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Two Matches Announced For Next Week's Impact Wrestling; Updated Board For the Bound For Glory Series

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Next Week's Impact Wrestling

For those that missed this week's Impact Wrestling (results can be found here), Hulk Hogan has announced two matches for next week's show. While Hulk did mess up the last match by saying it was going to happen, "This week," it will be occur the following week.

12 Man Gauntlet Match - Winner Receives 20 points in the Bound for Glory Series
- Magnus, Austin Aries, Bobby Roode, Jeff Hardy, Christopher Daniels, AJ Styles, Samoa Joe, Mr. Anderson, Kazarian, Joseph Park, Jay Bradley

Bully Ray vs. Sting in a non-title match.

We will have live coverage of the show next week here on

Bound For Glory Series

Below is the updated list of the Bound for Glory Series:

1. Magnus - 39 points
2. Austin Aries - 35 points
3. Bobby Roode - 34 points
4. Jeff Hardy - 31 points
5. Christopher Daniels - 30 points
6. AJ Styles - 29 points
7. Samoa Joe - 26 points
8. Mr. Anderson - 24 points
9. Kazarian - 22 points
10. Joseph Park - 17 points
11. Hernandez - 7 points
12. Jay Bradley - 7 points

As mentioned above, there will be a 12 men Gauntlet Match next week. That match is the last match to receive points in the Series. The top 4 will go on to compete at No Surrender.

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