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Update On The Wrestlers In The Amazing Race: Did Brooke & Robbie Survive Elimination?

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Brooke and Robbie — The Wrestlers — have survived the 8th leg of The Amazing Race. They just staved off elimination, finishing in 5th place while the team beneath them was eliminated.

Below is the updated board:

  1. Adam & Bethany (Soul Surfers)
  2. Misty & Jim (The Dentists)
  3. Kym & Alli (The Cyclists)
  4. Amy & Maya (Sweet Scientists)
  5. Brooke & Robbie (The Wrestlers)
  6. Tim & Te Jay (College Sweethearts)
  7. Shelley & Nici (Mother/Daughter)
  8. Keith & Whitney (Team Nashville)
  9. Michael & Scott (The Firefighters)
  10. Dennis & Isabelle )The Dating Couple)
  11. Lisa & Michelle (Miami Realtors)

TNA Wrestling Tweeted their congratulations:

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