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Vice President Of TNA John Gaburick Interview - Talks About AJ Styles, Sting, The X-Division, Six Sided Ring Returning, Jeff Jarrett, Creative, & More

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John Gaburick, was part of an exclusive Q&A session hosted by Jeremy Borash. TNA Wrestling asked fans all over the internet to send their questions for John to answer. Below is the recap of the interview:

  • John has been with the company for 10 months now and really puts over his job with the company and the people he works with. He and his family are happy and is looking forward to the future.
  • He states that when he first was named Head of Creative and Talent Relations in November, he wanted young, diverse, and dynamic talent as well as mixing them with veteran talent to help and teach. He is looking at ways to make the roster better all the time.
  • John puts over AJ Styles as he states he is one of the best wrestlers of his generation. They gave AJ, what he thought, was a fair offer but he decided to go somewhere else. He wishes him nothing but the best. However, if the timing is right and if he has a slot open then he will welcome him back with open arms.
  • He states it was an honor to work with Sting. His contract came to an end and he moved on. He is always welcome as TNA is his home. He will welcome him back with open arms.
  • John says the days of the 6 foot 4 guys main eventing are over. TNA was part of giving the guys of the X-Division to main event. They blurred the lines between X-Division and main event. They are always recruiting for talent for the company.
  • The company is very excited to have Brittany on board and The Beautiful People back together. He says you can't get any better female talent than TNA's Knockouts. John says the Knockouts are the very best at what they do in the ring. They will continue to spend time on developing the division.
  • Jeremy Borash brings up Jesse Sorensen and John states they gave Jesse a job in television production to learn a new skill. He states he was very good at it, but he had that wrestling bug. John's doctors wouldn't clear Jesse to get back in the ring and until they cleared him, John wouldn't allow him to compete in TNA.
  • He states we will see the six sided ring back in TNA. When that will be is a closely guarded secret. He goes on to say that the six sided ring is a fabric of who they are. It helped make TNA. It will continue to be part of who they are.
  • John Gaburick states the locker room moral is "outstanding". They came off of a successful UK Tour and it just continued to flow from that. The leaders of the locker room are leaders but also teachers.
  • He says Jeff Jarrett is no longer involved in the day-t0-day operations of the company but he is still an owner. He is somebody they, "charge to recruit and find international and domestic talent and bring them back to TNA." He wishes Jeff nothing but the best.
  • John states when he became Head of Creative, he stepped back and looked at the show in what it needed. He praises Eric Bischoff and Jason Hervey for introducing them to the reality backstage shooting. They are just scratching the surface of that and will continue with it. He also states that they want to really develop the characters by showing videos of the character's past and how they came about so the viewers could either like or dislike them - instead of just throwing them out in the ring.
  • He praises David Lagana and Matt Conway for being the writers of TNA Wrestling. The buck stops with John though as he makes the final decisions. However, there are consultants who work on the show and they get input from wrestlers and announcers. They want team work. They want partners with the wrestlers so they feel great about their future. It's a productive environment to work with.
  • They discuss the live event situation in the company and their new Fist Pumping Party before every live event. It's an interactive experience with the wrestlers and the fans to party before the show. They hope to continue with it as they roll out more live events this year.
  • John states they invested a lot in their international growth. They are the most popular wrestling show in the United Kingdom. They are expanding in India, Europe, and Japan.
  • He brings up the partnership with Wrestle-1 in Japan. He hopes to continue the partnership and hopes to partner with Mexico.
  • John says that they have to change and evolve or you die. The landscape of the television business in the United States continue to change and they rolled out the #Impact365 initiative to reflect that.
  • He states that Spike TV is a great partner. They are fantastic to work with. He hopes to continue the partnerships as he can't imagine a better set-up than they have now.
  • Lastly, he looks at where the company has been in 12 years ago and where they are now and they are just getting started. It's really exciting for the company and he can't wait for the future.

Check out the interview below (or at this link):

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