Watch Several Video Highlights From Last Night's Impact Wrestling - What Did You Think Of The Show?


Embedded in the videos below are several highlights from last night's Impact Wrestling.

After watching, head on over to our Facebook page and give the show a school letter grade:

Brooke Tessmacher Returns To IMPACT WRESTLING

Bully Ray and Crimson vs Austin Aries and Matt Morgan

RVD Becomes The #1 Contender for The World Title

Gunner Shoots for the Television Title Against Devon

Garett Bischoff Bids His "Old Man" Farewell

Everyone Wants A Piece of Bobby Roode

Hulk Hogan Announced "Open Fight Night" On IMPACT WRESTLING

EY and ODB's Honeymoon

Will James Storm Walk Away From Wrestling?

Dear AJ - You've Got....Blackmail.

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