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A star studded year was Impact Wrestling's 2021, a period in which wrestlers from AEW, NJPW, NWA and AAA appeared on PPV and TV to get more eyes on the product while at same allowing fans (both old and new) to experience the total nonstop action that Impact Wrestling has been known for .

With interpromotional matches, holy shit moments throughout and an energized crowd from beginning to end, 2021's addition of Slammiversary certain ranks as one of the better PPV's to bare that name.

But of course, as with all things wrestling related there are some incredible bits of trivia laying around and this show is no exception...So with all that said, here are the Top 10 Interesting Facts About Slammiversary 2021.

Slammiversary 2021 Sold Out

10. Tickets for the Event Sold Out in a Matter of Minutes

The arrival of Covid-19 certain brought the wrestling world to a standstill if ever so slightly as many promotions and wrestlers had to content with the idea of performing or hosting wrestling events in front of a nonexistent crowd due to safety restrictions and that's if a promotion was lucky enough to still run shows during the pandemic.

So when news broke that Slammiversary 2021 would be the first Impact show to have fans in attendance since Hard To Kill 2020, Impact fans the world over were more than a little excited to get their hands on some tickets for the event.

In fact, when Impact announced via social media that tickets were now available to purchase it took all of 20 minutes for all of the tickets to be gone.

20 GODDAMN minutes for the event to be sold out, that's the fastest time in which all of the tickets for an Impact event were bought in company history, which I guess further shows just how much improvement Impact Wrestling has made over the last several years.

IMPACT on Twitter: "#Slammiversary is officially SOLD OUT! We're looking forward to seeing all of you on July 17th in Nashville! And if you missed out, stay tuned for details on another opportunity to attend Slammiversary soon!" / Twitter

Samoa Joe Slammiversary 2021

9. Teasing Certain Talents For The Event

Following the successful hype campaign that Impact Wrestling used when came to Slammiversary 2020, the company basically decided 'The first time worked out really nice, why not try it twice" and that's exactly what they did for this event.

Much like the previous year's PPV, the hype video for this Slammiversary saw a few wrestlers being teased to appear at the event with some notably faces being Laurel Van Ness, Okada and "The Samoan Submission Machine" Samoa Joe.

While Okada didn't appear at the event, Laurel Van Ness did but under her real name Chelsea Green when she was the tag team partner for her real life husband, Matt Cardona in a mixed tag match against Brian Meyers and Tenille Dashwood.

For most fans, Samoa Joe looked like a no brainer to return to Impact after being let go by the WWE early in the year as a cost cutting measure, but how close Joe was to returning remains unclear because a few days or weeks after Impact promoted the possibility of the former TNA World Champion coming back, WWE executive and C.O.O. Triple H would soon get Samoa Joe signed back to the WWE under an NXT contract which pretty much killed any chances of Joe making a long awaited Impact return.



8. The First Knockouts Tag Title Match In Slammiversary History

The team of Kiera Hogan and Tasha Steelz also known as Fire N' Flava were as talented in the ring as they were good at running their mouths before, during and after their matches so when Impact decided to bring back the Knockouts Tag Team Titles in early 2021, Tasha and Kiera were an easy pick to represent the newly revived division as champions.

During their time together, Fire N' Flava defeated teams like Jazz and Jordynne Grace, Williow Nightingale and Brooke Valentine, Havok and Nevaeh, Jordynne Grace and Rachael Ellering and Kimber Lee and Susan whilst holding the tag belts for a combined 162 days until they encountered the demonic team of Rosemary and Havok aka Decay.

On the Slammiversary preshow, Havok and Rosemary were set to take on Fire N' Flava which was quite special as this was the first time in the history of Slammiversary that the Knockouts Tag Team Titles would ever be defended on the show or at least the preshow that is...speaking of which

Rosemary & Havok vs Fire 'N Flava: FULL MATCH (Slammiversary 2021) | IMPACT Wrestling Full Matches - YouTube

Rosemary and Havok

7. The First Preshow Title Change in Company History

At the previously mentioned Slammiversary preshow, Havok and Rosemary were able to defeat Fire N' Flava to become the new Impact Knockouts Tag Team Champions which was the first time since 2014 and 2017 when Havok and Rosemary won championship gold within the Knockouts Division.

On top of that, Havok and Rosemary's win also saw the first time in which one of the major titles changed hands on the preshow in company history.

Another championship win on an Impact preshow wouldn't happen again until Bound For Glory some months later when Jordynne Grace became the inaugural Digital Media Champion and the first woman to become a grand slam champion in company history.

Ultimate X

6. The First Ultimate X Match in Years

The show officially got underway with an Ultimate X match as Josh Alexander, Ace Austin, Trey Miguel, Rohit Raju, Chris Bey and Petey Williams fought for the X Division Championship.

Two things to point out when it comes to match, first it would be the last PPV match for Petey Williams before he joined the WWE as a producer and second this was the first Ultimate X match to occur at Slammiversary in years.

0419Slammiversary (5)

The last Slammiversary to have an Ultimate X match, you'd have to go all the way back to 2013 when Suicide (played by TJP), Chris Sabin and defending champion Kenny King fought the for the gold with Sabin managing to pull out the victory.


Eddie Edwards Slammiversary

5. Edwards' First Match After Appendix Surgery 

Eddie Edwards is a long time veteran in the world of pro wrestling and as such his endured his fair share of injuries over the years and while most fans remember the infamous moment when Sami Callihan cracked Edwards in the face with a baseball bat, this wouldn't be the last time the former tag team and world champion would suffer an injury before facing off against a rival on pay per view.

At Slammiversary 2021, Eddie was scheduled to take on W. Morrissey but he would be doing it after being out with a serious injury that required surgery to fix.

According to a Sports Illustrated article that talks about this in detail, Eddie had suffered tremendous amounts of pain following some tapings that took place in Nashville which only got worse as time went. 

Eventually Edwards was taken to the hospital by Tommy Dreamer where Eddie was informed that he needed to get an appendectomy or appendix surgery to correct the internal pains he was suffering and after almost a week of recovery Edwards decided to hit the gym and get himself into shape for his match at Slammiversary but in the process this whole series of events prevented fans from seeing Eddie taking on Kojima in match during the last bit of tapings before the big event. 

Impact Wrestling's Eddie Edwards recovers from appendix surgery - Sports Illustrated


4. TJP Being Unable to Compete 

The four way tag match for the Impact Wrestling World Tag Team titles saw Violent By Design, Willie Mack and Rich Swann, The Good Brothers and Fallah Bahh and TJP...well that's how it was suppose to be but things changed when it came to the final team.

Just 24 hours before the pay per view started, it was announced that former X Division Champion, TJP was taken out of the match resulting in Fallah needing to find a new partner for the tag title match.

No Way Slammiversary

Fortunately for Bahh, he was able to find a new one in the form of No Way (the former No Way Jose in NXT) and while the pair weren't able to win the match, No Way's debut coming down to the ring with a conga line was a memorable moment in of itself.

Meanwhile TJP would return to TV a few weeks later, although to this day it remains a mystery as to why the former WWE Cruiserweight was unable to compete at Slammiversary with no definitive answer being given. 

(3) IMPACT on Twitter: "BREAKING: @MegaTJP is unable to participate in tomorrow’s IMPACT Wrestling #Slammiversary PPV. He was scheduled to team with @FALLAH1 in the huge 4-way collision for the IMPACT Tag Team Championship. The match-up will still go ahead as a 4-way. ORDER:" / Twitter


3. Thunder Rosa's Last Match as an NWA Superstar 

Melissa Cervantes better known to fans as Thunder Rosa was one of the best kept secrets in modern pro wrestling as her rise in mainstream popularity seemingly came out of nowhere thanks to her time in Lucha Underground, ROH, Women of Wrestling and the National Wrestling Alliance aka the NWA.

With her incredible skills in the ring and recognizable for her face paint that at times covers half of her face, it soon became obvious to everyone that she was going to make it big when it comes to the big leagues of women's wrestling and at Slammiversary 2021 that looked to be the case.

Then Knockouts Champion, Deonna Purrazzo was scheduled to defend her title against a mystery challenger at Slammiversary with her opponent being revealed to Thunder Rosa, which surprised many to see Rose stepping into an Impact ring and especially because the NWA/Impact relationship had been frosty for several years.

While Rosa was unable to win the Knockouts title, an interesting thing to point out was that this would be her last match as a part of the NWA as her contract would soon be bought out by Tony Khan and All Elite Wrestling on July 22nd, 2021 just a few days after her match with 'The Virtuosa' at Slammiversary.

Omega vs Callihan

2. The Callihan vs. Omega Match was the Longest Main Event in Slammiversary History 

Say what you will about how AEW handled its 'partnership' with Impact Wrestling in 2021, but you can't deny the fact that Kenny Omega competing for the company and becoming the world champion while simultaneously being the AEW and AAA World Champion helped to get some on attention back on Impact.

At Slammiversary, the main event saw Dave Meltzer's favorite wrestler defend the Impact World Championship against 'The Draw' Sami Callihan in a bloody and violent contest which saw the master of the 'One Winged Angel' come out on top and retaining the title.

A fact I discovered upon doing some research for this article is that apparently, this world title bout between Sami and Kenny took the longest amount of time of any Slammiversary main event up to this point with the allotted time for the match going 27 minutes and 45 seconds.

Quite interesting as the time ratio of Slammiversary main events go somewhere between 20-17 minutes, fun fact the second longest main event in Slammiversary history would be the five way World title match between Ace Austin, Eddie Edwards, Trey Miguel, Rich Swann and Eric Young at Slammiversary 2020 at 24 minutes and 25 seconds and the shortest main event in Slammiversary was Sting vs. Bobby Roode at Slammiversary 2012 at about 10 minutes and 55 seconds.

Kenny OMEGA in IMPACT | Omega vs Callihan - BRUTAL NO DQ match | JAY WHITE confronts Omega Hour 4 - YouTube

Andrade Slammiversary

1. Andrade Almost Appeared at Slammiversary

While No Way and Thunder Rosa made their Impact debuts on this night and names like Chelsea Green, David Finlay and Juice Robinson made their returns to the company, there was another wrestler who very nearly showed up on the pay per view.

According to reports that have come out since, it's been revealed that Andrade El Idolo was going to make his debut at Slammiversary staring down Kenny Omega and Don Callis with Konnan being at Andrade's side as a manager which would help to set up a match between Omega and Andrade at Triplemania XXIX for the AAA Mega Championship.

However, any plans for Andrade on Impact were scrapped due to neither side coming to an agreement as it relates to pay thus leading the way for All Elite Wrestling to sign Andrade and having him debut on AEW in the most anticlimactic way possible.

Jay White Slammiversary

Not wanting to blow a potential news grabbing moment towards the end of the PPV, the company instead had New Japan Pro Wrestling's Never Open Weight Champion and Bullet Club leader, Jay White come out to the ring after the world title match much to surprise of everyone including Kenny Omega who didn't even know that White was in the building.

While the jury is out on whether Andrade's time in Impact would have beneficial to both sides or would have been a footnote in the former WWE superstar's career had they been able to agree on financial terms, but what is for certain is that Jay White's time since Slammiversary has greatly helped Impact Wrestling as many of their wrestlers like Chris Bey and Ace Austin have gone on to join the Bullet Club further elevating them and the Impact brand as a whole.

New Report Details Scrapped Andrade Slammiversary Appearance (

Jay White ATTACKS After Slammiversary Goes Off The Air! | Slammiversary 2021 Highlights - YouTube

Desperate Chris Bey SQUEEZES Juice Robinson | IMPACT! Highlights August 5, 2021 - YouTube

BULLET CLUB Boosted with “Inevitable” Betrayal | BEST OF THE SUPER Jr.29 FINAL, 6/3/22 - YouTube

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