What Happened Between TNA & Destination America, Dixie Carter's Damaging Email


Court Bauer and Mister Saint Laurent had more on TNA Wrestling’s situation with Destination America on Episode 181 of MLW Radio that you can listen to at this link.

In it, MSL talked about there being quarterly meetings between TNA and Destination America. There was one when they first started in January and another was scheduled in late April.

In mid-late April, Destination America had sent out some viewership numbers that Impact had been doing on the network. Dixie Carter was reportedly upset because they weren’t the C3 numbers (the C3 numbers are the live viewership numbers plus three days of DVR viewership and are the metric used to sell advertisements). Apparently Destination America had only been sending out the live viewership numbers.

According to MSL on the podcast, Carter sent out an internal email [to other TNA officials] complaining about the numbers that Destination America were sending out. However, in her email, she’d inadvertently copied the president of Destination America on it.

TNA figured out what had happened and were in a panic.

A week or so after this happened, TNA’s second quarterly meeting with Destination America was scheduled. Dixie Carter, who was at the meeting in January, was not there. As MSL pointed out on the podcast, it wouldn’t be hard to assume she didn’t attend because she was embarrassed but it was likely said she had a scheduling conflict.

A week or so after that, Destination America decided not to include Impact on their Fall 2015 schedule prior to moving the series from Friday to Wednesday. TNA was notified that Impact Wrestling would not be included on the upcoming Fall schedule.

This is what sparked Dave Meltzer’s report that we recapped at this link.

You can listen to Episode 181 of MLW Radio at this link.

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Please note this is not an original report by Wrestling News World. This news was first reported on the MLW Podcast and was recapped by Richard Gray of WrestlingNewsWorld.com. They deserve full credit and you can listen to the podcast -- with the TNA story starting at 18:00 -- at this link.

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