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When you think of famous wrestling managers and valets in this sport you often think of names like Miss Elizabeth, Bobby Heenan, Paul Bearer, Jim Cornette and Vickie Guerrero in addition to other names who are well known in promotions like WWE, WCW, NWA and ECW. 

However, when it comes to managers and valets in professional wrestling most fans and critics tend to forget a large portion of them while at the same time only remembering a small group of legends who've left their mark in the industry. 

Since their inception back in 2002, TNA now Impact Wrestling have seen a wide assortment of men and women making their presence felt all while standing behind a wrestler or faction that they represent and in this article, I'll be giving those often forgotten and memorable people their just due.

Honorable Mentions

Karen Jarrett

Gail Kim

Jacqueline/Jackie Moore


Kaleb With A K

Don Callis


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10. Mortimer Plumtree 

One of the more forgotten names to appear on this list, David Webber aka Mortimer Plumtree has the distinction of being the first ever manager to appear on screen in TNA history as he debuted on the very first event to bare the TNA name back in June of 2002.

In the very first TNA Wrestling event, Cowboy James Storm and his team partner, Juventud Guerrera took on Plumtree's team known as "The Johnson's" a pair of tag team brothers decked out in some condom like bodysuits...surprisingly the duo were able to pick up the victory on this night but after losing their next match soon afterwards the company dropped the Johnson's but kept Plumtree around for little while longer.

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Mortimer would become the manager for other wrestlers like Ace Steel and the team known as The Rainbow Express which consisted of former WCW superstar Lenny Lane and Allen Funk also known as Bruce or 'Brucie' during his time with the promotion but just like with the Johnson's, Plumtree's association with them didn't last long as they too were gone from the company.

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Undoubtedly the most successful and well known name that Plumtree managed around this time was 'The Phenomenal' AJ Styles; During various segments in which Plumtree would come out and scout the talent to see who his next client would be, he set his sights on 'The Phenomenal One'.

During this time period Mortimer managed AJ for a couple of months during Styles' feuds with Sean Waltman and Jerry Lynn, unfortunately due to backstage politics, Plumtree would make sporadic appearances in TNA before retiring from pro wrestling in 2005; Nevertheless, his work as the preppy looking intellectual who scouted for talent was certainly enjoyable even of his time in the promotion was short. 

 FULL EVENT: The First TNA Pay-Per-View EVER! (June 19, 2002) | IMPACT Wrestling Full Events - YouTube


9. Rockstar Spud

During the onscreen Dixie Carter era of TNA from 2013-16, a lot of wrestlers stood out based on their wrestling abilities and their comedic personas; Arguably the best example of the latter is former X Division Champion and season one winner of British Boot Camp, Rockstar Spud.

Officially given the role of Dixie Carter's Chief of Staff, the former Drake Maverick was able to play the role of corporate stooge to the Carter Family successfully as he was able to get the fans to hate him simply from the outlandishly colored suits he would wear on a weekly basis.


As with most managers or valets, Spud was used as everything from a human shield to a distraction to comedic relief when it came to his selling of other people's offense much like Pat Patterson and Gerald Briscoe did as the Stooges for Vince McMahon back in the day.

Following Dixie Carter's powerbombing through a table at the hands of Bully Ray, the relationship between EC3 and Spud fell apart to the point where EC3 would rip pieces of Spuds suits to frequently slapping him to make him cry whilst laughing about it, which ultimately led to Spud standing up for himself and became one of the best babyface turns in TNA Wrestling history.


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8. Raisha Saeed

Indie pro wrestler, Cheerleader Melissa was with TNA/Impact from late 2000's to the early 2010's and while she would go on to play a variation of herself in the company as "Alissa Flash", she's best known to many for her character as the mysterious manager from Syria, Raisha Saeed.

On an episode of Impact on January 10th, 2008, Raisha was seen sitting next to Awesome Kong in a backstage interview with Mike Tenay, revealing herself as the manager and handler of TNA Knockout Awesome Kong.  


Thanks to Raisha, Kong would defeat her rival Gail Kim to become Knockouts Champion for the very first time; Kong and Saeed would strike fear in the hearts of the all the females and under Raisha Saeed's guidance, Awesome Kong would go on to have one of the most dominant reigns with the Knockouts Championship for much of 2008 as well as creating the forgotten stable known as "The Kongtourage" along with names like Rhaka Khan and Sojourner Bolt. 

Unlike many managers back then or today, Raisha Saeed also was not afraid to wrestle from time to time as she competed against names like Roxxi, ODB and Taylor Wilde in both singles and tag team matches.

As most manager/client pairings in pro wrestling go, the duo would inevitably split as Saeed's failure in helping Kong regain the Knockouts Title led to Raisha facing off against Kong in match on the October 22nd, 2009, edition of Impact which ended with Kong powerbombing Saeed off the stage thereby writing the character off of TV.



7. Stephanie Trinity

One of the earliest female valets in company history, pro wrestler and stuntwoman Stephanie Trinity had an impressive career in TNA/Impact which saw her revolutionize what women's wrestling would be for the company years later.

During her work as a valet, Trinity became the leader or eye candy to short lived factions like Phi Delta Slam and the New York Connection with the latter group including wrestlers like Disco Inferno and Johnny Swinger.

Her highpoint in the role of valet came when she was paired with then boyfriend, Kid Kash with the duo being hated by some for their underhanded tactics but also liked by others due to their chemistry and in ring prowess.

This chemistry would see Kid Kash win the X Division Championship and eventually a babyface turn for Trinity which led to an onscreen feud between the two of them and if you can believe it, this feud also saw the debut of TNA Wrestling Hall of Famer, Abyss.

Trinity would continue to manage X Division wrestlers to success like Chris Sabin and Michael Shane aka Matt Bentely while also performing some high-flying maneuvers and wearing some very revealing clothing much to the delight of the fans (especially the males) in attendance. 

Much like the previously mentioned Mortimer Plumtree, Trinity's accomplishments in wrestling were forgotten about by most, but nowadays fans are beginning to rediscover and praise her work during the days of TNA.  

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6. John E. Bravo

One of the most recent managers to make it to this list, John E. Bravo was a seasoned wrestler and trainer in the Canadian wrestling territories before making his way to Impact wrestling in 2018 as a referee. 

In early 2019, Bravo would reveal himself to be a crooked referee after attacking the leg of Brian Cage in the midst of a main event match on Impact thereby showing his allegiance to Taya Valkyrie and then Impact World Champion, Johnny Impact aka John Morrison in the WWE. 

Following this Bravo would become the manager/lackey for Johnny Impact where he would carry objects for him, wear sunglasses that look similar to Impact's and even wiping down his abs at one point while also accompanying him to many of his matches against names like Brian Cage, Michael Elgin and Rich Swann until Johnny departed the company after his match at Slammiversary that same year.

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With Johnny gone, Bravo would solely become the manager of Taya Valkyrie and in the process helped Taya to become one of the longest reigning Knockouts Champions in company history at just 377 days.

Much like his client Taya Valkyrie, Bravo has adapted the art of coming to the ring in very loud and eye-catching attire which have ranged from Disney inspired gear like a 101 Dalmatian suit to even dressing up as Tommy Lee Jones' Two-Face from the 1995 movie "Batman Forever".  

Unfortunately, this partnership didn't last as Taya would shoot Bravo during his kayfabe wedding to Rosemary in 2020 which would see her get arrested and written off of TV.


5. Traci Brooks 

Much like the previously mentioned Trinity, Traci Brooks also found success during the early years in TNA but her sucess as a valet wouldn't come until the mid to late 2000's at the height of the promotion's popularity.

In 2003, Traci became the valets for both Shane Douglas and Michael Shane in a group called 'The New Franchise' and while that group only lasted a couple of months, the partnership with Michael Shane and Traci Brooks continued with Traci having an on and off association with Shane during their runs in the company.


It's also during Traci's time as a valet for Michael Shane, that she would eventually work with her future husband and X Division star, Frankie Kazarian who would go on to become co-X Division Champions alongside Michael Shane after both men grabbed the title in the closing moments of an Ultimate X.

Undoubtedly, Traci's most well known time as a valet saw her paired with former Team Canada member, Bobby Roode. 

Traci and Roode

During their time together, Roode would refer to Traci as 'Ms. Brooks' and had the job title of 'Chief Executive Offender'...yeah, I am not sure what that means either, but I guess it's an important job title.

Upon Roode getting his frustrations out on Traci, she would be replaced by Peyton Banks before Traci would go on to become the unofficial female referee for the Knockouts Division. 


4. Ric Flair

One of the more underrated managers on this list, "The Nature Boy" Ric Flair is no stranger to being the cornerman to big stars in pro wrestling as his time as a manager for his daughter, Charlotte and as a member of Evolution.

Flair's most notably time as a manager in TNA saw him paired up with 'The Phenomenal' AJ Styles and while this partnership would see Styles come out in decorative robes similar to that of the Nature Boy, the chemistry both Flair and Styles had was impressive until it reached its conclusion in early 2011.


Flair and Styles' time together would also see the formation of 'Fortune' which consisted of TNA Originals like Kazarian, Beer Money and later Christopher Daniels but it also included members Douglas Williams, Desmond Wolfe and Matt Morgan with the group producing their best work together as heels from mid to late 2010 all the way until 2011.

After this, Flair would go one to accompany other wrestlers like Hulk Hogan, Matt Hardy and Gunner as part of Immortal with varying degrees of success, but it's Ric Flair's time as a manager for AJ Styles and the creation of Fortune and the work the faction did with Flair as the leader during the groups early stages is what gets 'The Dirtiest Player in the Game" so high on this list.


3. Konnan

Konnan is a unique case on this list as his work as a manager expands throughout various eras within the company's history with many of those people finding varying degrees of success in TNA/Impact.

During Konnan's feud with Jerry Lynn in 2003, the former WCW tag team champion sent in a number of Hispanic wrestlers to compete against Lynn who Konnan believed wasn't paying respect to the wrestling style of Lucha Libre, which started off the high-flying type of wrestling American fans know today. 

Names like Juventud Guerrera and Super Crazy took on and failed to beat Lynn plus they were established stars by the time they appeared in the company, however Konnan did bring in a brand new tag team to deal with Lynn in form of two real-life brothers, Jose and Joel Maximo also known as the S.A.T.'s which in TNA stood for Spanish Announce Team...You seriously can't make this stuff up. The brothers sadly were unable to beat Jerry Lynn, but they did appear a few more times in TNA wrestling a number of matches with some levels of success.

Konnan would eventually create and manage a more successful tag team in form of Homicide and later Hernandez also known as the Latin American Exchange aka L.A.X. with the duo under K Dog's guidance winning the tag team titles and having great feuds with AMW and the makeshift team of AJ Styles and Christopher Daniels.


Lightning would strike twice for Konnan when in 2016 he brought back Homicide while also debuting Diamante as well as Santana and Ortiz as the new version of LAX with the team dominating the tag team division much like how the original version did back in the 2000's.

Overall, Konnan's work as a manager has seen the debut of two different variations of the same team, which has gone on to become the stander bearers of what great tag team wrestling could that is some achievement.


2. Scott D'Amore

Today, Scott D'Amore is known as the real life and kayfabe authority figure of Impact Wrestling but back during the early to mid 2000's D'Amore became one of the most hated managers in all of modern-day pro wrestling.

Scott's time as a manager is best remembered for leading the heelish Canadian faction known as 'Team Canada' with the most notably wrestlers being Petey Williams, Bobby Roode, Eric Young even included lesser-known members like Johnny Devine, A-1, Teddy Hardy and even Jack Evans.


Referred to as 'Coach D'Amore' during this time, Scott would be the braggadocios mouthpiece of the group where he would be shouting instructions outside of the ring, waving the Canada flag while also using it as a weapon and on occasions react to losses or embarrassments with a level of campiness that is both over the top and hilarious in equal measure

D'Amore's role as a hated SOB was further helped by the commentary stylings of Mike Tenay, who called the future executive VP almost every word under the sun for his cheating ways while he and Don West would also tell the fans watching a home to put the children to bed whenever Scott got in the ring to compete.

Team Canada is often seen as one of the best factions in all of TNA/Impact's history and the heelish antics of Coach Scott D'Amore are one of the reasons as to why the group was so successful and memorable even to this day.


1. Father James Mitchell

Alright come on you knew this was coming...While Scott D'Amore was very close to taking the top spot, this placement had to go to one of the longest serving managers in company history, Father James Mitchell.

James Mitchell first worked as a manager for the promotion during the company's very first event back on June 19th, 2002 when he accompanied former WCW wrestler 'The Wall' who radically changed his look and physic following the end of WCW and became known in TNA as 'Malice'. 

Micthell would then former the earliest example of a faction within the company with his satanic group of wrestlers to create 'The Disciples of The New Church' who were basically Decay long before Decay became a thing. The group would battle numerous teams most notably America's Most Wanted to win the tag team titles but after the group quietly phased out of storylines in 2003, Mitchell was far from done.

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By the mid 2000's Mitchell would become the manager and mouthpiece for 'The Monster' Abyss (who would later be revealed to be his son); The pairing of Abyss and the Sinister Minister is arguably the most iconic manager/wrestler duos in all of the company's history with Abyss being the Frankenstein's Monster to James Mitchell's mad doctor.

The two would cause bloodshed, agony and violence everywhere they went much too there's and the crowd's enjoyment during Abyss' feuds with names like Sting, Raven, Jeff Hardy and Christian Cage.

Micthell would also manage his other kayfabe son, Judas Mesias during their feud with Abyss in early 2008 before the sinister minister left pro wrestling for several years. His made several appearances for Impact under the D'Amore/Callis regime albeit a little more on the comedic side but did retain his dark and evil presence during the Undead Realm Storyline from 2018 to 2020.

To sum it up while the era of managers might be a relic of the past now, there were a handful of names who defined the role for generations to come and in the case of Father James Mitchell his cemented himself as one of the all-time greats especially in TNA/Impact Wrestling.


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