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Last month, Impact Wrestling had announced on social media that one of their classic pay per views from the TNA era, No Surrender will be live on the Impact Plus App and on FITE TV on Saturday February 13th at 8pm eastern time.

So with the event just on the horizon, I decided to list off the 10 moments to occur at No Surrender both on PPV and TV that have made the event so memorable over the years.



10. Austin Aries Leaves TNA (No Surrender 2015)

Okay the set up for this first entry is a little bit convoluted but then again it's professional so I guess it comes with the territory.

On the July 29th 2015 edition of Impact former X Division and World champion, Austin Aries would come to the ring and talk smack about things like the X Division and Rockstar Spud (who tried to show Aries some respect but Aries declined). This led to general manager, Bully Ray scheduling a match between Spud and Aries with the stipulation being that if Spud beats Aries then his gone from TNA Wrestling.

However Aries wanted something out of this match as well so he added the stipulation that he if beats Spud then he would get the 'Rockstar' part of Spud's name thereby making him Rockstar Austin Aries.


The match took place at that year's No Surrender event on August 5th with the two athletes putting on a tremendous match with Aries using his experience throughout while Spud uses his determination and willingness to persevere.

In the final moments of the match, both men would be perched on the top rope with Spud being able to overcome Aries' offense and hitting what Josh Matthews calls "a Super Underdog" from the top rope before being pick up the three count and as a result Spud keeps his name and Aries is gone from TNA.  


Following the match, Aries would show Spud a sign of respect by giving him back his bow tie and then raising his arm in victory. Of course TNA being TNA, Aries would be seen again (albeit in pre-taped episodes) competing in the TNA World Title Series before heading off to the WWE and then returning to TNA (now Impact) in early 2018 where he became the new world heavyweight champion.

Rockstar Spud And Austin Aries Both Put Something On the Line.. (Jul. 29, 2015) - YouTube

Austin Aries vs. Rockstar Spud.. Career vs. Name.. (Aug. 5, 2015) - YouTube


9. SoCal Val Turns On Jay Lethal (No Surrender 2008)

Hulk Hogan, Randy Savage and Miss Elizabeth are three of the most iconic names in professional wrestling and their storyline feud in the late 1980's led to the Hulkster and the Macho Man have one of the most memorable matches in Wrestlemania it only makes sense for TNA to copy that same story and hope for the same results.

While the TNA version didn't reach main event levels of acclaim, it was a memorable feud especially with how it ended.

After proposing to TNA Wrestling ring girl, SoCal Val in the middle of the ring and getting his proposal accepted, 'Black Machismo' Jay Lethal was set to marry her at Slammiversary 2008. 

By most accounts things seem to be going alright but as we all know it's not a wrestling wedding unless some craziness occurs which is exactly what happened when Jay's friend and fellow X Division wrestler, Sonjay Dutt grabbed the microphone and ask SoCal Val to marry him instead; Unsurprisingly, Lethal wasn't too happy about this betrayal and soon a multi month feud between the two would commence with SoCal Val in the middle of it all.

The feud reached it's climax at No Surrender 2008 when Jay Lethal and Sonjay Dutt competed in a "Ladder of Love" match where the object was to grab the wedding ring that was on a pillow which was held high above the wrestling ring. 


As you can probably imagine from reading the title of this entry, SoCal Val betrayed Jay Lethal by hitting him in the balls whilst trying to climb the ladder; This allowed Sonjay to grab the ring and win the match before putting said ring on Val's finger and the two shared a very passionate kiss.

The angle between Val and Dutt began to lose steam by the end of year and by early 2009 Dutt would be gone from the company while the animosity between Val and Lethal would continue to play out in more lowkey moments.

The Wedding of Jay Lethal & SoCal Val (TNA Slammiversary 2008) | Classic IMPACT Wrestling Moments - YouTube

Jay Lethal vs Sonjay Dutt: LADDER OF LOVE MATCH (TNA No Surrender 2008) | IMPACT Full Matches - YouTube


8. Rhino Debuts (No Surrender 2005)

After four to five years of being signed with the WWE, "The War Machine" Rhino was released from the company on April 9th 2005 after getting into a public argument with his wife although he would make a one night appearance for the appropriately named "One Night Stand" ECW pay per view.

While spending time wrestling on the independent scene, many wondered where Rhino would appear next and sure enough the wrestling world would get it's answer. 

In the main event of No Surrender 2005, Raven successfully defended his NWA World Heavyweight championship against "The Monster" Abyss in a brutal dog collar match but once the match was over, Jeff Jarrett came out with a guitar and was looking to beat up his rival and world champion in the middle of the ring.

As Jarrett climbed onto the ring apron, he mentions to Raven to turn around where he is met with a vicious 'Gore' that nearly splits the NWA World Champion in half; Rhino would ally himself with Double J until the two would have a falling out a few months later to which point the two of them would compete for the NWA championship in the main event of the very first Bound For Glory.

Rhino's DESTRUCTIVE Debut in IMPACT Wrestling (TNA No Surrender 2005) | Classic IMPACT Moments - YouTube

Rhino's DEBUT vs Chris Sabin: FULL MATCH (August 12, 2005) | IMPACT Wrestling Full Matches - YouTube


7. Roode Screws Over Storm (No Surrender 2012)

The second annual Bound For Glory Series at No Surrender 2012 saw "The Cowboy" James Storm and Bully Ray squaring off against each other just one year later after Storm and Ray compete in the semi finals of the first BFG series although Bully won thanks to a screwy finish regarding the usage of James Storm's beer.

By this point in time, Bully Ray was a babyface who accused James Storm of being the mystery leader of the faction known as Aces & Eights who were still causing chaos within the Impact Wrestling locker room, but Storm tirelessly denied the allegations.

The match did take some time to get into first gear due to Bully Ray stalling and pandering to the crowd but once the action got underway the match was impressive; However, history as they say has a funny way of repeating itself.

So remember earlier how I mentioned how Storm vs. Bully in their previous BFG semi final match ended in a screwy finish because James Storm's beer became a major factor in the match well apparently someone in management did and thought the ending so nice they redid it twice.


After a serious of close calls and referee bumps, James Storm looked like he was going advance into the second round when out of nowhere, Storm's former partner and bitter rival, Bobby Roode ran into the ring and bash one of Storm's beer bottle over the cowboy's head leaving him knocked and allowing Bully Ray to head to the finals.

Roode's reasoning was explained on a episode of Impact which simply boiled down to the idea that James Storm doesn't deserve a world title shot before him, this ultimately revitalized the rivalry between Storm and Roode which in turn led to both men having a physical and very bloody Street Fight at Bound For Glory 2012.

No Surrender 2012: Bully Ray vs. James Storm (BFG Series Semifinal) - YouTube

Preview Video: James Storm vs. Bobby Roode at Bound For Glory - YouTube


6. Styles Forces Dreamer To Quit (No Surrender 2010)

If you can believe it ECW legend, Tommy Dreamer has been competing on and off for Impact Wrestling for eleven years...yup all the way back in 2010 is when the Innovator of Violence first appeared and wrestled in Impact and while some fans today may not be too keen on seeing Dreamer wrestle nowadays, you can never say that he doesn't bleed for his art as this next entry demonstrates. 

In 2010, EV2.0 aka the some the ECW originals like Rhino, Raven, Sabu Tommy Dreamer and Stevie Richards came to TNA for the very first Hardcore Justice pay per view which was an event to honor the extreme legends from the old days of the original ECW but on the following episode of Impact, the group were targeted by Fortune (a group led by Ric Flair and predominantly included TNA originals who were heels) which led to a long going feud between both factions.

At No Surrender 2010, EV2 were down two losses after Douglas Williams defeated Sabu to retain the X Division Championship and "The Monster" Abyss was able to defeat "The War Machine" Rhino in a falls count anywhere match, so it was up to Tommy Dreamer to defeat AJ Styles in an I Quit match.

Seeing how Dreamer is an ECW original and has taken some of the hardest shots to the head and everywhere else on his body plus the amount of injuries and bumps his sustained for more than decade, you would think it would be virtually impossible to make him quit, well it turns out if your nickname just so happens to be "The Phenomenal One" you can find a way.


In the final moments of the match, Dreamer is instructed by the fans to use a metal fork that was brought in earlier but AJ manages to stop him; A few minutes later, Styles is seen pulled a fork out of one of his knee pads and proceeds to stab Tommy in head with it, which in theory causes him to bleed.

AJ uses the fork a second time and attempts to gouge out one of Tommy's eyeballs out of it's socket which force the Innovator of Violence to say I Quit and save whatever amount of vision he had left in his eye.

Dreamer would try to replicate this moment in his rematch with AJ Styles at Sacrifice 2011 in a no disqualification only this time it would be Dreamer going after AJ's eye but like in their first encounter, Tommy was unsuccessful. 

AJ Styles Gouges Tommy Dreamer's Eye With a FORK (TNA No Surrender 2010) | Classic IMPACT Moments - YouTube

AJ Styles vs Tommy Dreamer: NO DQ MATCH (Sacrifice 2011) | IMPACT Wrestling Full Matches - YouTube


5. Jeff Hardy Wins The BFG Series (No Surrender 2012)

As previous mentioned, Bully Ray advanced to the finals of the BFG series at No Surrender 2012 however, his opponent in the finals would not be coming into the match at 100%.

After defeating Samoa Joe in the first semi finals match of the night, Aces & Eights came out following the contest and attacked Jeff Hardy's left arm and shoulder which left many to wonder if the former world champion was going to make to finals.

General manager, Hulk Hogan called in the police to secure the Impact Zone thus preventing the group from interfering with the show any further, regardless the damage was done and in the main event of the evening Bully Ray took on a taped up Jeff Hardy in the finals of the BFG series to see which man would challenge Austin Aries for the TNA World  Heavyweight Championship.


Despite Bully Ray's best efforts and spending a good portion of the match targeting the injured arm and shoulder of the charismatic enigma, Jeff Hardy somehow managed to will himself through the pain in order to defeat Bully and become the second man to win the Bound For Glory Series and main event Bound For Glory 2012.

No Surrender 2012: Jeff Hardy vs. Bully Ray (BFG Series Final) - YouTube

Austin Aries Wants to Make Something Clear to Jeff Hardy - YouTube

Preview Austin Aries vs. Jeff Hardy | Sunday at Bound For Glory - YouTube

sarita-and-taylor (1)

4. Taylor Wilde And Sarita Become The First Knockouts Tag Team Champions (No Surrender 2009)

Well considering Impact Wrestling just recently crowned new Knockouts Tag Team Champions at Hard To Kill with Kiera Hogan and Tasha Steelz, it makes sense we talk about the first team who won these prestigious tag team titles.

On the August 20th 2009 edition of Impact, it was announced that there would be a eight team tournament to crown the very first Knockouts Tag Team Champions with teams consisting of Taylor Wilde and Sarita, Traci Brooks and Sharmell, Raisha Saeed and Awesome Kong, Madison Rayne and Roxxi, Christy Hemme and Tara and finally Angelina Love and Velvet Sky of The Beautiful People.

By the end it was down to two teams: Wilde and Sarita, who became fan favorites within this tournament and The Beautiful People who looked like the easily pick to crown as tag team champions due to the history the group had by this point in TNA.

So at that year's No Surrender pay per view one month after the announcement of the tournament and the tag team titles were made Taylor Wilde and Sarita kicked off the show by facing the Beautiful People for the newly created Knockouts Tag Team Titles except Madison Rayne substituted for Angelina as she was let go by the company early in the month to address issue regarding her visa.


By the end of the match, the unlikely makeshift tag team of Taylor Wilde and Sarita defeated the Beautiful People to become the very first Knockouts Tag Team Champions in company.

The feud between Wilde/Sarita and The Beautiful People persisted afterwards with both teams fighting for the belts both at Bound For Glory and Turning Point, with the latter PPV also seeing ODB defending her Knockouts Championship in a six way tag team match with all the gold being on the line. 

Knockout Tag Team Championship The Beautiful People Vs Sarita & Taylor Wilde - YouTube

Bully and Roode

3. The Finals To The 2011 Bound For Glory Series (No Surrender 2011)

No Surrender 2011 was pretty much the last stop before Impact's biggest show of the year and the event itself certainly had it's fair share of moments but perhaps the most important of these moments involved the newly created Bound For Glory series.

bfg-series (1)

In June of 2011, TNA announced the debut of a twelve man tournament called the Bound For Glory Series (or BFG series for short) which would last for months until the final four became the final two and by the end of that year's No Surrender pay per view a winner would be crowned and that person would go on to challenge for the TNA World Heavyweight Championship in the main event at Bound For Glory.

By the time of No Surrender 2011, the four finalist were James Storm, Gunner, Bobby Roode and Bully Ray. The first semifinal round saw Bully pick up the disqualification win over James Storm and then later on in the night Roode was able to make Gunner tap out which set the stage for Bully and Roode to compete in the finals.


After a hard fought contest between himself and Bully Ray, Bobby Roode pulled off one of the biggest wins in his career at the time and won the Bound For Glory making him the new number one contender for Kurt Angle's TNA World Heavyweight Championship in main event of that year's Bound For Glory event.

And speaking of the Olympic Gold Medalist...

Bobby Roode is Bound For Glory - Part 1 - YouTube

Bobby Roode's Quest to Become the #NextWorldChamp (Part 2) - YouTube

Bobby Roode's Quest to Become the #NextWorldChamp (Part 3) - YouTube


2. Kurt Angle Is Coming To TNA (No Surrender 2006)

Long Before the internet wrestling community were losing their minds at seeing Jon Moxley appear for All Elite Wrestling there another former WWE superstar who was making the jump to another promotion and this one certainly got everyone talking for how shocking and surprising it was.

In mid 2006, WWE shocked the wrestling world when it was announced that they granted the Olympic gold medalist in professional wrestling and WWE superstar, Kurt Angle his release from the company due Kurt's having issues with drugs as well as not being being able to take time off to heal which force him to work hurt.

Many could only speculate where Angle would show up next but about a month later the wrestling world would get it's answer.

In the final moments of No Surrender 2006, authority figure Jim Cornette confronted Jeff Jarrett in the middle of the ring after Double J lost to Samoa Joe in the main event; Cornette announced that on November 16th at 9pm eastern time, TNA Wrestling was going prime time on Spike TV which was a the culmination of hard work and dedication of the wrestlers and the fans alike.

But if that wasn't already major news for the company, Cornette then went on to say that the prime time news update was his announcement and now it's time for 'THE ANNOUNCEMENT'.

angle (1)

A darkly light room sees a mystery bald headed figure inside the six sided ring performing grappling moves and even holding the up the American Flag while legendary voiceover artist, Barry Scott introduces this man as 'Arguably One of the Greatest Athletes in the Industry Today".

And after Barry Scott mentions his name, another shot sees Kurt Angle lifting up his hood and smiling to the camera saying "It's Real...It's Damn Real!" before putting on the mouth guard and laughing with absolute intensity. 

The reactions from Jeff Jarrett, the crowd and the commentary team after the show ended truly encapsulates just how epic and how earth shattering this news was; Kurt would make an equally iconic debut on an episode of Impact headbutting Samoa Joe, Angle's run in TNA/impact saw him become the first TNA World Champion almost a year later and would be a fixture for the promotion until 2016. 

Angle=TNA Live - YouTube

TNA: The Big Announcement - Kurt Angle Signs! - YouTube

Off Air reaction from TNA No Surrender 06 (Kurt Angle Debut) - YouTube


1. AJ Styles Wins The TNA World Championship (No Surrender 2009)

"The Phenomenal One" AJ Styles was no stranger to becoming the world champion in TNA as his multiple runs as NWA World Heavyweight champion in the early days of the company prove that, but it wasn't until 2009 when the man who was and still is referred to as the face of TNA won the promotion's most coveted prize.

AJ was (in kayfabe) looking to retire from pro wrestling do to him losing his passion for the sport. Styles was planning to walk away until "The Icon" Sting came out and told AJ that walking away wouldn't do him any go as he would be quitting on more than just the business if he leaves.

Sting went on to explain how his road to this point in his career wasn't easy for him but through it all he never quit and he wanted to the pass the torch to him as he believes AJ is one of the best so he tells Styles to say to his face that he quits or get his head straight and get back in the game and the ring; Styles decides instead to hug the icon showing that his still got more left to give in this business.

no surrender 2009

AJ would soon be involved in a match against Matt Morgan, Sting, Hernandez (who got involved thanks to his world title feast or fired briefcase) and champion Kurt Angle for the TNA World Heavyweight Championship in the main event of No Surrender 2009.

In the final moments of the match Sting sends Matt Morgan out of the ring after "The Blueprint" dropped Kurt Angle with his signature "Carbon Footprint" maneuver; Sting begins to survey the situation and looks at AJ from across the other side of the ring before the icon makes the unusual decision to not go for the pin on Angle or got after Styles but instead leaves the ring and jumps off the apron to finish off Morgan.  


Realizing the situation, AJ hits a springboard 450 splash onto Angle which allows the phenomenal one to not only pick up the win but become the new TNA World Champion for the very first time in his career.

AJ's best friend and pro wrestler, Christopher Daniels as well as a large crown of fans begin to populate the ring and hold AJ high up on their shoulders as confetti begins to drop heavily from the sky.

Styles would go on and believe that Sting made the choice that he did as a way to 'pass the torch' as previously mentioned although Sting would deny that this was his intention. In any case, this led to AJ and Sting fighting for the world title at that year's Bound For Glory main event and AJ styles would go one to hold the championship for 211 days making him at that time the longest reigning champion in company history. 

Footage Of Sting & AJ Styles From "iMPACT!" - YouTube

No Surrender 2009: World Heavyweight Championship Match - YouTube

AJ Styles vs. Sting Made For Bound For Glory - YouTube

AJ Styles vs Sting: FULL MATCH (Bound For Glory 2009) | IMPACT Wrestling Full Matches - YouTube

Do you agree or disagree with my list, What is your favorite No Surrender Moment in TNA/Impact Wrestling?

What are most looking for to for the up-and-coming No Surrender event on February 13th? Be sure to let me know and follow me on Twitter @hakeemfullerton and for more wrestling related content, be sure to follow, Wrestling New World on Twitter @wnwnews.

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