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So when this article comes out, we will mostly likely be less than 24 hours away from Impact Wrestling's Turning Point event which airs exclusively on the Impact Plus App and on FITE TV on November 14th at 8pm.

The matches that have been announced for the show look to be very impressive which some possibly being "match of the year" for Impact, but it wouldn't be first the promotion had a match or two at Turning Point that turned out to be amazing as I will explain here what I believe are the top ten Turning Point matches in Impact Wrestling history.

Honorable Mentions
AJ Styles vs. Rhino (Turning Point 2005)
Beer Money vs. MCMG (Turning Point 2008)
Brian Cage vs. Sami Callihan (Turning Point 2019)
Homicide vs. Amazing Red (Turning Point 2009)
Sting vs. Abyss vs. Christian Cage (Turning Point 2006)
Drew Galloway vs. Eli Drake (Turning Point 2015)
Rich Swann and Willie Mack vs. The North (Turning Point 2019)
Bobby Lashley vs. Scott Steiner (Turning Point 2009)
Mr. Anderson vs. Bully Ray (Turning Point 2013)
​EC3 vs. Drew Galloway (Turning Point 2016)
Bobby Roode vs. AJ Styles vs. James Storm (Turning Point 2012)
Matt Morgan vs. Jeff Hardy (Turning Point 2010)
AJ Styles vs. Bobby Roode (Turning Point 2011)

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10. Kurt Angle vs. Samoa Joe (Turning Point 2006) 

We start off this list by talking about the match between two of the best wrestlers of their generation: Kurt Angle and Samoa Joe at Turning Point 2006, which was a continuation of a feud that had thrilled the minds of wrestling fans back in 2006.

After angle's impactful debut (pun intended) which included Angle hitting a massive headbutt on Samoa Joe and later beating Joe at Genesis to become the first man to make the Samoan Submission Machine tap out, the rivalry between both men continued on with a rematch between Angle and Joe being made at Turning Point.

From the opening bell both Samoa Joe and Kurt Angle exchange punches, kicks and submission holds with one another with Angle getting the better of his opponent until a release German suplex by Joe turned the crowd reaction and the momentum in his favor; Speaking of the crowd, the fans were chanting things like "You Taped Out", "Joe Is Gonna Kill You", "This Is Awesome" and so much throughout the match.

The sequences that occurs in this match sees both men hitting their signature moves while at the same time reversing some of those moves into another one and the crowd and the commentators in Orlando were going insane for how great this match is.

The final minutes of this match sees Kurt hitting a low blow on Samoa Joe after the referee was taken down but after his attempt at using a steel chair that brought into the ring backfired, Joe reapplied the rear naked choke hold once again which finally allowed Samoa Joe to make Kurt Angle tap out for the win.

Despite the screwy finish at the end, the match itself was classic in feud that has helped to define the legacy of Impact Wrestling.

Angle vs. Joe (TP 2006)

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9. EC3 vs. PJ Black For The TNA World Championship (Turning Point 2015)

One of the more underrated matches on this list, then TNA World Heavyweight Champion, Ethan Carter The Third aka EC3 defended his title against former WWE superstar, member of the Global Force Wrestling brand and at the time TNA King of The Mountain Champion, PJ Black.

The match was nice contrast of styles as both men played to their strengths with Ethan using his power and aggression to try and ground PJ, while Black utilized his speed and agility to disorient the champion. Despite EC3 being the TNA champion, the crowd in Orlando was split with chants of "EC3", "EC3..Sucks" and "PJ" ringing throughout the Impact Zone.

One more than one occasion, it looked as if PJ Black almost became the next world champion with EC3's expression in various points of the match telling the entire story. In the end though, Ethan was able stop a top rope maneuver by Black before hitting the 1 Percenter for the one...two...three.

EC3 vs. Black (TP 2015)



8.  Sabu vs. Abyss In A Barbed Wire Massacre Match (Turning Point 2005)

So it's December 2005 and Impact is having their Turning Point PPV which includes matches like Christian Cage vs. Monty Brown, Team 3D vs. AMW, Samoa Joe vs. AJ Styles for the X Division Title and so much more, how do you kick off a show like that?

The answer: Put a hardcore legend from the Original ECW against a six foot eight, 350 pound weapon of mass destruction in a match in which the ropes have been replaced with barbed wire and most the weapons available are covered in barbed wire. Such was the case between Sabu and Abyss who were feuding with each other for months leading into this encounter with this match being the bloody conclusion.

The match is exactly what would expect: violent, bloody and brutal in every sense of the word as both Abyss and Sabu would get caught up in the barbed wire with Sabu getting his leg, stomach and neck caught in the wire in a certain points in the match.

Sabu was able to pick up the win after getting "The Monster" Abyss caught in between two barbed wired boards and dropping all of his weight onto the boards for the three about a hard act to follow if your the rest of roster set to wrestle after this match.

Sabu vs. Abyss (TP 2005)


7. Abyss vs. Kurt Angle In A Falls Count Anywhere Match (Turning Point 2008)

From one impressive hardcore match involving Abyss at Turning Point to another...

By Turning Point 2008, the Main Event Mafia had just come into existence and they were looking begin a reign of dominance over the Impact Wrestling locker room but many of the TNA originals were not gonna let this happen and many of them took on members of the Mafia at this pay per view, one of whom was Abyss who was set to take on Kurt Angle in a falls count anywhere match.

Most of the action saw both Abyss and Angle walking all over the arena beating each other in the crowd, the entrance ramp, and a couple of other areas which made it hard for the camera crew at times to keep up with the all the brawling.

One of the most iconic moments in this match if not Kurt Angle time in Impact saw Kurt running off the stage and hitting a 450 senton onto Abyss taking both men down, fun fact that moment was completely unplanned so the mere fact that it went down the way that it did is just extraordinaire.

An underrated classic in a pay per view that many call one of the best. 

Abyss vs. Kurt Angle (TP 2008) Part 1:

Abyss vs. Kurt (TP 2008) Part 2:

turningpoint2 (1)

6. Awesome Kong vs. Tara In A Steel Cage Match (Turning Point 2009)

In the months leading to this steel cage match, Tara and  Awesome Kong had gotten into numerous brawls and matches both on Impact and PPV which eventually led to both ladies being locked inside the dreaded six sided steel cage.

The physicality of Tara and Awesome Kong was on display in this match with Kong dominating in various points in the match and even doing a missile dropkick off the top for god sakes. Tara on the other head used ever move in her book and even more to try and take down Kong but  the awesome one would somehow find a way to kick out of her offense.

In the end it was Tara who able to defy the odds and defeat Kong inside the steel cage, thereby ending their feud with the former WWE diva coming out on top.

Kong vs. Tara (TP 2009)


5. Team 3D vs. Motor City Machine Guns  For the TNA Tag Team Championships (Turning Point 2010)

Team 3D are one of the best tag teams in professional wrestling but even legends need to retire and in 2010 the team of Brother Ray and Brother Devon we looking to retire but not without winning the tag team belts one more time.

At Turning Point, Team 3D took on Alex Shelley and Chris Sabin of the Motor City Machine Guns for the TNA Tag Team Titles with the this match being 3D's last match in pro wrestling regardless if they win or lose.

Much like the previously mentioned EC3 vs. PJ Black, Team 3D attempted to ground their more high flying opponents with powerbombs, shoulder tackles and some of their trademark moves the 3D and Whatzup Bomb while Shelley and Sabin responded with some tag teams moves combined with the high flying X Division style of wrestling.

Notable moments in this match include Chris Sabin managing to escape a table spot in the corner and miscommunication between the Guns in the corner which leads to a 3D on Sabin; Ultimately, both Shelley and Sabin were able to hit their finishing move on Brother Ray before Devon could come in to break up the pin leading the guns retaining their titles.

On the following episode of Impact, Team 3D addressed the crowd and said their farewells until Brother Ray attacked Devon from behind which was the beginning of the 'Bully Ray' character and the start of a very successful singles run for the former ECW star.

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4. Kurt Angle vs. Desmond Wolfe (Turning Point 2009)

Following a babyface turn and the end of the Main Event Mafia after Bound For Glory 2009, Kurt Angle would be attacked by a new face in the Impact locker room: Desmond Wolfe (aka Nigel McGuiness in ROH and NXT). The feud mostly focused on Wolfe attempting to make a name for himself at the expense of the Olympic Gold Medalist, even going as far as to target and almost break Kurt's neck which makes sense as Angle has had a history of neck problems going all the way to the time he won a gold medal in the Olympics with a broken freakin neck.

A match between Wolfe and Angle was made at that year's Turning Point event and it's safety to say that this match lived up to expectations and then some.

This bout was a textbook example of technical wrestling mixed with the European style as Wolfe would picked apart various parts of Kurt Angle's body like the arms, shoulders and neck area while Kurt would try to respond back by hitting not one not two not three but six German Suplexes in a row.

Both men had an answer for each others moves throughout the match with final sequence seeing Kurt trying to make Desmond tap out to the Ankle Lock but Wolfe would escape from the hold until Angle applied a triangle choke which forced the British wrestler to tap out. 

Angle vs. Wolfe (TP 2009)


3. Austin Aries vs. Jeff Hardy In A Ladder Match For The TNA World Championship (Turning Point 2012)

After successfully winning the TNA World Heavyweight Championship back in the main event of Bound For Glory a month earlier, "The Charismatic Enigma" Jeff Hardy was set to defend his title against Austin Aries (the man Hardy beat to win the title from at BFG) in a ladder match.

For much of this match Austin Aries was aggressive, throwing Jeff Hardy off of ladders as well as throwing him into an upside down ladder which had Hardy trapped inside; Aries also was very resourceful in this match as evidence by the moment where 'A Double' grabbed the controls that held the world titles in position and raised the belts higher so that Hardy couldn't get them.

Due to Jeff Hardy's experience in ladder matches, he was able to take the amount of damage that Aries was giving him while at the same dishing out his punishment of the former world champion like hitting a Twist of Fate off of the ladder and hitting another Twist of Fate on Aries but this time onto a ladder that was balanced off the top turnbuckle which sent both Aries and the ladder outside of the ring.

By the end of it all, Jeff Hardy wins this ladder and remain the world champion with both men and the ladders themselves going through hell and back.

Aries vs. Hardy (TP 2012)


2. Samoa Joe vs. AJ Styles vs. Christopher Daniels For The TNA World Championship (Turning Point 2009)

What can I say, Turning Point 2009 did a pretty well on this list as this is the third match from the pay per view to make on here.

After a number of backstage attacks by a mysterious figure (later revealed to be Tomko), World Champion AJ Styles confronted Samoa Joe believing he was the man responsible but Joe denied any involvement in the attack. Samoa Joe would go on to cause friction between AJ and AJ's best friend and former tag team partner, Christopher Daniels.

A combination of Styles feeling paranoid, Daniels bitterness about AJ being seen as the "gold child" of the company and Joe playing mind games with both men eventually led to all three competing against each other at Turning Point for the TNA World Heavyweight Championship.

All three men brought perfect combination of strength and speed in this rematch from Unbreakable 2005 with Joe delivering more of the physicality, Daniels with the submission/technical offense and AJ reliving his days as an X Division wrestler by performing some high flying, risk taking moves from beginning to end.

Much like their match at Unbreakable 2005, Styles was able to pick up the win and walk away as champion but it wouldn't be the end for Styles and Daniels as the two of them who face off against each other a month later for the world title in the main event of Final Resolution.  

Joe vs. Styles vs. Daniels (TP 2009)


1. Triple X vs. America's Most Wanted In A Steel Cage Match (Turning Point 2004)

A list like this wouldn't be complete without mentioning what many consider to be one of the best matches in company history between Triple X and America's Most Wanted inside a steel cage at Turning Point 2004.

The feud between AMW and Triple X goes all the way back to early years in TNA's history back when they were still associated with the NWA and during their feud both teams would become tag team champions while also putting on tremendous matches in the process but at the inaugural Turning Point event, the main event saw Chris Harris and James Storm of America's Most Wanted taking on Elix Skipper and Christopher Daniels of Triple X inside a steel cage with the stipulation being that the team who loses this match will be forced to disband.

The energy flowing through the crowd was second to none and action in this match is almost indescribable as both teams would make frequently tags to their respective partners, Christopher Daniels and Chris Harris getting busted open in the first ten minutes of the match, Triple X handcuffing Harris to the ropes whilst teasing him with the key, Elix Skipper's tiptoe walk into an hurricarana on Chris Harris off the top of the cage, a quad triple tower of doom maneuver in the corner...I mean my god, Styles vs. Daniels vs. Joe at Unbreakable 2005 may be regarded as one of the best company history but this match between AWM and Triple X has to be seen as the second best.

Like I said it's almost hard to describe how great this match is, if you haven't seen you should as it's not just one of best Turning Point matches but simply one of best in Impact Wrestling.  

Triple X vs. AMW (TP 2004)

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