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Since it's inception back in 2007, the Knockouts Division has become one of the many cornerstones of TNA (now known as Impact) Wrestling. The division has seen some of the most talented females from across the globe compete in matches that have stand the test of time but as a result, bad blood (Kayfabe or otherwise) are bound to take place and in this list I'll be mentioning the 10 feuds/rivalries from the early days of the company's existence to the short but infamous GFW period of 2017. 

Any feuds or rivalries that have occurred during the Impact era from 2018 to the present day wouldn't be on this list as that's another article for another day. 


10. Roxxi vs. The Beautiful People

The Beautiful People are a faction who need no introduction has their notoriety and success in TNA have made them into the one of the greatest female stables in wrestling history.                                    

The trio of Angelina Love, Velvet Sky and Madison Rayne have all engaged in feuds with names like Tara, ODB, Gail Kim and Awesome Kong, but the one feud that many wrestling fans tend to forget is the group's first ever feud with former TNA Knockout, Roxxi. 

In the early stages of the Knockouts Division the duo of Angelina and Velvet began were relative unknowns like a lot female competitors at the time but it was on an episode of Impact in 2008 where these two ladies gave a makeover or least attempted to give one to 'The Voodoo Queen' Roxxi Laveaux, which left the latter humiliated and thus 'The Beautiful People' were born. 

In the months that followed Roxxi would win the first ever "Queen of the Cage match" at Lockdown 2008 by pinning Angelina Love, but the Beautiful People would get their revenge by being instrumental in Roxxi's loss in a number one contender's ladder match at the Sacrifice pay per view where the loser who get their head shaved bald. 

Now with a bald head and going under the nickname "The Hardcore Knockout", Roxxi alongside a number of tag team partners like ODB, Gail Kim and Taylor Wilde would compete in multiple tag team matches for the rest of 2008 until the summer of 2009 following her departure from the company.   


Roxxi would make a few sporadic appearances following her departure with her last one coming at Slammiversary 2010 where Roxxi took on then Knockouts Champion and leader of the Beautiful People, Madison Rayne in a match where Roxxi's career was at stake. 

In the end, Rayne defeated the hardcore knockout with easy thereby retaining her Knockouts title but in the process ending the career of one of the company's earliest and most forgotten stars.


 9. Allie vs. Laurel Van Ness

The mid 2010's was a difficult time to be a fan of TNA for numerous reasons and while many of these problems have been well documented by critics, the company was still able to give there wrestlers the opportunity to get themselves over thanks the promotions policy of creative freedom.

One of these wrestlers who manage to make the most out her time in company was Laura Dennis or as many mainstream fans know her best as Allie, who would debut as the apprentice/secretary/lackey to former WWE superstar, Maria Kanellis-Bennett as a part of Maria's "Lady Squad". 

While the paring of Maria, Allie, and Sienna (Allysin Kay) were dominate during this time, issues began to arise when on an episode of Impact, Allie accidentally won the KO championship which led to not only a baby turn for the new champion but also turmoil within the group which would result in Maria "beating" Allie to win the belt, an endless amount of embarrassment for Allie and the inclusion of Laurel Van Ness into the Lady Squad. 

Through a series of events ranging from a memorable wedding segment in 2017 to a gimmick change as a deranged alcohol drinking ex bride for LVN to a tournament to crown a new KO Champion after Gail Kim relinquished the belt after retiring from in ring competition to the departures of Sienna and Maria from the company, Allie was looking to put her feud with Laurel to an end once and for all.

At the 'Crossroad' event on an episode of Impact in 2018, Allie challenged Laurel Van Ness for the Knockouts Championship and by the end of the night, she able to vanquish her rival before LVN left the promotion to join the WWE's black and yellow brand, NXT.


8. Desire vs. Trinity

This entry is a rarity on this list as this feud actually predate the Knockout Division by a couple of years, which makes it the first ever feud between female athletes during the early days of TNA.

During a dark match in June of 2003, Stephanie Trinity (who could be seen as the Kayfabe Godmother of The Knockouts Division) accidentally injured fellow female competitor, Desire after hitting her with a Fisherman Suplex which broke her back and took her out of action for 10 months.

When she made her return in April of 2004, Desire was welcomed back by the fans as a beloved babyface while Trinity had turned heel during her absence; This would led to the two ladies engaging in numerous brawls and matches during this time with the most memorable one being their stretcher match which went from inside the ring to all the way to the parking lot, where Trinity defeated Desire thanks to the help of former ECW/WCW star, Big Vito.

The feud would culminate on the July 7th 2004 NWA TNA show where Desire alongside her partner, Sonny Siaki defeated Trinity and Big Vito; While the in-ring action these two ladies had were good by early to mid 2000's standards, the feud would become the unofficially catalyst for what would become one of the most decorated division's in women's wrestling if not all of pro wrestling. 

NWA TNA Weekly PPV #30 Desire vs Trinity - YouTube

Stretcher Match: Trinity vs Desire - NWATNA Weekly PPV #31 06.23.04 - YouTube



7. Taylor Wilde vs. Daffney

Whether you know this promotion as TNA or Impact, the company has never been afraid to push the boundaries especially when it comes to their women's division, such was the case in 2009 between Taylor Wilde and Daffney. 

After getting her hair cut at the hands of the Beautiful People, former WCW Cruiserweight champion, Daffney blamed Taylor Wilde as she believed that Taylor didn't try hard enough in stopping the vindictive blondes from cutting her hair. 

This led into a feud that went on for months with Taylor and Daffney competing in the first every Monster's Ball match at Sacrifice 2009 which saw both ladies using weapons like cookie sheets, garbage cans and trash can lids among other items. 

Taylor would pick up the victory over her rival but this would not be the end of it as Taylor Wilde and Daffney would get involved in a ever going feud between Dr. Stevie (Stevie Richards), Raven and Abyss around this time which led to the first ever mixed tag team monster's ball at Slammiversary between Taylor Wilde and Abyss vs. Daffney and Raven, which ended with Taylor and her partner winning the match and ending this blood soaked feud.

 First-Ever Knockouts MONSTER'S BALL Match! (Sacrifice 2009) | IMPACT Wrestling Full Matches - YouTube



6. Tara vs. Mickie James

The issues between Tara and Mickie James allegedly go back to their time in the WWE when Tara (then known as Victoria) was let go from the WWE in early 2009 thanks to Mickie James (at least according to Tara during her feud with James).

When Mickie joined TNA in late 2010, the supposed bad blood between these two ladies resurfaced with numerous episodes of Impact seeing these two go at it various fights in the backstage area and even their matches during this time was so out of control that at Final Resolution 2010, Tara and James would fight each other in a Fall Count Anywhere match, which saw Tara win thanks to her association with Madison Rayne.

By the end of the year, Mickie and Tara would compete in a ultra competitive Steel Cage match in the main event of an episode of Impact which saw James hitting a massive Lou Thesz Press from off the top of the cage onto Tara for the win.

By Sacrifice 2011, Mickie James retained her Knockouts Championship against Madison Rayne after Tara turned on Madison with Tara's employment to Rayne being at stake in the match; After the match, Tara and Mickie would be seen in a backstage segment putting the differences aside thus ending the rivalry. 

 Mickie James vs Tara - Falls Count Anywhere (Final Resolution, 2010) - YouTube

TNA IMPACT 09/12/2010│Steel Cage Match│Mickie James vs Tara - YouTube

Tara vs Mickie James: FULL MATCH (TNA Final Resolution 2012) | IMPACT Wrestling Full Matches - YouTube



 5. Gail Kim vs. Taryn Terrell

Since she's been the face of the Knockouts Division from the late 2000's to the mid 2010's, it's not surprising that TNA/Impact Wrestling Hall of Famer, Gail Kim has gotten into her fair share of onscreen feuds with names like Jessicka Havok, Angelina Love, Velvet Sky, Maria Kanellis, Brooke Tessmacher and so on and so on.

One of her more well remembered feuds in recent history would have to be Gail's rivalry with former ECW General Manager and WWE Diva, Taryn Terrell. After making her debut as the first ever female referee in company history, it didn't take too long for Terrell to get in the cross-hairs of Gail who began to get physical with her thus leading to Taryn losing her position as Knockouts referee but was immediately reinstated as a wrestler on the Knockouts Roster.

In Terrell's first ever pay per view match for TNA, she took on Gail Kim in the first ever Last Knockouts Standing match at Slammiversary 2013 which garnered positive media attention, it became a career defining match for Terrell and it helped to rid herself from the stink that was her previous WWE run. 

Not too long after their Last Knockouts Standing match, Terrell and Kim would face off in a number one contender's ladder match on Impact which also met with critically acclaimed but in this match it was Gail who came out victorious.

Gail and Taryn would continue to feud in TNA between 2015-17 sporadically and while those matches aren't as memorable as their earlier work, it did bring in some new life to the division at time when the product was becoming dull.

 Gail kim vs taryn terrell ladder match - YouTube

GAIL KIM vs TARYN TERREL - TNA Last Knockout Standing Match - YouTube


4. Awesome Kong vs. Taylor Wilde

As one of the most imposing and dominate figures to ever take part in the Knockouts Division, Awesome Kong's time in TNA most notably in late 2000's have made her into living legend in modern day women's wrestling.

While critics like to give more attention to Kong's feud with Gail Kim, the awesome one also had a tremendous rivalry with fellow Knockout, Taylor Wilde. 

After Gail Kim left TNA for the WWE in mid 2008, the company was looking to find a new rival to stand toe-to-toe with Kong and they got that in the form of Taylor, who shocked the TNA fans in 2008 when she defeated Kong in the main event on an episode of Impact for the Knockouts Championship as well as $250,000.

Enraged over this loss, Kong went on the warpath and was hellbent on recapturing the KO Championship and destroying Wilde, however the former Knockouts champion would not make it easy; After successfully retaining the title at PPV's like Victory Road and Bound For Glory 2008, Kong would regain the title on the October 23rd episode of Impact.

The last major match between Kong and Wilde took place at Lockdown 2009 where both ladies lost a triple threat match for the Knockouts Championship against Angelina Love. Kong would continue to wrestle in TNA until her first departure from the company in early 2010 and Taylor Wilde would become one half of the inaugural Knockouts Tag Team Champions with former knockout, Sarita.

 Taylor vs. Awesome Kong (Knockout Title & $25,000) - YouTube

 Awesome Kong vs Taylor Wilde vs Angelina Love - Knockouts Championship (Lockdown, 2009) - YouTube


3. Rosemary vs. Jade

Most fans recognize Mia Yim for her work in WWE's development brand NXT, but before that happened Mia was known under the ring name of Jade in TNA from 2015 to early 2017. During her run in TNA, Jade was a part of the successful faction called "The Dollhouse" and battled names like Awesome Kong, Sienna, Brooke Tessmacher, and Marti Belle. 

While her feud with Gail Kim helped in convincing fans that Jade could be a megastar in the near future and almost made this list, it's her feud with "The Demon Assassin", Rosemary that makes this list.

After the Knockouts Championship became vacated due to Gail Kim's inability to defend the title at the time, a match was made between Jade (Gail Kim's supposed successor to her) and Rosemary inside a steel cage match on the December 2nd 2016 episode of Impact.

The match it's self showed the best out both ladies with Rosemary picking up the victory and becoming the Knockouts Champion for the first time in her career. After that match, a feud between Jade and Rosemary would begin and while the feud didn't have much storytelling progression compared to the other entries on this list, the in-ring action that both Jade and Rosemary had with each other became a massive highlight for the company at a time when positive reception for the promotion was few and far between.

The feud ended in early January of 2017 when Rosemary defeated Jade in a Last Knockouts Standing match for the KO Championship which ended up being Jade's last match in the company before making her way to NXT in 2018.

If you haven't watched their matches, I suggest you do because you will see the absolutely best ring work out of two of the most beloved female wrestlers in modern wrestling.     

 TNA One Night Only: 2017 Rosemary vs Jade - YouTube

Rosemary vs Jade - Monster's Ball: FULL MATCH | IMPACT Wrestling Full Matches - YouTube


2. Madison Rayne vs. Angelina Love

As mentioned earlier, the Beautiful People have had their fair share of feuds with other knockouts on the roster but what would happen if a feud broke out between two fellow members of Beautiful People? 

After debuting and later joining the Beautiful People in 2009, Madison Rayne would soon take over as the leader of the group, following Angelina Love's temporary departure from the company in order fix some issues regarding her visa. 

As the new leader of the Beautiful People, Madison would bring in Lacey Von Erich (of the legendary Von Erich family) to join the group and Madison would see the group capture championship gold by winning the Knockouts Tag Team Titles and even Rayne herself winning the KO Championship.

By the time Angelina Love returned to the company in early 2010, a power struggle would emerge within the group with Angelina and Madison fighting for control as well as the Knockouts Championship; During their rivalry, Angelina and Madison would continuously hot potato the title amongst each other and even turn heel and face during their rivalry from much 2010-2014. 

The duo would reunite alongside Velvet Sky to reform the Beautiful People one more time in 2016.


1. Gail Kim vs. Awesome Kong

I mean what other feud could top this list then the feud that not only helped to get the Knockouts Division on the map but also became one of the reasons why women's wrestling would be taken seriously in North American Pro Wrestling.

On October 11th 2007, Awesome Kong made her debut in TNA, where she defeated Gail Kim in a match in front of the entire Knockouts Locker Room, who were forced to bare witness to awesome might of Kong.

Later that month at Bound For Glory 2007, Gail Kim became the first ever Knockouts Champion in company history and after a successful title defense at that year's genesis PPV, Gail would once again become the target of Awesome Kong but this time with the belt on the line.

Although their first title match at Turning Point ended in disappointing fashion via disqualification due to Kong uncontrollable rage, their next match PPV bout at Final Resolution 2008 has become the stuff of legend and became a career defining match for both Gail and Kong.

After securing the Knockouts Title from Gail Kim on the January 10th 2008 episode of Impact, Kong would reign supreme within the Knockouts Division while Gail went on to have a failed second run in the WWE. 

The duo would face each other again in the 2010's most notably at Bound For Glory 2015 and just one year later Gail would become the first ever female to be inducted into the TNA/Impact Wrestling Hall of Fame with Kong being one of the many guest in attendance. 

Gail has since retired from active competition to become a backstage figure/agent for Impact Wrestling while Kong has gone on to have a career in acting with her role as pro wrestler in the Netflix show "Glow" before returning to pro wrestling in 2019 for All Elite Wrestling.

Gail Kim vs Awesome Kong (Knockouts Title): FULL MATCH (Final Resolution 2008) | IMPACT Full Matches - YouTube

Gail Kim vs. Awesome Kong Streetfight (13/08/08) - YouTube

TNA Bound For Glory: Gail Kim vs Awesome Kong - YouTube

So what do you think was the greatest Knockouts Feud/Rivalry in TNA Wrestling? 

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