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In the final moments of the December 14th 2020 edition of Impact, All Elite Wrestling Champion, Kenny Omega suggested the idea of rebuilding the Bullet Club along with Impact Wrestling Executive, Don Callis and Impact Tag Team Champions, Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows of The Good Brothers.

Well this got many of us here at Wrestling News World guessing as to who would be apart of this new bullet club and what effect would they have in the group or on AEW and Impact, well today I present to you five Impact and AEW wrestlers who should join the new bullet club.

Much of these picks are based on wrestlers whom I believe could be a big asset to the group and what kind of booking could happen as a result. 


5. Ethan Page

One of the best things about factions in wrestling is that you need guys who can deliver promos for the group that will keep the fans paying attention to every word you say while at the same time backing up those words in the ring and Ethan Page is just that type of guy.

The former Impact Wrestling Tag Team champion is no stranger to cutting promos that will get the fans to love or hate him I mean the man's nickname is "All Ego" for goodness sake and Page could use this opportunity to bring his gift for gab to the viewers on TNT while also using his YouTube channel to also satirize and talk crap about his opponents whether they be on AEW or Impact.

Ethan Page has also put on tremendous matches throughout his career whether as a singles stars, as part of a tag team or even when his competing in intergender matches and the booking for Page's inclusion to the club could be the simply fact that his contract is set to expire soon but his contract gets renewed by Don Callis but only if he joins the bullet Club which Ethan gladly accepts before betraying his tag partner Josh Alexander in the middle of the ring thereby setting the stage for both men to have singles careers following the demise of The North but could also plant the seeds for a number of matches between the two of them on TV and Pay Per View.


4. Ivelisse and Diamante 

Ivelisse Velez and Diamante have a history with both Impact and AEW, as Ivelisse has been looking to compete on Impact programming for a long time since her first appearance back in the early 2010's and Diamante was a part of the new LAX alongside Konnan and the Inner Circle's Santana and Ortiz. 

Not only that but both ladies have been seen on All Elite Wrestling television for much of 2020 both as enemies and allies, so it only makes sense that the winner's of AEW's Women's Tag Team Cup Tournament  become partner again but this time going after championship gold.

As of the writing of this article, Impact Wrestling will crown new Knockouts Tag Team Champions at their Hard To Kill pay per view on January 16th 2021 and who's say that one of those teams who challenge for the tag titles aren't Ivelisse and Diamante plus imagine if they win the belts at some point thereby making it the first time AEW stars would Impact titles; This and Penelope Ford appearing on Impact could help in leading into a full on war between Impact's Knockouts Division and the AEW Women's Division. 


3. Miro

Since his arrival to AEW, Miro (aka Rusev in the WWE) has been mishandled when it comes to his booking but you know who could book a former WWE superstar into becoming a mega star...Impact Wrestling.

The story could be something like this: Miro joins the bullet club and mentions in a promo that it was Kenny Omega who convinced the other executives and Tony Khan to sign Miro to All Elite Wrestling when the others didn't want him to the brand (which explains why Miro's booking has been lackluster).

Now a part of the bullet club, Miro becomes Omega's right hand man and the bodyguard to Don Callis in the group and this leads to Miro wrecking havoc in not just Impact but AEW as he begins to show off his strength, ruthlessness and charisma  which helped him to become such as star in the early part of his WWE career.

If done right this could make Miro seems like an imposing threat again and perhaps a future contender for some Impact and AEW championship gold.



2. Madman Fulton 

As of the time of me writing this article it's unclear what Impact Wrestling has plans for regarding the booking of Madman Fulton as his basically vanished from our television screens since Bound For Glory.

While his partner, Ace Austin is set to compete in the newly revived Super X Cup at Genesis no word has been made on Fulton's status...but perhaps being a new member of the new Bullet Club could be the thing he needs to boost his career.

It's not too hard to imagine Fulton joining a group of misfits lead by a popular indy star who is despised by Jim Cornette as his time with oVe is a great example of that; At first, Fulton's role in the group would see him as the bodyguard to Kenny Omega and Don Callis both on Impact and AEW but as time goes by Fulton begins to grows in the rankings as a singles star so much, that he starts getting title opportunities for the TNT Championship, the AEW and Impact Tag Team titles and maybe even for the AEW and Impact world championship.

Plus, imagine Fulton battling names like Lance Archer, Brian Cage, Darby Allin, Cody Rhodes, Eric Young, Rich Swann and so many others in his pursuit for championship gold...license to print money if I do say so myself.

eddie-kingston (1)

1. Eddie Kingston

Out of all the entries I've mentioned on here, this is the one I think many fans of AEW and Impact are hoping to see on their TV screens.

A lot of words could be used to describe Eddie Kingston: Brash, Tough and a no-nonsense type of wrestler who could easily fit into the new Bullet as their loose cannon, a guy the group calls upon when they need someone taken out or someone that can be able to make the group look and feel legitimate outside of pro wrestling circles; On top of that, Kingston can cut one hell of a promo and he could be seen as the most verbal member of the group regardless on what brand  his on.

Imagine the charisma of Scott Hall from the Outsiders and the madness of Randy Savage during the nWo combined into a wrestler who looks and acts like a street fighter and you would get that with Eddie Kingston in the Bullet Club.

And if you're still not convinced on Kingston's inclusion in the club, you could pair him with Madman Fulton and the two of them could go on to win tag team gold in either AEW or Impact which would helped the latter as their tag division has slowly been declining over the last couple of months and the idea of two kayfabe disgruntled wrestlers winning the championship gold while at the same time airing out any grievances they have in promos could pave the way into some interesting storytelling.

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