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Happy New Year's everyone as 2020 is thankfully left in our rear view mirrors we now set our sights to 2021 which will hopefully be a better year than the last one. 

Speaking of 2020, in December of that same year it was announced that Impact Wrestling would be bringing back one of it's well known events 'Genesis' back on January 9th 2021.

With the card for this event continuing to build and the return of the Super X Cup announced, I thought now would be the right time to talk about the most memorable and iconic moments to take place at this event. So with all of that said, here are the Top Five Genesis Moments In Impact Wrestling History.

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5. Lashley Spears Dan Lambert Through A Table (Genesis 2018)

In the last Genesis event until 2021, Moose took on former Impact world champion, Bobby Lashley who was associated with KM, MMA Coach, Dan Lambert and his team of mixed martial artist known as 'American Top Team'.

The feud between both Moose and Lashley/ATT had gone on for months by this point but at Genesis 2018 both men would conclude their rivalry with an impressive showing from both men with Moose getting the victory after hitting the former world champion with not one but two short-arm clothlines. 

Afterwards Moose set his sights on Dan Lambert before he was pulled out of the ring by Lashley, however Lambert would criticized Lashley for losing the match saying "This Is Your Fault" and things began to fall apart from there as Lashley would spear KM outside of the ring and threw Dan Lambert back in the ring to get hit with a scissor kick by Moose.

Moments later, Moose set a table that wasn't used early in the match in the corner, to which Lashley speared Lambert through the table, disintegrate it on impact before Moose spears one of the American Top Team members himself.

The story has is that the new regime of Scott D'Amore and Don Callis, were looking to scrap most of the current storylines that were going on in Impact and the stuff involving American Top Team/Lambert and Lashley was one of them.

To be honest I can't think of a better way to wrap up this storyline better how they did it.

Moose vs. Bobby Lashley (Genesis 2018)

Moose vs Lashley: FULL MATCH (IMPACT! Genesis January 25, 2018) | IMPACT Wrestling Full Matches - YouTube

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4. Mr. Anderson Debuts (Genesis 2010)

As it turns out Genesis tends to be the home of debuts for a lot of wrestlers coming to Impact whether it's Rellik (that's killer spelled backwards), Brian Kendrick, Booker T and Matt Hardy many names have made their appearance in TNA/Impact at this event throughout the years and this debut at Genesis 2010 is no exception.

After the scheduled match between Abyss and Lashley was cancelled due to the monster attacking Lashley in a backstage segment. As compromise, Hulk Hogan mentions early in the night that Abyss would still compete tonight but this time it's against a mystery opponent.

When the time came for the match Abyss was in the ring waiting for his challenger when suddenly the lights turned off in the Impact Zone, a voice screaming out the words...MISTER!!! before some unknown rock n' roll music began to play with the mystery opponent being revealed to be former WWE Superstar Ken Kennedy on the entrance ramp with a single spotlight rather appropriately on him.

Kennedy motions to have his signature microphone to fall from the sky and begins to rail off about how his debut in one for the history books and even changes his name from Kennedy to Anderson whilst doing his own ring introduction. Anderson would won the match after using some brass knuckles behind the referees back and Wisconsin's favorite wrestler would go on to have a long and successful run in the company.

As a side note, one year after making his debut, Anderson would go on to win his first world championship from Jeff Hardy at Genesis 2011, so it's safe say that this event hold s special place for TNA's resident A$$hole.

Mr. Anderson's TNA Debut (Genesis 2010)

Mr. Anderson Debuts as Abyss' Mystery Opponent (TNA Genesis 2010) | Classic IMPACT Wrestling Moments - YouTube

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3. AJ Styles Turns Heel (Genesis 2010)

Sticking with Genesis 2010, we go from the debut of Wisconsin's favorite wrestler, Mr. Anderson to the TNA World Championship main event  between champion AJ Styles and Kurt Angle.

On the January 4th 2010 edition of Impact, AJ and Kurt had an underrated but impressive world title match to close out the show which lead to Hulk Hogan coming out and saying that we need to see this match one more time as the main event for the up-and coming Genesis Pay Per View 

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The match went about as well as you could imagine between the Olympic Gold Medalist and "The Phenomenal One " could go for the TNA World Heavyweight Championship, however it was thanks to the outside interference of The Nature Boy Ric Flair (who had come down to the ring early in the match and met with AJ on the Jan 4th episode) that lead to one of the most surprising endings in the history of Genesis.

After multiple attempts of trying to get AJ to tap out, Kurt Angle puts the ankle lock on Styles once again but this time it looks like he might actually tap and apparently, Ric Flair thought so true which is why he yanked referee Earl Hebner out of the ring just as AJ was about to tap out; Both confused and angered about these sudden events, Angle begins chasing down Flair around the ring before his stopped by a clothline by AJ.

Flair then throws the TNA title into the ring and tells AJ Styles to use it as a weapon to the disbelief of those in attendance and those at home, AJ indeed uses the belt as weapon before Flair sends Hebner back in the ring to make the three count and declare AJ Styles still the world champion.

Kurt Angle vs. AJ Styles For The TNA World Championship (Genesis 2010)

AJ Styles vs Kurt Angle TNA Genesis (2010) - YouTube

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2. Kurt Angle Beats Samoa Joe (Genesis 2006)

From high profiled main event match involving the Olympic Gold Medalist at Genesis to another...

When the announcement was made at No Surrender 2006 that Kurt Angle would be coming to TNA Wrestling, the wrestling world was in shock and awe as the former WWE champion and only pro wrestler to win a Olympic gold medal (with a broken freakin neck) coming the enemy promotion was unbelievable.

From his head splitting debut on Impact to his numerous brawls with Samoa Joe, Kurt Angle was looking for the best competition outside of Vince McMahon's house of Sport Entertainment and he most certainly got that especially in the form of the Samoan Submission Machine, Samoa Joe.

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At Genesis 2006, Kurt Angle was set to square off against Samoa Joe in a match that was billed as the "Dream Match of the Decade"; After more than 15 minutes of hard hitting action and a number of submission attempts by both men, a sweaty and bloody Kurt Angle manages to make Samoa Joe tap out ending his illustrious 18 month unbeaten streak.

Following the match Samoa Joe grabs a mic and tells the audience that he recognizes when his be beaten by a worthy opponent  and ask Kurt for rematch somewhere down the road but Angle instead refuses to shake Joe's hand and walks away from the ring; Angered by Angle's disrespected the Samoan Submission Machine then says "Well Angle, I guess we gotta do it the hard way."

Unsurprisingly the feud between Angle and Joe was fair from over as both men who go on to have classic matches that considered some of the best in professional wrestling.

Samoa Joe vs. Kurt Angle (Genesis 2006)

Kurt Angle vs Samoa Joe: FULL MATCH (TNA Genesis 2006) | IMPACT Wrestling Full Matches - YouTube

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1. Christian Cage Arrives In TNA (Genesis 2005)

Well no surprise here but like a said earlier, a lot wrestlers have debuted at this event and perhaps the greatest to ever debut at Genesis would have to be former Intercontinental and Tag Team Champion, "The Instant Classic" Christian Cage.

At Genesis 2005, the company had been hyping up the arrival of new acquisition coming to TNA for months after much speculation and whole lot of rumors, the stories were confirmed as Christian made his way to the ring with a thunderous response from the crowd.

Christian would cut a promo taking a jab at his old promotion while at the same mentioning that this is the place that he wanted to be; Cage would also direct his focus on then NWA World Heavyweight champion, Jeff Jarrett where mentions that he is coming for that title...and that you should never wear white pants after labor day.

So afterwards, the leader of Team Canada, Coach Scott D'Amore and fellow member of the group, Bobby Roode came to the ring and tried to convince Christian to join the group for which Cage decides that he'll think about it and reveal his answer by the end of the night. 

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Following the six man tag team match between Jeff Jarrett, Chris Harris and James Storm of America's Most Wanted vs. Rhino and Team 3D, Double J came back into the ring and smashed a guitar over Rhino's head before the entirety of Team Canada emerges from the back to help the champion put Team 3D into the table until Christian Cage also comes from the back with a steel chair which leads the Team Canada clearing out the ring.

Suddenly Christian removes his jacket to show that his wearing the Team Canada shirt that D'Amore gave him early which indicate that his joining the bad guys but it was all a ruse as Christian would hit his Unprettier finishing move on the coach and then helped Brother Ray and Brother Devon put Jarrett through the table sending the fans home happy. 

Christian Cage's Debut (Genesis 2005)

Christian Cage's EPIC Debut! (TNA Genesis 2005) | Classic IMPACT Wrestling Moments - YouTube

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