As of early 2021, there have been 24 female wrestlers to have held to the Knockouts Championship within their careers in TNA/Impact Wrestling, and of course many of them have become Knockouts Champion more than once like Gail Kim, Madison Rayne and Angelina love for instance.

However out of those 24 ladies, only nine of them (as of the writing of this article) have held the Knockouts Championship only once but the question is: Who Are The Best One Time KO champions? 

Well today I'll be tackling that question in my list on the Top 5 Best One Time Knockouts Champions.

For this list I will be ranking these one time champions based on a number of factors:

  • How Did They Win The Title
  • What Did They Do During Their Time As Champion
  • How Did They Lose The Belt 
  • What Did They Do In Impact After Losing The Knockouts Title

Honorable Mentions

Jordynne Grace

Maria Kanellis-Bennett

Jessicka Havok

Laurel Van Ness


5. Taryn Terrell

Taryn Terrell's time in Impact Wrestling has been highly regarded and rightfully so as she's one of the best former WWE wrestlers to find success in Impact and you can probably attribute that success to not only her feud with Gail Kim but also her time as Knockouts Champion.

Terrell returned to Impact in 2014 after giving birth to her first child and went on to compete with names like Gail Kim...of course, Madison Rayne, Angelina Love and Velvet Sky and then Taryn as well as the entire knockouts locker got introduced to Jessicka Havok.

Havok's debut on the September 3rd, 2014 edition of Impact added a new monstrous presence within the locker room, which had been absent for quite some time and she steam rolled through all of her opponents including Gail Kim to become the new Knockouts Champion.


Eventually both Taryn and Gail became number one contender's to Havok's title and thus a three way match for the title occurred on the November 19th edition of Impact which saw Taryn pull off a major upset and become the new Knockouts Champion, ending Havok's reign a few months after it began.

Taryn's first title defense came on the debut episode of Impact on Destination America where she successfully defend her title in a battle royal; Following that she would defend her Knockouts Championship against all challengers like Gail, Madison, Angelina Love and even Awesome Kong, who had recently returned to company in 2015.

During one her titles defenses against Kong, Terrell was assisted by Jade (Mia Yim) and Marti Belle of The Dollhouse which allowed her to retain her title and immediately afterwards revealing herself to be was the leader of the group.

Brooke Wins Her 3rd KO Title

Taryn would go to defend her title while also competing in tag team matches with her fellow Dollhouse members but on the July 15th 2015 edition of Impact, Taryn lost the knockouts championship to Brooke Tessmacher ending her reign at 279 days, surpassing the previously longest Knockouts title reign at 210 days held by none other then Gail Kim.

The only reason why Taryn isn't higher up on this list is because after she lost the Knockouts Championship she really didn't do much afterwards and sure she tried to make a comeback in 2017 but her problems with a former significant other prevented her from entering the Canadian Border and she pretty much ended her wrestling career right after...well at least until she reappeared in the NWA in 2021.

Gail Kim vs Havok vs Taryn Terrell, TNA 19 11 2014 - YouTube

KO Title Match Between Taryn Terrell and Awesome Kong Interrupted.. (Apr. 24, 2015) - YouTube

Awesome Kong & Brooke vs The Dollhouse: FULL MATCH (TNA Slammiversary 2015) | IMPACT Full Matches - YouTube

Impact Wrestling -Taryn Terrell vs Brooke | TNA Knockouts Championship / Gail Kim RETURNS - YouTube


4. Rosemary

It's shocking to believe for as long as she's been with the company that the Demon Assassin has been Knockouts Champion only once, but sure enough that's exactly what happened to Impact Wrestling's favorite Demon Assassin, Rosemary.

Back in late 2016, Rosemary was feuding Gail Kim and during that time Rosemary injured Gail which forced her to drop the Knockouts title which resulted in Jade (Mia Yim in the WWE) and Rosemary facing off inside a steel cage match for the vacant title on the December 1st 2016 edition of Impact.


Ultimately, Rosemary would pick up the win and become the new Knockouts Champion which is both surprising and impressive when you discover that the Demon Assassin debuted for the company back in January 2016 and by the end of that same year she would win the Knockouts Championship and she's didn't even have a run in the WWE first...shocking.

Anyway, during her time as champion Rosemary become the unofficial figure head of the Knockouts Division due to not only her rising popularity in the company but thanks to her many impressive matches with Jade which ranged from a Monster's Ball to Last Knockout Standing matches and she even defended her title against wrestlers like ODB and Santana Garrett.

On the May 25th 2017 episode of Impact, Sienna and Laurel Van Ness attacked Allie following a match and suddenly Rosemary emerged from the back and at first it looked like she would join in on the beatdown until Rosemary surprised everyone by attacking Sienna and LVN and saving Allie, turning babyface in the process.


Rosemary would end up losing the Knockouts Championship to Sienna at Slammiversary 2017 ending her 266 day title reign in a unification where the GFW Women's Title was also on the line. After losing her rematch for the title, Rosemary would go one to form a partnership with Allie which even became a successful YouTube channel called 'Masters of the Multiverse".

Not only that but Rosemary would go on to feud with names like Taya Valkyrie, Su Yung, Jessicka Havok and even reformed her old faction, Decay with fellow founding member, Crazzy Steve and Black Taurus as a new member of the group.

Rosemary vs. Jade 6 Sides of Steel | IMPACT Dec. 1, 2016 - YouTube

Jade Interupts Rosemary... An Invitation Follows | IMPACT Jan. 12th, 2017 - YouTube

Rosemary vs Jade - Monster's Ball: FULL MATCH | IMPACT Wrestling Full Matches - YouTube

Jade Calls Out Rosemary | IMPACT Feb. 23rd, 2017 - YouTube

Jade vs. Rosemary: Last Knockout Standing | IMPACT March 2nd, 2017 - YouTube

Rosemary Hosts The Knockouts Burial | IMPACT March 30th, 2017 - YouTube

Knockouts Champion Rosemary vs. Santana Garrett | IMPACT April 13th, 2017 - YouTube

Allie Assaulted... Rosemary Changes The Game | #IMPACTICYMI May 25th, 2017 - YouTube

Sienna vs. Rosemary Last Knockouts Standing Title Match | #IMPACTICYMI July 27th, 2017 - YouTube

Last Knockouts Standing Sienna vs. Rosemary GFW Knockouts Title Match | #IMPACTICYMI July 27th, 2017 - YouTube


3. Tessa Blanchard

Today Tessa Blanchard's time in Impact is remembered for her many achievements and a few controversies in the company, however her time as Knockouts Champion proved to be the least polarizing thing about her three year run with Impact. 

She certainly gave the championship a sense of prestige after a period of title reigns that were subpar at worse and fairly decent at best, plus her ability inside the ring as well as the way that she carried herself as champion helped to make the division feel important.

30e05-1535707878-500 (1)

Months following her debut, Tessa Blanchard took on her rival Allie and Knockouts Champion, Su Yung in a three way bout for the title on a special episode of Impact titled Redefied.

Tessa would end up winning that match and becoming the new champion, fun fact as soon as she headed to the backstage area she not only cut a promo putting the Knockouts Division on notice but also made an emotional phone call to her family following the win which was capture by TMZ of all people.

As Knockouts Champion, Tessa would defend her championship against athletes like Su Yung, Giesele Shaw, Faby Apache and Taya Valkyrie; Blanchard's well known mean streak resonated throughout her entire time as champion, brazenly telling anyone who would listen that she was the best and backing up those claims in the ring.

tessa-blanchard world champion

After losing the title and losing a number one contender's match with Jordynne Grace, Tessa would go one to have a match with the legendary Gail Kim at Rebellion 2019 and then went on to feud with Sami Callihan which eventually led to her being the first woman to become Impact World Champion...but let's just forget how it ended.

Above all, Tessa's time as champion was an impressive one and she helped to inject some new life and intrigue into the division as a result.

Tessa Blanchard Wins the Knockouts Championship! | IMPACT! Highlights Aug 30, 2018 - YouTube

Tessa Blanchard Puts the Knockouts Division on NOTICE | IMPACT! Highlights Aug 30, 2018 - YouTube

Tessa Blanchard Calls Parents After Winning Impact Knockouts Title | TMZ Sports - YouTube 

Tessa Blanchard vs Su Yung: Knockouts Championship | IMPACT! Highlights Sep 6, 2018 - YouTube

Tessa Blanchard vs Faby Apache: Knockouts Championship | IMPACT! Highlights Sep 27, 2018 - YouTube

Taya Valkyrie Takes Tessa Blanchard TO THE LIMIT at Bound for Glory 2018! - YouTube

Tessa Blanchard vs Taya Valkyrie: Knockouts Championship | IMPACT! Highlights Nov 1, 2018 - YouTube

Impact wrestling Tessa vs Gail - YouTube

Tessa Blanchard vs Sami Callihan: FULL MATCH (Unbreakable 2019) | IMPACT Wrestling Full Matches - YouTube

Tessa Blanchard Wins IMPACT World Championship! | IMPACT! Highlights Jan 14, 2020 - YouTube


2. Taylor Wilde

Unless you've been watching Impact Wrestling since the late 2000's, then you probably don't recognize this knockout, in fact some of you might know her today for her podcast but back in her heyday as part of the Knockouts Division she proved that she was a tough competitor especially when you look at how she won the Knockouts Championship in the first place.

By 2008, Awesome Kong along with her manager, Raisha Saeed practically ran the Knockouts Division with an iron fist with Kong dominating every single Knockout that stood in her way; In fact, she dominated some much that her manager went on to issue the $250,000 challenge which meant that any women at the age of 18 or older come step into and take on Kong.

After a few weeks and failed first attempt, Taylor Wilde (who was first introduced as a fan in the crowd) got another opportunity to fight for the title after defeating Raisha Saeed the previous week. What followed was not only a career making match by Taylor but she also shocked the wrestling world when she defeated Kong in a major upset to become the new Knockouts Champion and become $250,000 richer.

Taylor's time as champion saw her defend her title against Awesome Kong at Victory Road and Bound For Glory, Angelina Love at No Surrender, Velvet Sky twice on Impact and Roxxi also at Bound For Glory; On the October 23rd 2008 edition Impact, Awesome Kong would regain her Knockouts Championship from Wilde thanks to some interference from Raisha Saeed.


After failing to regain the title at Lockdown 2009, Taylor Wilde would go on to do some pretty impressive and history making things in the Knockouts Division like having a two month feud with Daffney which led to both ladies competing in two monster's ball matches with the second one being the first mixed tag team monster's ball match in company history.

Soon after that, Taylor would team with Sarita to become the first ever Knockouts Tag Team Champions at No Surrender 2009 which made Taylor Wilde the first knockout to have held the Knockouts Title and the Knockouts Tag Team Titles in her career.

While her career came to an end a year or two later, Taylor has since made her return to the company that made her famous as of April of 2021.

TNA: Taylor Wins The TNA Women's Championship - YouTube

Taylor Wilde vs Awesome Kong - Knockouts Championship (Victory Road, 2008) - YouTube

Taylor Wilde vs Angelina Love - Knockouts Championship (No Surrender, 2008) - YouTube

BFG 2008 - Taylor Wilde (c) vs Roxxi vs Awesome Kong - YouTube

First-Ever Knockouts MONSTER'S BALL Match! (Sacrifice 2009) | IMPACT Wrestling Full Matches - YouTube

Taylor Wilde & Abyss vs Daffney & Raven - Monster's Ball Match (Slammiversary, 2009) - YouTube

First-Ever Knockouts Tag Team Champions Crowned! (No Surrender 2009) | Classic IMPACT Moments - YouTube

Taylor and Hamada Win Knockouts Gold - YouTube


1. Taya Valkyrie

Yeah it's a safe bet you knew this was coming even before you read the article but honest I don't think there will be anyone who can argue that Taya Valkyrie doesn't deserve this honor.

After returning to the company from a brief hiatus in late 2018, Taya Valkyrie challenged Tessa Blanchard for the Knockouts Championship at that year's Bound For Glory event but she was unsuccessful. 

For the rest of 2018 until early 2019 the feud between Taya and Tessa continued on, leading another title match at the Homecoming pay per view.

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Tessa would go on to lose the match and the title thanks to Blanchard's hubris when it came to special guest referee Gail Kim, which would lead to Tessa and Gail having that match at Rebellion as previously mentioned.

After successfully retaining the title against Tessa in a street fight in Mexico, Taya would soon turn heel alongside her husband and pro wrestler, Johnny Impact (aka John Morrison) as this is where Taya's title reign began to get interesting. 

Taya would defend her title against every female on the active roster until she become the most dominant female wrestler on the roster and she even beat Tessa Blanchard again this time to become the Reina de Reinas Champion for Triple A, making her the first and only knockout to have held Triple A and Impact's women's titles at the same time.


By the time 2019 came to an end, Taya became the longest reigning Knockouts Champion in company history surpassing Taryn Terrell's 279 day reign but on February 11th 2020 Taya's rival, Jordynne Grace would dethrone her and became the new Knockouts Champion ending Valkyrie's reign at 377 days making her the not only the longest reigning Knockouts Champion but the longest reigning champion in company history.

Much like all of the other entries on this list, Taya failed to regain the title and soon moved on to former a friendship and tag team with Rosemary before until leaving the company in January of 2021 after revealing herself as the culprit who was responsible in the shooting of her manager/valet, John E.'s a long story.

To sum it up, Taya Valkyrie's reign as champion has set a new standard for the Knockouts Division and helped to elevate the title in way that many others are trying to do since she left and combined with the matches and achievements she had during and after that title reign is why I say that Taya Valkyrie is the Best One Time Knockouts Champion in Impact Wrestling.

Tessa Blanchard vs Taya Valkyrie: STREET FIGHT (Uncaged Feb 15, 2019) | IMPACT Full Matches - YouTube

Taya vakyrie vs jordynne grace rebellion - YouTube

Jordynne Grace vs Taya Valkyrie: Knockouts Championship FULL MATCH | IMPACT Wrestling Full Matches - YouTube

Taya Valkyrie & Jordynne Grace Have a DRINKING CONTEST! | IMPACT Plus Sneak Peek - YouTube

Taya Valkyrie vs ODB vs Jordynne Grace: FULL MATCH (Hard To Kill 2020) | IMPACT Full Matches - YouTube

Monster's ball, su yung vs taya vs rosemary vs havok - YouTube

Tessa Blanchard vs. Taya Valkyrie Reina de Reinas Champion AAA Invading NewYork 2019 Full Match HD - YouTube

Tenille Dashwood vs Taya Valkyrie Impact Wrestling - YouTube

Jordynne Grace Wins Knockouts Title, Ends Taya's Historic Reign! | IMPACT! Highlights Feb 11, 2020 - YouTube

Jordynne Grace & Taya Valkyrie RETURN in Knockouts Title Matchup! | IMPACT! Highlights June 9, 2020 - YouTube

Every Title Defense of Taya Valkyrie's HISTORIC Knockouts Championship Reign! | IMPACT Wrestling - YouTube

So who do you think is the Best One Time Knockouts Champion in TNA/Impact Wrestling? Let know in the comments or on social media.

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