet. See in the lead-up to this sibling rivalry Mesias was almost working in AAA (or Triple A) and during an event, he was sent off a ladder where he was knocked unconscious and also suffered from sciatica (pain in the lower back and legs) as a result.  

All signs seem to point at this match possibly happening around Bound For Glory but his injuries prevented this from happening although he would engage in a number of pay per view matches with Abyss from Final Resolution 2008 to Against All Odds 2008 once he recovered.

As a substitute for Judas Mesias, Rellik (that's killer spelled backwards) and Black Reign would engage a feud that lasted for months with names like Rhino and Raven eventually getting involved.


4. Allie vs. Gail Kim vs. Taryn Terrell vs. Sienna (Bound For Glory 2017)

Yet another Knockouts match that was changed at the last minute, the fatal four way for Knockouts Championship was initially suppose to be Sienna defending her title against her arch-rival Allie, a returning Taryn Terrell and Impact Wrestling Hall of Famer Gail Kim, but like all of the matches on this list the plans were changed.

As it turns out, Taryn couldn't enter into Canada due to a domestic disturbance and altercation involving her former significant other and fellow pro wrestler, Drew Galloway (Or McIntyre in the WWE) back in the summer of 2010. This ultimately led to Terrell leaving Impact weeks before the pay per view and soon afterwards saw the end of her professional wrestling career.

The match was then turned into a three way with the belt still on the line and when it was all said and done, Gail Kim won her seventh and final Knockouts Championship just ten years after she become the first Knockouts Champion back at Bound For Glory 2007.

download (1)

3. The Pope vs. Suicide vs. Homicide vs. Christopher Daniels (Bound For Glory 2009)

At Bound For Glory 2009, the opening contest to start off the pay per view was originally scheduled to see Suicide (played this time by Frankie Kazarian), former TNA tag team champion Homicide, 'The Fallen Angel' Christopher Daniels and former WWE superstar, "The Pope" D'Angelo Dinero in an Ultimate X match to determine who would become the number #1 contender to Amazing Red's X Division Championship.

However, Dinero was forced to leave the show early due to a family emergence and as a result the structure of the match radically changed.

The pre-show match between Lethal Consequences (Black Machismo/Jay Lethal and Consequences Creed/ Xavier Woods) versus Alex Shelley and Chris Sabin of the Motor City Machine Guns sudden was given some interesting stakes, in that the winning team would be involved the Ultimate X match to officially kick off the show.

Making things even more interesting, the company decided to make the Ultimate X match for the title by including the current champion, Amazing Red into the show.

The bout itself was one of the best matches of the night (which is saying something) with Red managing to defy the odds and retain his X Division Championship.


Why D'Angelo Dinero Couldn't Compete At BFG 2009:


2. Alberto El Patron vs. Jeff Jarrett/Rey Mysterio (Bound For Glory 2017)

So this next match on this list was reportedly a rumored match to take place but it's a persistent rumor none the less especially when it comes to a specific player in this story. 

The story goes that at Bound For Glory 2017 a match between Alberto El Patron and Jeff Jarrett was set to take place after an angle involving both men would of started at that year's Triplemania event where Alberto couldn't be able to participate due to issues he had with AAA.

This would of work it's way onto Impact programming where Jarrett would have "suspended" Alberto (most likely for not showing up at the event) and by the time El Patron would return from his suspension he would challenge the King of the Mountain to a match at Bound For Glory. 

However the match would take a sudden turn as Jarrett would swerve the fans and Alberto by having former WWE Champion and superstar Rey Mysterio be the true opponent for El Patron instead of him.

reymysterio393-3 (1)

Sadly, things fell apart almost immediately from the contract negotiations with Mysterio not going through to Jarrett getting terminated and later fired from the company to Alberto himself getting stripped of the world title and being suspended in real life to domestic issues reportedly surrounding him and his then fiance/WWE superstar, Paige.

While Alberto would be able to make it to BFG 2017 after his suspension, he wasn't scheduled to take part in a match but he did however play a role in determining the outcome of the main event world title match between Johnny Impact (John Morrison) and Eli Drake.

no nash (1)

1. Kevin Nash vs. Jeff Jarrett (Bound For Glory 2005)

Double J gets two spots on this list as the "King of The Mountain" was set to defend the NWA World Heavyweight Championship against "Big Sexy" Kevin Nash in the main event of the inaugural Bound For Glory with UFC fight, Tito Ortiz as the special guest referee.

However, Nash was unable to compete due to medical issues with many saying that Big Sexy was suffering from a minor heart attack or was most likely on the verge of having one. This led to the company instead having a 10 man gauntlet match to determine the new contender with that person being scheduled to face Jarrett for the title immediately after the gauntlet finished.


The winner of the gauntlet match would be former ECW and WWE superstar, Rhino who had already wrestled a match earlier in the night against Sabu, Abyss and Jeff Hardy in a monster's ball match; Immediately after winning the gauntlet, Jeff Jarrett along with special guest ref Tito Ortiz would make their way into the ring as thus the match for the NWA Title began.

The match would only last around 5 minutes with "The War Machine" shocking everyone by becoming the new NWA World Heavyweight Champion to close out the show. Apparently Kevin Nash was suppose to face Raven in a rivalry for the title but with Nash out of action, that feud was given to Rhino and the two men would battle for the championship for months with the most memorable being their match at Unbreakable 2005.

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