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Update On #TheWrestlers Heading Into Amazing Race Finale

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Robbie E and BrookeThe Wrestlers — had to perform a Speed Bump on this week’s episode of The Amazing Race because they finished in last place last week.

They ended up coming through leg 11 in 1st place. Next week is the 12th and final leg.

Here’s the updated results before the finale:

  1. Brooke & Robbie (The Wrestlers)
  2. Adam & Bethany (Soul Surfers)
  3. Misty & Jim (The Dentists)
  4. Amy & Maya (Sweet Scientists)
  5. Kym & Alli (The Cyclists)
  6. Tim & Te Jay (College Sweethearts)
  7. Shelley & Nici (Mother/Daughter)
  8. Keith & Whitney (Team Nashville)
  9. Michael & Scott (The Firefighters)
  10. Dennis & Isabelle (The Dating Couple)
  11. Lisa & Michelle (Miami Realtors)

Here’s the reaction from Twitter:

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