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Update: Reports That Kurt Angle Has Re-Signed With TNA Premature

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There is a potential story brewing in regards to Kurt Angle’s status with TNA Wrestling.

We reported shortly after TNA announced their new agreement with Destination America that Angle had re-signed with the company and was back for another year. In addition to hearing from sources that Angle was off the market and locked in, we’re told Destination America was operating that a deal was completed [with Angle] last week.

This appeared even more obvious when Angle was included in all of the promotional material for Impact’s move to the network. He even Tweeted about it on his verified Twitter account:

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Now, we’re hearing that report could be premature.

Sources are disputing that Angle has physically signed a contract with TNA Wrestling and has still only “agreed in principle” to return to the company. The claim is the contract has not been physically signed.

So to recap, sources indicate Destination America was led to believe Kurt Angle re-signed with TNA Wrestling last week when it was clear they were going to be Impact’s new TV home in the United States. Angle’s signing was important to Destination America as they view him as the biggest star in TNA, hence our earlier report of Angle as the face of TNA.

However, sources indicate a deal has been reached in principle between Angle and TNA so this could be a mere technicality but we must mention it is being disputed that Angle has physically signed a new contract with TNA Wrestling.

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