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Another well known TNA Wrestling pay per view is returning as an Impact Plus Special this month as Sacrifice returns on Saturday March the 13th at 8pm eastern time.

So with the event just on the horizon, here are the Top Five Sacrifice PPV Moments in Impact Wrestling History.

Honorable Mentions

Beer Money Inc. Win The Team 3D Invitational Tag Team Tournament (Sacrifice 2009)

Sting Destroys Jeff Jarrett (Sacrifice 2010)

Dixie 'The Cameraman' Carter (Sacrifice 2014)

Booker T Turns Heel (Sacrifice 2008)

Decay Win The TNA Tag Team Titles (Sacrifice 2016)

Frankie Kazarian Wins The First Ever Terror Dome aka Steel Asylum Match (Sacrifice 2008)

Mike Bennett Ends EC3's Undefeated Streak (Sacrifice 2016)


5. Samoa Joe Wins The Super X Cup (Sacrifice 2005)

At the inaugural sacrifice event back in 2005, the finals of that year's Super X Cup Tournament were set to take place with two of the best TNA has to offer at the time squaring off.

Eight men were chosen to take part in this tournament with names like Shocker, AJ Styles, Sonjay Dutt, Alex Shelley, Petey Williams, Chris Sabin, Matt Bentley, and Samoa Joe making up the bracket. 

Joe vs Styles

By the time of the finals it was down to "The Phenomenal" AJ Styles and "The Samoan Submission Machine" Samoa Joe (who actually debuted for the company just two months before this event) which meant that the two would face off of at Sacrifice with the victor becoming of the '05 Super X Cup winner and gaining a shot at the X Division Championship.  

As might be expected, the match up between Styles and Joe was spectacular with both men playing to each other's strengths, in this case AJ's speed and agility to Joe's hard hitting and submission style of wrestling while at the same time trying to hide their weaknesses. 

The deciding factor in the match was of course the reigning X Division Champion, Christopher Daniels who came to interfere but was unsuccessful which led to Samoa Joe finishing off AJ to become the winner of the 2005 Super X Cup and the new number one contender to the X Division Championship.

This match would happen a month later at Unbreakable with AJ being included into the bout making it a three way and the rest is history.

Samoa Joe vs AJ Styles: Super X Cup Final: FULL MATCH (TNA Sacrifice 2005) | IMPACT Full Matches - YouTube

Unbreakable 2005: AJ Styles vs. Samoa Joe vs. Christopher Daniels - YouTube


4. The Ninth Wonder Of The World's Last Match (Sacrifice 2011)​

For those who never watched around this time period, it may be shocking to hear that the former member of D-Generation X and former Intercontinental Champion once wrestled in Impact never mind appeared in the company but surprise surprise she did.

During the Kurt Angle's feud with Jeff Jarrett back in 2011, Karen (Kurt's Ex wife, now Jeff's wife) returned to the company and didn't hesitate to involve herself in the rivalry as she would help Double J win various matches on pay per view against the Olympic Gold Medalist.

Realizing that he may need some help to taking care of his ex-wife, Kurt Angle teased that he had a "Mistress" who is "All About Pain" and that she couldn't wait to meet Karen face to face. This led to the 'Queen of the Mountain' interrogating the Knockouts Division to see if they were the so call 'Mistress' but it proved to be futile. 

chyna-tna (1)

On the go home episode before Sacrifice, the kayfabe network representative to Spike TV, Mick Foley revealed to both of the Jarrett's who Kurt Angle's mistress was and it was none other than Chyna herself with led to the shock of many as this was the ninth wonder of the world's first wrestling appearance in nine years.

At Sacrifice, both of the Jarrett's took on Kurt Angle and Chyna in a mixed tag team match which was Chyna's first match in the United States since her match with Lita for the WWF Women's title back at Judgement Day 2001.

To the surprise of no one, Chyna and Angle won their match against the Jarrett's but Chyna herself would be gone from the company soon afterwards and due to her tragic passing back in April of 2016 at the age 46, her mixed tag team match with Kurt Angle at Sacrifice 2011 has gone down as her last professional wrestling match.  

Chyna Returns To Wrestling: Sunday At Sacrifice - YouTube

TNA Sacrifice 2011 Karen & Jeff Jarrett vs Chyna & Kurt Angle - YouTube


3. Tara Loses To Madison Rayne/Tara's Payback (Sacrifice 2010 & 2011)

So technically this is two moments instead of one but they both blend into each other so well that I had to combine them into one entry, plus it's a great example of long term storytelling during the Hogan/Bischoff Era.

sacrifice10 (1)

At Sacrifice 2010, Tara risked everything when she put her career on the line against Madison Rayne for the Knockouts Championship.

Unfortunately for the former WWE Women's Champion it wasn't her night as the young Knockouts Champion was able to defend her title and ending Tara's decade plus long career in professional wrestling with chants of 'Thank You Tara' ringing throughout as she left the arena with tears in her eyes.

In reality, Tara refused to re-sign with the company after not getting a pay increase, so this was the company's way of writing her off.

Fast forward to July and out of no where a mystery woman riding a motorcycle wearing all black bodysuit and biker helmet is seen helping out Madison Rayne throughout her matches; Naturally this led many to suspect that it was either Velvet Sky or Lacey Von Erich, who were a part of the Beautiful People and allies with Madison but both ladies denied it.

It wasn't until the September 2nd 2010 edition of Impact when the mystery woman unmasked herself and was revealed to be Tara...I guess she and the company was able to negotiate a new contract and a pay increase after all.

Tara and Madison

It was later revealed that Madison had given Tara her job back in Impact Wrestling provided that she works for her and she even signed a waiver which would allow Tara to compete in the ring once again.

While the partnership between Rayne and Tara was mutual at first, things suddenly began to fall apart in early 2011 when Rayne's obsession to hurt her then rival, Mickie James went too far when she and Tara (who was contractually obligated to do it) ran over Mickie James with a motorcycle leaving her unconscious and also the perfect excuse for the company use for Mickie as she had suffered a separated shoulder much earlier.


After losing the Knockouts Championship to Mickie James in a matter of seconds at Lockdown 2011, Madison appeared on an episode of Impact with Tara asking for her rematch at Sacrifice which Mickie provided on one condition: If Mickie wins then the contract obligations between Tara and Madison is finished.

Towards the end of that match Tara used Madison's loaded glove against her, leaving her knocked out and allow Mickie to pick up the win which gave Tara her freedom from Madison Rayne.

The story reached it's conclusion on the July 14th 2011 edition of Impact when Madison and Tara faced each other; Before the match Tara had promised her former employer a present to which Madison opened it and inside was Tara's pet tarantula, 'Poison' and this allowed Tara to finally beat the Queen Bee after a twist turning, year long storyline between the two knockouts. 

Madison Rayne vs Tara - Knockouts Championship (Sacrifice, 2010) - YouTube

Tara Is Revealed As The Mystery Knockout - YouTube

Mickie James Defends The Knockouts Championship - YouTube

TNA SACRIFICE 2011│Knockouts Championships│Mickie James vs Madison Rayne - YouTube

Madison Rayne vs. Tara - YouTube


2. Roxxi Gets Her Head Shaved Bald (Sacrifice 2008)​

I briefly mentioned the Beautiful People in the last entry, well now were gonna talk them a little bit more as their involvement in this next entry is pretty important.

At Sacrifice 2008, the knockouts took part in the Makeover Battle Royal which was a combination of a traditional battle royal with the added stipulation that the final two participants would compete in a ladder match and grab the contract hanging from above to get a shot at the Knockouts Championship.

The final three participants in the match were Gail Kim, Roxxi Laveaux and Angelina Love however, Love was eliminated from the match making the final two: Gail and Roxxi, but do to Gail Kim winning a Clippers on a Pole match on Impact (Yes, Vince Russo was charge of booking at the time) she had won immunity from getting her head shaved which meant that if Roxxi won the ladder match, than the last person eliminated from the battle royal (Angelina) would get their head shaved instead of Gail.

As you can imagine neither Angelina or Velvet Sky were gonna let this happen and they interfered in the ladder match numerous times which allowed Gail to become the number one contender and led to Roxxi getting her head shaved.

roxxi-cut (1)

After a few awkward minutes of setting up, Roxxi sat in the chair where the barber began shaving her hair but due to a bloody injury caused in the ladder match, the barber had to use scissors to cut her hair. 

Participants like ODB, Gail Kim, Shelly Martinez and Traci Brooks came out in support for Roxxi as she was getting her head shaved live on pay per live meanwhile the Beautiful People were seen laughing at her expense and even the fans started to chant "Fired Russo" during the hair cutting.

With her head bleeding and tears in her eyes, Roxxi got her hand raised by the rest of the knockouts as a show of unity while Angelina and Velvet took the clumps of Roxxi's hair as a prize; The feud between the Beautiful People and Roxxi would continue after this but for more on that be sure to check out my list on the "Top 10 Knockouts Feuds and Rivalries In TNA Wrestling History". 

Top 10 Knockouts Feud and Rivalries In TNA Wrestling History - WWE Wrestling News World

Sacrifice 2008: Knockouts Battle Royal - YouTube

ex6yxrvxyaqsa9l (1)

1. The Forgotten Title Win (Sacrifice 2007)​

The events surrounding this final entry were pretty messy but it ended up helping the company soon afterwards...

Since the very beginning of TNA Wrestling's existence, they were association with the National Wrestling Alliance or NWA as the two organizations used each other for their own means: TNA used the the NWA to garner some creditability in addition to using their titles, while the NWA used TNA as a way to keep the name alive and to continue the tradition of classical, southern style of wrestling that the NWA was known for.

But after a five year partnership the NWA and TNA went their separate ways after a number of stars who were holding the NWA titles failed to defend them in certain NWA territories this lead to the Vice President of the NWA to announce the end of the NWA/TNA partnership on May 13th 2007.

1b472505d3c36c8969330c1d03678d05 (1)

However, there was a little bit of a problem as the day of this news came around the same time and the same day Impact was about to host it's annual Sacrifice pay per view so things became a little bit strange as the NWA Tag Team and World Heavyweight Championships were set to be defended on the event.

So what does the company do in this situation?...Well they called the belts the TNA Tag Team and World Heavyweight Championships and had both matches end with screwy finishes which was used as a way to strip the champions of their titles and led to Kurt Angle's NWA title win not being recognized as legitimate.

In circumstances like these, most companies would be in a panic situation as they no longer had some their major titles to fight for but because this happened at a time when Impact was white hot in popularity, they recovered quickly.


Due to TNA's ever growing, worldwide exposure they created their own belts with Slammiversary 2007 being the event that saw Kurt Angle become the first ever TNA World Heavyweight Champion after winning the King of The Mountain match in the main event.

In the end, the NWA would be revived in the late 2010's under the management of Billy Corgan and the TNA/Impact Wrestling title lineage continues on to this very day.

Sacrifice 2007: Kurt Angle vs. Sting vs. Christian Cage - video Dailymotion

This Day in Wrestling History (May 13): NWA Severs Ties with TNA - Cageside Seats

Slammiversary 2007- King Of The Mountain - video Dailymotion

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