Vince Russo Finished w/TNA; Loves Taz w/All His "Heart And Soul"


Vince Russo seems to spark controversy no matter what he's doing.

The former WWF, WCW and TNA Wrestling creative writer was officially removed from the head of TNA's creative team in February 2012, however, a working relationship ensued all the way into this month. While TNA denied that was the case when we contacted them in January 2014, Russo himself confirmed he had been working for TNA as a consultant. Russo now says he's finished with TNA.

The following is from his Twitter account:

At least one person currently employed by TNA won't miss Mr. Russo. Taz Tweeted the following from his verified Twitter account:

Russo told a fan that he loves Taz with all his "heart and soul." Below is another conversation, in which Taz responds:

">@Martytude I respect that your a fan of VR, but frankly u should stay outta peoples business that u dont know. Thank u.

— TAZ (@OfficialTAZ) July 29, 2014

As we reported here at, when Spike TV found out that TNA Wrestling had been lying to them about Russo's involvement, their negotiations for a new television agreement took a big hit.

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