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Impact Wrestling for weeks leading up to Slammiversary have been using the phrase "The landscape will change FOREVER" and on July 18th, 2020 the landscape of the Knockouts Division changed as Deonna Purrazzo defeated Jordynne Grace for the Knockouts Championship and Kylie Rae was crowned #1 contender. 

Now that we have a new champion and challenger I would like to dive head first into the fantasy booking pool and see tell how I would book this feud.

The next time that Impact will be back on PPV again this year will be October for Bound For Glory. It is here at this PPV I would pull the trigger on Kylie Rae becoming the new Knockouts Champion. It was at this PPV last year that Kylie made her Impact debut so it would come around full circle. 

I would begin this where we left off and that is with the former champion Jordynne Grace getting her rematch. I would have both champion and challenger booked in singles matches over the next two weeks after Slammiversary to build them up and make them both look strong and have Jordynne Grace demand after picking up the victory in her match. Deonna will either come out on the ramp or appear on the tron and say that now she has won the championship that she will now bring class and virtue to the KnockoutsDivision. She will also says that if you haven't learned by now that we do things on the champion's time from now on. The match will be made for next week later in the show. 

The following week it's time for the rematch between Jordynne Grace and Deonna Purrazzo. During the nigjr we will hear from the #1 contender Kylie Rae on her thoughts of the match and who she would like to face. Kylie being the ultimate babyface that she will say that it doesn't matter who it is that she will be ready for them. I see the match going two ways. One will be that Deonna Purrazzo will find a way to retain her title clean or the match could end in DQ. I would book the finish clean as a DQ finish doesn't fit the Virtuosa character. After the match Kylie would come down to the ring and try to say hi and shake hands with the champion but Deonna will look at her in disguise and say that she doesn't fraternize amateurs and lock her in the Fujiwara Armbar. She will refuse to let go when referees and producers come from the back to break it. This will lead to Susie coming out to match the save.

Due to being in the Fujiwara Armbar for a significant amount of time Rae will begin to show the lasting effects of the hold and unable to compete for a few weeks. This will lead to Susie standing up the virtues champion in Kylie's honor by challenging her to a match. The following week we get the match and surprisingly Susie will catch Purrazzo off guard and pick up the win setting up a championship match in the two weeks. 

It is now time for the Knockouts Championship to be defended and the result of this match will see Deonna retain her championship with the armbar but will refuse to break the hold which leads to the return of Kylie Rae. She will make the save for her friend/tag team partner and attack the champion. Ove the next two weeks Kylie Rae will be in action and will begin to show signs of intensity and a more serious character. 

After her match Susie will question her friend as she seems a little different and less Smiley Kylie as of late. Kylie will assure her that everything is fine and I'm still the same person. We get a backstage interview with Kylie who reminds everyone that she is still the #1 contender and never got her title shot yet. So she challenges Deonna Purrazzo to a submission match at Bound For Glory for the Knockouts Championship. It will be STF vs Fujiwara Armbar. 

The stakes are high for this match as no one has been able to take the title from the dominant champion and Bound For Glory marks the one year anniversary of Kylie's Impact debut. During the match Kylie will have Susie in her corner who will hit Deonna with a palmstrike as payback for attacking her earlier in the match behind the back on the referee which will allow Kylie to lock in the Smile to the Finish for the submission victory and become the NEW Knockouts Champion bringing this full circle. 

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