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Final Resolution has become one of Impact Wrestling's most enduring pay per views and with news that the event will be returning on December 12th at 8pm as an exclusive event on FITE TV and the Impact Plus App, I thought this would be a good time to go over the Top Five Moments to occur at Final Resolution in Impact Wrestling History.

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5. The Masked Man Of Mystery Comes Alive (Final Resolution December 2008)

Many Impact Wrestling fans are familiar with the masked man of mystery Suicide since his debut in the first and only TNA Wrestling video game, but many may forget when the masked man made his first non video game appearance inside the six sided ring which took place at Final Resolution...the one in December of 2008 (their were two Final Resolution pay per views that occurred in 2008, why...because TNA).

After having Jay Lethal snatch the tag team title briefcase from Alex Shelley and Chris Sabin in that year's Feast or Fired match, both members of the Motor City Machine Guns voiced their displeasure later on in the show, calling out TNA management to give them the tag title briefcase as they were the ones who took the briefcase down off the hook.

Both Shelley and Sabin would grab a set of steel chairs, sat back and waited for management to come out to the ring however the Guns didn't get the person they were hoping for as the lights in the area suddenly went dark at which point the Masked Man of Mystery could be seen zip lining his way towards the ring and proceeds to beat up both members of the Guns before making his exit.

What followed afterwards was an enduring career for the masked man of mystery who would go on to win the X Division Title a few months after his debut and would be portrayed by countless wrestlers like Johnathan Gresham, Christopher Daniels, TJP, Frankie Kazarian, Kaleb Konley and many more.

Suicide's TNA PPV Debut (Final Resolution December 2008)

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4. Raven Gets Fired (Final Resolution 2006)

In 2005 Raven became the NWA world champion at the inaugural Slammiversary after TNA's Director of Authority, Larry Zbyszko included him in the world title bout following the kayfabe arrest of Jeff Jarrett, However after he lost the world title to Double J at an event at Border City Wrestling on September 15th of that same year, Raven was demanding his rematch but he was denied by Zbyszko which lead to Raven accusing Larry of foul play.

By November of 2005, both men were feuding with each other with Larry abusing his power as an authority figure by putting Raven in matches against names Justin Credible and Chris Kanyon while also stacking the deck against the former world champion.

Eventually at Final Resolution 2006 Raven was scheduled to take on a mystery opponent (who was revealed to be Sean Waltman) in a No Disqualification match with the stipulation being that if Raven lost then he would be fired from the company.

Considering your read the title for this entry, you can probably imagine what the end result was: Zybszko, who came to substitute for the referee who was taken out, distracted Raven to the point that Waltman was able to defeat the former ECW superstar which led to his firing from Impact before security arrived at the behest of Larry Zysbzko to escort Raven out of "his arena".

The feud did not end there as it was announced a few months later that Raven would be reinstated to the promotion and soon afterwards the rivalry ended at Victory Road where Raven pinned Larry in a hair vs. hair match before shaving off most of his hair.



3. Magnus Wins The TNA World Title (Final Resolution 2013)

After vacating the world title following AJ Style's Cm Punk like departure from the company, Dixie Carter issued a tournament to crown a new world heavyweight and after defeating names like Samoa Joe, Bobby Roode, Kurt Angle and Chris Sabin both Magnus and Jeff Hardy were able to advance into the finals. 

In the main event of the last Final Resolution event before disappearing for seven years saw "The Charismatic Enigma" Jeff Hardy took on Magnus in the first (and thankfully the last) Dixieland Match for the TNA World Heavyweight Championship.


The object of this match was to basically escape the steel cage before grabbing a ladder to retrieve the world title that was hanging from the ceiling near the entrance ramp.

After both men escaped the cage, Hardy limped his way to the entrance ramp before attacking EC3 (who previously interjected himself into the match) and hitting a few Twist of Fates onto to Magnus.

In the final moments of this match, Dixie Carter could be seen berating Hardy over his decision to refused her money and her support in this match but just as Jeff is about to climb and grab the title Dixie's Chief of Staff, Rockstar Spud can be seen tipping the ladder over which sends Hardy to a short but painful landing.

Realizing the opportunity that's been presented to himself, Magnus under the orders of Dixie and Spud climbs up the ladder to become the new TNA World Heavyweight Champion. 

Footage of Magnus vs. Jeff Hardy in a Dixieland Match:

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2. Getting The Pink Slip (Final Resolution 2008, 2009 & 2013)

Okay so this isn't one particular moment per se but rather a collection of moments that have become synonymous with Final Resolution and it's trademark match, Feast or Fired.

Feast or Fired for those unaware is a match where four briefcases are held above the ring and a handful of wrestlers from the back must grab one of them which contains either a shot at the world title, the tag team titles, the X division title or a briefcase that has the words 'Fired' written inside meaning that person is actually gone from the company.

While the match and it's stipulations have been use sparingly over the years, it's mostly become associated with Impact's Final Resolution event and at this event at least three people have suffered the dreaded pink slip.

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The first of these three were Curry Man (Christopher Daniels' Alter Ego) who competed in Feast or Fired at Final Resolution in December of 2008 where he received the fired briefcase before being escorted out of the building...but of course Curry Man would return to Impact sporadically over the years until Daniels' departure from the company in April of 2014. 

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Next there was Sheik Abdul Bashir or better known to mainstream fans as Davari who ended up being one of the two finalists between himself and Rob Terry with the winner either getting a shot at the X Division title and the other being fired.

Both opened their cases and Terry got a shot at the X Division title while Bashir/Davari would be fired from the promotion and wouldn't return to Impact until his surprise appearance at Bound For Glory 2020.

By the way Terry's X division title shot was given to his fellow British Invasion stable mate Douglas Williams (at the behest of Magnus) months later which lead to Williams becoming the new X Division but Terry would defeat Eric Young at a live event in Wales to become the new TNA Global Champion so there's that.

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Finally we come to Chavo Guerrero Jr. (the nephew of the late great Eddie Guerrero) who won his briefcase during an episode of Impact but it was at Final Resolution 2013 when it was revealed that Guerrero got the pink slip and subsequently was gone from the company only a year and a half after his debut with the company.

Curry Man Gets Fired Part 1:

Curry Man Gets Fired Part 2:

Feast or Fired Match 2009:

Chavo Guerrerro Gets Fired:


1. Sting Returns To The Ring (Final Resolution 2006)

'The Icon' Sting played a major part in Impact's history for many years with most of his best moments after the end of WCW occurring in Jeff Jarrett's company. At Final Resolution he created another great moment in his career when returned to professional wrestling on national television after five years away.

At Turning Point 2006, Impact teased the return of the Icon with a spotlight in the middle of the ring that saw a black baseball bat, a trench coat and a pair of wrestling boots laying on a steel chair while one of the graphics on screen read "January 16th 2006" the date of Final Resolution...what a coincidence.


In the main event of that year's Final Resolution event NWA World Champion, Jeff Jarrett and "The Alpha Male" Monty Brown took on Christian Cage (who was number contender for Jarrett's title) and 'The Icon' Sting in a tag team match although the company used an image of a sliver scorpion for the Sting image as they wanted to keep everyone in the dark about what Sting might look like going into this event.

After the lights went completely dark in the arena, the sounds of cheering can be heard from the fans as they eagerly wait for the return of Sting sudden sounds of thunder cracking could be heard as well as graphic on the screen that showed images of dark clouds, a scorpion and finally the words 'STING' appeared which lead to the former WCW Champion emerging from the TNA Tunnels complete with smoke and lights.

The crowd reaction was deafening and electric once the stinger made his way down the ramp and into the ring as everyone stood on their feet to the return of the icon. While match would see Sting and Cage come out on top with the victory, the reactions from the fans and Sting's return to the ring is perhaps of one if not the best Final Resolution moments in Impact Wrestling History. 

Sting and Christian Cage vs. Jeff Jarrett and Monty Brown:

Sting Returns To TNA (Final Resolution 2006)

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