Why Destination America Must Publicly Address Impact’s Status


The story that has dominated headlines since Wednesday night — even overshadowing the WWE NXTdebut of Samoa Joe — is the status of Impact Wrestling on Destination America.

Rumors began to run rampant once a report attributed to Dave Meltzer’s Wrestling Observer publication leaked that Destination America had marked Impact for cancelation at the end of September 2015. TNA executive Bob Ryder was vague but reassured fans TNA wasn’t going out of business.

TNA’s Public Relations department issued a statement, stating that “internet news sources” were “falsely” attributing statements to them, their executives and broadcasting partner. They even threatened possible legal action as a result of “defamation.”

Other names have inserted themselves into the conversation, including TNA’s new senior producer of creative and talent development Billy Corgan. Corgan stated the whole truth wasn’t being reported and called Dave Meltzer’s original report “highly irresponsible.”

Below are his Tweets:

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The Vince Russo (or Vinny Ru) mention has to do with a story from last year. In January 2014 Russo was rumored to be working for TNA Wrestling when a company spokesman told me via email he was “not a TNA employee.”. When Russo accidentally sent an email to Mike Johnson of PWInsider.com in July 2014 that was meant for Mike Tenay, it was learned Russo was working for TNA after all. Russo explained TNA was using him as a consultant to work with their announce team but it was meant to remain confidential. He admitted he was a TNA employee. A report surfaced in July 2014 by TMZ that Impact Wrestling’s contract would not be renewed by Spike TV, effectively canceling the show on the network. In response, both TNA executive Bob Ryder and Dixie Carter stated negotiations with Spike TV were ongoing with Ryder boldly stating, “Reports are not true.” As it turns out, Spike allowed TNA to stay through the end of the year [after the agreement ended in October 2014] but the TMZ report was accurate. TMZ never altered their original report, nor did they post a retraction. I ran into a personal experience with Mr. Ryder after he claimed Nigel Sherrod, who we reported worked for TNA, did not work there. He also claimed he had never even heard of him. Dave Meltzer’s report is similar to what TMZ reported in regards to their situation with Spike TV. It’s hard to trust what TNA says because they’ve been caught lying multiple times. Any statement issued by TNA is going to be taken with great skepticism due to the aforementioned issues surrounding Russo, Spike TV and past denials about otherwise true reports. On the flip side, Meltzer is reporting behind anonymous sources and has been wrong before. Much has been written about TNA Wrestling by many outlets that turned out to be half-truths or not true at all. While TNA has certainly been shed in a negative light for blatantly telling lies, it's hard to absolve internet wrestling publications of wrongdoing. At this point, the best thing for clarity would be for Destination America to publicly address Impact Wrestling’s status on their network. Until then, rumors and speculation are bound to run rampant. It's my personal belief that not only do the fans deserve an explanation but also do the talent and the employees of the company. The only way this story can be properly resolved is for Destination America (or their parent company Discovery Communications) to step in and explain the situation.

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