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Recently, Impact Wrestling has been confirming that a number of wrestlers both returning or new are coming on July 18th for Slammiversary; And while the company has hinted at a few names that could appear at the event, this list will focus on the wrestlers who many fans would be shocked to see appear on the show.

                       5. Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson


This first entry ranks low on this list as there have been numerous reports by various wrestling sites and journalists saying that the signing of Gallows and Anderson to Impact is "pretty much a done deal", however due to the fact that many things including spoilers for various wrestling shows like Impact Wrestling have been kept quiet since the beginning of the pandemic it's hard to really say or confirm the reports.

Nevertheless, the appearance of Gallows and Anderson would not only confirm the reports but it would also be a major signing for Impact. 

Since the new regime took over in early 2018, the duo of Don Callis and Scott D'Amore have been looking to make Impact Wrestling 'cool again' in the eyes of the die hard fans but also the non Impact fans as well. The signing of the former NJPW and Raw Tag Team Champions could not only help in boosting the "cool factor" for the company but it also lead into some amazing matches within the tag team division.

If they were to show up at this year's Slammiversary, the best scenario would be for them to show up at the event and interrupting the tag champions (whether that's The North or Calllihan/Shamrock) following a hard fought victory where the two men sarcastically congratulate the champions in the backstage area before introducing themselves; a few choice words delivered by both parties and an intense stare-down to finish it and you've got the set-up to what could be an instant classic of a tag team title match.

                                           4. Ivelisse Velez


Puerto Rican wrestler, Ivelisse Velez has appeared or wrestled in also every single promotion in North American ranging the WWE/NXT to Impact Wrestling to Lucha Underground and most recently All Elite Wrestling; Yet, despite her experience and her ability to go in the ring there hasn't been any promotion who have been interested in signing her for more that a single match (except Lucha Underground) but perhaps this is where Impact comes into play.

While Ivelisse appeared in the early to mid 2010's in TNA as a participate on 'Gut Check' many not know that she almost reappeared in Impact in 2018. As the story goes Ivelisse was set to reappear on Impact Wrestling whether as a full time member of the roster or a pay-per appearance type of deal isn't clear, however what it cleared is that Impact management cancelled those plans.

Ivelisse has mentioned in reports and interviews that she was set to make a return and work a program but the plans were nixed at the last minute and she isn't sure why. 

Considering that Tessa Blanchard was a part of the company at the time and had a not so good history with Ivelisse, this might be the reasoning for the plans being cancelled; But with Tessa gone from the company and Impact Wrestling signing up as much talent as possibly to increase their Knockouts Division, whose to say that Ivelisse and Impact can't try their lucky again and what better place than one of the most hyped pay per views in 2020, Slammiversary.

                                         3. Matt Sydal


Since his departure from Impact Wrestling in early 2019, Matt Sydal (or Evan Bourne in the WWE) has been really keeping himself off of the radar to many mainstream fans but it was revealed earlier this week that the Juggernaut of Pro Wrestling that is the WWE has once again acquired another wrestling promotion in the form of  Evolve Wrestling and it would appear that Matt Sydal was a part of Evolve at the time.

So with everything I've just said you'd think this means that upon acquiring Evolve, most of the wrestlers on the roster (including Sydal) would get signed up the WWE and end up either on the main roster or NXT.

While the possibility of that happening is there, Sydal wasn't used properly during his six to seven years in the promotion, plus WWE's history of booking their talent following a stint in Impact hasn't been the best as the first few years of Bobby Lashley's and EC3's second run have been prime examples of that.

All of this and Impact's relaxed schedule and his previous success with the company could see Sydal coming back and Slammiversary would be a good place for let's say a surprise return and sneak attack on Willie Mack (if he retains the X Division Championship). Sydal could become one of the new faces leading the X Division under this regime and his history with Willie Mack could lead into a interesting program and rivalry between the two men.

                                          2. Rachel Ellering


Much like Ivelisse and Matt Sydal, Rachel Ellering hasn't been talked about much as a new free agent that promotion's need to sign but that hasn't stopped her from looking to continue what she wasn't able to do in the WWE and that's make an impression inside the square circle.

On May 13th 2020, a video was released on Rachel Ellering's Twitter account and it shows a collection of some of her best in-ring work while lines from the famous Charlie Chaplin movie "The Great Dictator" play in the background. The video was made following her release from the WWE following some financial strain that the company is under due to the Covid-19 pandemic which has seen more than a dozen stars and workers getting axed from Vince McMahon's house of Sports Entertainment.

In the first few seconds of the video two company names appear: Ring of Honor and Impact Wrestling, the video also shows footage of Ellering wrestling stars who are currently under the Impact Knockouts roster (Jessica Havok and Taya Valkyrie) and the can probably see where I'm going here.

It is very likely that other promotions like ROH or AEW could sign her but in this case I have a feeling that she might sign with Impact Wrestling and the reasons why are simple: Working in a promotion that has a history of producing great matches with their female wrestlers, encouraging and allowing their stars to shine when other companies are unable to do so thanks to promises like creative freedom and she's also doesn't need sign with the promotion, she can do what Deonna Purrazzo is doing and that's work a number of dates for the company before considering the idea of signing with the company.

Rachel Ellering showing up following the end of either the Knockouts title match or the #1 contenders gauntlet at Slammiversary would be a good way to make a return, plus if her father, Paul Ellering shows up as her manager will make it even better.

                                           1. James Storm


Many of you might look at this last entry and think "Wait Storm can't come back to Impact, his under contract with the NWA and Billy Corgan has promised to never work with that company again". which is true but seeing how names like Tasha Steelz and Ricky Starks, who were a part of the NWA roster have now left due to no shows happening thanks to Covid-19 plus his responds to the buzz surrounding Slammiversary on social media could hint at a return for the Tennessee Cowboy.

Following his departure from the company in 2018, Storm was able to prove that he can find success outside of TNA/Impact Wrestling thanks to his work in the NWA, but I believe it's time for the TNA original to return to the company that made him famous.

Storm could be revealed to be the mysterious forth man in the world championship main event match at Slammiversary which would not only get a massive pop from the fans watching on PPV but if it's revealed that following his appearance that his signed back with the company then that would be a big deal for Impact as the recent news regarding Tessa Blanchard and Michael Elgin has shorted their roster on main event stars for the world title.

Not to mention if Storm came back to the company, that would also mean that Impact could have a guy who can play a great heel or babyface when it comes to the world title picture and the company needs someone like that who could also hold up the company's spirits if things get bad or if they need someone to put the belt on.

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