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Recently Impact Wrestling Has announced that on Saturday October 3rd TNA Original and World Class Maniac, Eric Young with be defending his Impact Wrestling World Heavyweight Championship against the former champion, Eddie Edwards in the main event of this year's Victory Road event which will be aired exclusively on the Impact Plus App.

So with that impending event coming soon, I've decided to list off (in my opinion) the ten greatest Victory Road Moments in TNA and Impact Wrestling History; For this list I'll be including key moments that have occurred at this event over with years with added inclusion that any TNA or Impact pay per view, one night only event or episode that bares the Victory Road title will be included.


10. Devon Wins The Television Championship (Victory Road 2012)

We kick off this list at Victory Road 2012 where reigning Television Champion, Robbie E issues an open challenge to anyone to face him for the his title. After much pantomiming and stalling someone does accepts Robbie E's title challenge in the form of multi time tag team champion, Brother Devon who had not been seen on Impact since his match with "The Pope" D'Angelo Dinero at the Genesis PPV back in January of the same year.

Despite Robbie E's many attempts to hold off the match, referee Brian Hebner tells Robbie E that the match will indeed happen and tells the time keeper to ring the bell; The match itself doesn't go on for too long, in fact it only last for three minutes but by the end of it all Devon would win his very first single title and become the new TNA Television Champion.

This would led into a multi month feud with Robbie E being hellbent on regaining his title, which helped to make Devon as a single competitor and the belt itself feel credible in the process.

While many forgot how good the TNA/Impact T.V. title was as a mid card belt in the first few years of the 2010's, names like Robbie E, Douglas Williams, AJ Styles, Eric Young, Devon and others helped to legitimize the title and made it worth fighting for both on T.V. and pay per view.

Devon vs. Robbie E For The T.V. Championship (Victory Road 2012):


9. Raven Gives Larry Zbyszko a Haircut (Victory Road 2006)

After losing the NWA TNA World Championship to Jeff Jarrett and getting into a feud with TNA Director of Authority, Larry Zbyszko which saw the former ECW star losing his job with TNA after a match to Sean Waltman aka X-Pac at Final Resolution (per the match stipulation). Raven would make his return to TNA a few months later and he would continue his feud with the living legend Larry Zbyszko.

The issues between Raven and Zbyszko would culminated at Victory Road 2006 in a hair vs. hair match; The bout was nothing really to talk about as it barely lasted four minutes but it did end with Raven coming out victorious as he not only won the match but he got to shave Larry's head...well that was the case until Zbyszko attempted to walk out of the building following his defeat but he was literally carried back into the Impact Zone kicking and screaming as his being loaded into the barbers chair at which point Raven grabs some sheers and begins cutting. 


While Raven continues to shave Zbyszko hair, TNA referee Slick Johnson decides to join in on the fun by holding up a mirror near Larry to show him how he looks and Slick immediately pays for it with the living legend kicking Referee Slick right in his downstairs arena or in this case his Johnson...sorry I had to say it.



8. oVe Win The Tag Team Titles (Victory Road 2017)

Before the negative attention that had surrounded Dave Crist following the #Speaking Out Movement of 2020, he and his brother Jake were a part of a very popular tag team in Impact called ohio Versus everything also known as oVe.

The duo had arrived in Impact Wrestling in August of 2017 and soon afterwards were thrusted into a title match with the tag team champions of Santana and Ortiz of the Latin American Xchange (LAX); At the time, Santana and Ortiz were still new to Impact but they've managed run rough shot on every single tag team that stood in their way and were seen as unbeatable, so many people most likely thought that this new team would have no chance of beating LAX never mind win the belts in their first opportunity.

The match took place on a special episode of Impact titled 'Victory Road 2017' where both teams went back and effort with one another before the Crist Brothers shocked everyone in attendance by becoming the new Global Force/Impact Wrestling Tag Team Champions after only appearing on Impact programming a few weeks ago.


The feud between oVe and LAX would continue as the both team would face off again for the tag team titles at Bound For Glory in a street fight which saw the Crist Brothers not only turn heel but also retain their titles thanks to help of a debuting Sami Callihan; By the end of the feud, Santana and Ortiz would win back the tag team titles and defeat Sami and the Crist Brothers in a six man tag team barbed wire massacre match.

oVe Wins The Tag Team Titles:

Sami Callihan's Impact Wrestling Debut (Bound For Glory 2017):

oVe vs. LAX In Barbed Wire Massacre 3 (January 18th 2018):


7. Brother Devon Gets His Revenge On Bully Ray (Victory Road 2011)

To many fans of Impact Wrestling, the mention of Victory Road 2011, almost sends a chill down their spine as the first image that comes to mind is that of the main event world title match between Jeff Hardy and Sting. While that match usually gets the spotlight for how bad that event was in addition to some other matches on the card, the match between Bully Ray and Tommy Dreamer to start off the show is one of the better things about it.

A few months after attacking his former tag team partner and assaulting him and his two sons, Bully Ray would find himself in the cross hairs of ECW original and friend to Brother Devon, Tommy Dreamer (for whom Bully has a long and bloody history with).

A street fight was set to take place between Dreamer and Bully at Victory Road with both men using everything from blow-up dolls to steel chairs to kendo sticks to garbage cans to even a large pulse bumble bee basically a standard day in the office for both men, so to speak; The finish came after Bully Ray grabs a microphone and yells out to his former tag partner that what his about to do to Dreamer is for him but before Bully can act on his promise, Devon's sons: Terrance and Terrell come to the ring and distract Bully which gives their father, Devon enough time to sneak into the ring and with the help of Dreamer hit the '3D' signature move on Bully Ray through a table before Tommy goes for the pin and wins the match.

Devon's luck at Victory Road wouldn't end here as previously mentioned Devon would accept Robbie E's open challenge the next year at Victory Road and become the new Television Champion.

Devon And His Sons Get Their Payback (Victory Road 2011):


6. Alisha Edwards Gets A Contract With Impact (One Night Only: Victory Road-Knockouts Knockdown)

Today Impact Wrestling fans know Alisha Edwards for a couple of things: being a pro wrestler/ significance other to former world champion Eddie Edwards, those two times she repeatedly beat Moose and Ace Austin with a kendo stick and that time she, Eddie and Kenny the kendo Stick got into a three way of sorts in the middle of hotel hallway; However many fans may not know how Alisha got her spot on the Impact Wrestling roster, well for that you have to go back to 2017.

Back in 2017 at the final Knockout Knockdown event called 'One Night Only: Victory Road-Knockouts Knockdown' (that's a mouthful) Alisha Edwards along with other female competitors like Angelina Love, Rosemary, Laurel Van Ness, Diamante, Leva Bates, Santana Garrett and ODB would compete in a four on four tag team match which saw Alisha picking up the win for her team.

After the match, Alisha's husband, Jeremy Borash and authority figure, Karen Jarrett came to the ring and congratulated Alisha on her victory as well as her hard work in getting to this point in her career; Karen then presents a contract to Alisha Edwards which she signs and as a result she becomes the newest member of the Impact family.

Alisha would go on to join her husband in a mixed tag team match against Davey Richards and Angelina Love at Slammiversary 2017 and the rest as they say is history.

One Night Only: Victory Road-Knockouts Knockdown Main Event:

Alisha Goes Wild On Moose With A Kendo Stick:


5. Jay Lethal Defeats The Nature Boy (Victory Road 2010)

Victory Road 2010 is often seen as one of the more underappreciated pay per views in Impact which isn't surprising as the Victory Road pay per views that came before and after this one are genuinely seen as two of the worse PPV's in the company's history. Despite this, those who have seen this pay per view now that it's one of the best as the show is contains a lot of great and memorable matches case in point: Jay Lethal vs. Ric Flair.

The feud between Lethal and Flair started off in the Summer of 2010 after Lethal appeared on an episode of Impact doing an amazing impersonation of the nature boy which led to Flair coming to the ring and giving the former X Division Champion quite an earful as he slapped and humiliated Lethal until Jay slapped him back and even put the figure four leglock on Flair.

Following this, Lethal would drop his 'Black Machismo' gimmick and become a more serious with his personality while also picking up victories against names like Desmond Wolfe, Frankie Kazarian and AJ Styles.

Flair on the other hand would respond by beating up Jay Lethal's brother on T.V. which would ultimately led to Hulk Hogan making the match between Flair and Lethal official for Victory Road. 


While many tend to malign Flair's run in TNA/Impact including his matches there, this match here is probably one of Flair's best following his Wrestlemania 24 "Retirement". The drama going into the bout was tense and the action was methodical with moments including both men going after each others legs for the figure four leglock, Hebner getting into a shoving match with flair multiple times in this match and even a moment when Flair's trunks start slipping while Lethal attempts to do a sunset flip maneuver.

In the end, Lethal was able to make Flair submit to his own finishing move and pick the victory in moment that made Lethal feel as if he had accomplished a boyhood dream.

While Flair would defeat Lethal in a street fight a month later on Impact due to the interference of X champion Douglas Williams, it was Jay Lethal who got the last laugh as he would defeated Williams on the September 16th edition of Impact to become a four time X Division Champion.

Jay Lethal's Tribute To Ric Flair:

Jay Lethal & Ric Flair: Woo Off:

Ric Flair Attacks Jay Lethal's Brother:

Lethal Pulls Down Flairs Trunk's (Victory Road 2010):


4. Samoa Joe Becomes The X Division And Tag Team Champion (Victory Road 2007)

Kurt Angle vs. Samoa Joe is arguably one of the best rivalries in company history as both men were able to bring out the best out of one another but at Victory Road 2007, both men attempted to put their issues to the side (sort of ) as they begrudgingly partnered up to take on the tag team champions of Brother Ray and Brother Devon in a tag team match where all of the gold was at stake including Joe's X Division championship and Angle's world heavyweight title.

The action in this match was impressive from beginning to end with the sense of urgency showing throughout as the miscommunications between Angle and Joe in certain parts of the match made many wonder if would not only cost them the match but their belts as well. On the other side of the coin, Team 3D were also having some problems with some cooperation in this match as both Ray and Devon realize that if either one of them win this match then only one of them would be walking out with the X Division and World title in addition to their half of the tag team titles.

In the end, it was thanks to the interference "Big Poppa Pump" Scott Steiner wielding a steel pipe and Samoa Joe seizing an opportunity after attacking his partner's leg which allowed the Samoan Submission Machine to become the first man in company history to hold the X Division and tag team titles at the same time.


Due to the events Victory Road, a match was setup between Samoa Joe and Kurt Angle in the main event of the Hard Justice pay per view where once again all of the gold was on the line.

Kurt, thanks the unexpected help of his then wife Karen was able to defeat his nemesis and in the process become the first and only man in company history to hold all of the gold at the same time plus as an added bonus Kurt was IWPG Heavyweight champion as well making the first to hold the TNA and IWPG world titles also at the same time...oh it's's damn real!

Samoa Joe Wins The TNA Tag Team Titles (Victory Road 2007):


3. The Return Of Triple X (Victory Road 2007)

''The Fallen Angel' Christopher Daniels, Low-Ki and "Primetime" Elix Skipper has been seen by some fans as three of the most underrated wrestlers of their day but at the same time three of the most talented to ever compete in the X Division so it shouldn't be a surprise when you put these three together as group you get one of the best factions in the early days of TNA Wrestling.

Known by the group name of 'Triple X', Daniels, Low-Ki and Skipper were involved in some of the best matches in early TNA history including a feud with America's Most Wanted which culminated in steel cage match where if the losing team lost they had to disband and sure enough AMW won and Triple X was no more or so were thought.

In the opening contest for Victory Road 2007, Daniels, Shark Boy, Puma (TJP), Kazarian, Senshi (Low-Ki), Sonjay Dutt, Elix Skipper, Jay Lethal, Homicide and Petey Williams competed in an Ultimate X Gauntlet match where two wrestlers would start out and every few minutes a new wrestler would enter and participates came be eliminated if their thrown over the top rope with both feet landing on the floor, this continues until all ten men have entered into the match and then you have to climb and grab the X in order to win.

To save some time on calling the action in this match beat for beat, I've put a link at the bottom of this entry if you are interested in seeing this bout.

Towards the end of this match Jay Lethal and Christopher Daniels are seen climbing the large structure to get to the X when Elix Skipper takes Lethal down and performs a double team maneuver on which allows the fallen angel to win the match.


Soon afterwards, Low-Ki and Skipper huddle around Daniels which gives the fans in attendance the idea that this could mean the return of Triple X and sure enough that's exactly what happened as the former three time tag team champion trio were reunited after four years of being separated.

The Triple X return of 2007 didn't last long as the group would be gone by the end of the year but their reunion did provide some amazing matches including a tag team ultimate X match with Homicide and Hernandez at Bound For Glory that same year.

Ultimate X Gauntlet Match (Victory Road 2007):

Triple X vs. LAX (Bound For Glory 2007):


2. The Motor City Machine Guns Win Their First Ever TNA Tag Team Championships (Victory Road 2010)

Alex Shelley and Chris Sabin also known as the Motor City Machine Guns one of the influential tag team in modern professional wrestling and that's no understatement; the pair have gone on to inspire legions of wrestlers to compete in the acrobatic, risk taking style of wrestling that have made them famous heck Generation Me aka The Young Bucks were became known to many wrestling fans to due in large part to their various matches with MCMG but anyway back to business...

So after some controversy regarding Scott Hall being unable to show up to an event (as he tended to do during his run), The Bad Guy (Hall) and Sean Waltman were stripped of their titles and the TNA World Tag Team Championships were now vacated until the decision was made to have the current number one contenders for the belts, which were the guns take on the team of James Storm and Bobby Roode of Beer Money Inc. at Victory Road 2010.


Both Beer Money and the Machine Guns were no strangers to each other in the ring as they both wrestled each other for the tag team titles back at the Turning Point pay per view in 2008, where Beer Money was able to win thanks to Storm's sneaky use of his alcoholic beverage; So now the guns were looking at another shot at the gold as well as another chance to get even with their rivals.

In the final moments of this match senior referee, Earl Hebner came to ring to be the new official for the tag title match after his son Brian had beer spat into his eyes. Both members of Beer Money and MCMG had another member of the opposing team laid out in the ring for the three count but when the count was made both Earl and Brian Hebner had counted three at the same time unaware the pinning predicament happening on the other side which led to both teams thinking that they had won the match.

After a few minutes of deliberation, the decision was made to restart the match and thus the action continued; within less than two minutes after resuming the bout, the guns were able to capitalize and hit their finishing maneuver on Roode for the 1..2..3 and just like that Chris Sabin and Alex Shelley became TNA World Tag Team Champions for the very time in their careers.


But while the guns had won the battle and tag team titles at Victory Road on this night, the war had just begun, as Sabin and Shelley would continue their feud with Beer Money in a critically acclaimed best of five series of the tag team titles.

MCMG Win Tag Team Titles (Victory Road 2010):



The Samoan Submission Machine gets two spots on this list as the final entry would be seen as the starting point for a serious of events that would change the landscape of TNA Wrestling.

After former WCW champion, Booker T claimed that Samoa Joe didn't beat him in the main event of the previous months Slammiversary event especially due to the interference of Kevin Nash (who was an ally of Samoa Joe at the time).

This ultimately led to the main event of Victory Road 2008 being Samoa Joe defending his TNA world heavyweight championship against Booker T. 


To say that the match was brutal and bloody might be downplaying how violent it was as both men tried to beat down the other however it was Joe who would end up dishing out a 'Grade A' asskicking to Booker as the former WCW and WWE wrestler was bleeding almost as bad as the world champion in this match plus a few security guards, the referee and even a relative of Booker T's who was attending the show were not safe from the nation of violence that was the Samoan Submission Machine.

Despite the pleads from Booker's wife Sharmell, Joe continued with his assault until he was confronted by former NWA and TNA world heavyweight champion, Sting who attempted to calm down Samoa Joe but it proved to be in vain as Joe responded by giving Sting a big middle finger right to his face.

Sting not happy with this, proceeds to beat down Joe with a baseball bat before Booker T covers Joe and Sharmell makes the three count even though she wasn't the referee; Both Booker and Sharmell attempted to walk out of the building with the world title as the match was declared a no contest but the biggest story surrounding the match was Sting's decision to involve himself in the match and what would be the fallout from everything in the match.

In the weeks and months to come the answers to these questions would be revealed and the end result lead to one of greatest factions in company history, The Main Event Mafia.

Booker T vs. Samoa Joe For The TNA World Title Part 1 (Victory Road 2008):

Booker T vs. Samoa Joe For The TNA World Title Part 2 (Victory Road 2008):

Booker T vs. Samoa Joe For The TNA World Title Part 3 (Victory Road 2008):

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