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Commentary: Mike Tenay and Don West

Team Canada vs Team International(Amazing Red, Sonjay Dutt, and Hector Garza):

The bell rings here we go. Both Sonjay Dutt and Amazing Red ran and dived over the top rope and crashing down onto members of Team Canada. Garza then follows them out to the floor as well launching him onto the third member of Team Canada and then stomps him in the midsection leading to a punch to the face. Sonjay then rolls Eric Young back in the ring. Dutt then lays in the rights to the head of Young and looks for an irish whip attempt but Young counters and sends Dutt into the ropes. Dutt then comes off the ropes with a til-ta-whirl headscissors. Dutt then drives Young face first into the turnbuckle before tagging out to Amazing Red. Red then comes into the ring and continues the attack with kicks to the midsection. Dutt and Red then perform some tandem offense as they shoot Young into the ropes and catch him with a double drop toehold leading to a double dropkick to the face. Dutt finally exists the ring and Red continues the onslaught. Red lays in the rights to Young leading to a kick to the midsection followed by an irish whip attempt which EY counters sending him into the ropes and being kicked in the back by Bobby Roode. Young then catches Red off the ropes with a backbreaker across his knee. The rest of Team International jumps into the ring leading to the red ring distracted which allows for Team Canada to triple jump Red in the corner. Roode who is now legal picks up Red and walk him around the ring a bit before driving him back first into one of the six turnbuckles. Roode then drives his shoulder multiple times into the midsection of Red before drilling him with a shot to the head. Roode then kicks him in the gut leading to an irish whip into the opposite ropes but drops his head allowing for Red to kick him in the face. Red then hits the ropes again and Roode takes him down with a back elbow followed up by an elbow drop to the chest. Roode then follows up with a knee drop to the chest off the ropes for a two count. The finish of the match sees the match break down into chaos with Hector Garza hitting a twisting moonsault on Bobby Roode for the pinfall victory.

Winners: Team International via Twisting Moonsault 

We then get a look back at the first two years of TNA with a flashback of Toby Keith making his iMPACT! debut.

Shark Boy vs Abyss:

The bell rings and here we go. Abyss enters the ring and charges right at Shark Boy who ducks the clothesline attempt and lays in the right to the head of Abyss. Shark Boy then looks to whip Abyss into the ropes but can’t pull the over 300 pound frame of the monster. Abyss then sends Shark Boy into the ropes who comes off and slides through the legs of Abyss. Abyss then goes for a choke slam attempt but Shark Boy breaks the grip by biting the hand. Shark Boy then dropkicks Abyss into the corner and follows him in and stands over him while on the middle rope and looks to hammer him in the head leading to Abyss pushing him away. Abyss then charges at Shark Boy again who ducks and runs towards the ropes and comes off jumping at Abyss only to get caught and slammed down to the mat. Abyss then charges right at Shark Boy in the corner then Abyss picks him up for the torture rack but Shark Boy slips out the back. Shark Boy then ducks another clothesline attempt but gets caught in a Blackhole slam off the the ropes for the pinfall victory.

Winner: Abyss via Blackhole Slam

We then see the Popeye character make his way to ringside to give Shark Boy a hand after his lost to the monster. 

We then get a preview of the upcoming match for the NWA Tag Team Championship as America’s Most Wanted challenges Kid Kash and Dallas for the belts. 

America’s Most Wanted vs Kid Kash and Dallas(NWA World Tag Team Championships):

The bell rings and we are underway. Storm and Kash start off the match. Kid Kash means most of the first minute of this 30 minute championship match jawjacking with the fans in attendance. They finally lock up with Storm getting the advantage as he goes behind of Kash with a waistlock. Kash is then able to slip free and goes behind with a hammerlock and paintbrushes the back of Storm’s head. The Cowboy is then able to slip free and goes behind with a hammerlock as well. Kash then slips free of the hold and takes down Storm with a drop toehold and transitions into a front face lock. Storm then breaks free of the grip and looks to lock in a hammerlock from a kneeling position but Kash is having none of it. Kash is able to roll through as he tries to make it back up to his feet but Storm maintains the hold. Storm then twists the arm of Kash and takes him down to the mat and locks in a headlock. Kash immediately makes it back to his feet and breaks the hold with a series of elbows to the gut of Storm. Kash then hits the ropes and takes him down with a shoulder block. Kash then hits the ropes again and this time Storm stays down as Kash leaps over him. Kash comes off the ropes one more time as Storm leapfrogs over him then ends up on the receiving end of a Monkey Flip. We learn from Mike Tenay in this match that in TNA if the champions lose by any means necessary in a championship match that they will lose their titles. Storm then turns Kash inside out with a clothesline before tagging out to his partner “Wildcat” Chris Harris. Storm then whips Kash into one of the six turnbuckles before Storm starts an irish whip attempt with Harris before he then turns it around and whips Storm into Kash. Storm then sends Kash back into the original corner he came from leading to a bulldog known as the Face Jam and a two count from Harris as Dallas comes in to break the pin. Harris then grabs the wrist of Kash and twists the arm before tagging out to Storm. James then climbs to the top and drops a double hammer fist onto the arm of Kash. The finish of the match sees Chris Harris drill Kash with a spear leading to a big boot from Dallas to Harris. Dallas goes for the boot again but Storm ducks and Dallas crotches on the top rope and Storm rolls him up for the pinfall victory. We have NEW NWA TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS.

Winners: America’s Most Wanted via Roll Up

After the match we learn that the special judge this week for when matches end in a time limit draw is none other than “The American Dream” Dusty Rhodes. We also get an in ring interview with Dusty leading to a confrontation between Jeff Jarrett and Dusty Rhodes.

We then get a highlight video package about the X-Division. 

We then go backstage to Shane Douglas who interviews the Director of Authority Vince Russo. Russo says that he knows who the fourth person in the #1 contenders fatal four way match is and that we will find out when he makes his way to the ring.

Chris Sabin vs Elix Skipper, Michael Shane, and AJ Styles(Fatal Four Way #1 Contenders Match):

The bell ring and here we go. Shane drills Skipper with a shot to the head while Sabin and Styles go at each other. Sabin lays in forearm shots to Styles and looks to whip him into the ropes but Styles counters and sends Sabin into the ropes. Shane then hits Skipper again in the face and has him reeling on the ropes. Sabin puts on the brakes when he hits the ropes leading to him performing a drop toehold on Styles who goes into the middle rope. On the other side of the ring Shane has Skipper in the corner and looks to punch him in the face but Sabin comes in from behind and drills Shane with a forearm to the face. Sabin then looks for an irish whip attempt but Shane counters that and launches Sabin into the sky and brings him down with a gutbuster across his knee. Styles comes back to life and hits a superkick on Shane. Skipper then steps up on the back of Sabin and goes over Shane to hit a hurricanrana on Styles. Sabin then hits a running clothesline to Skipper and they both go over the top rope to the floor. Shane and Styles are the only ones left in the ring at the moment as Shane begins drilling Styles with shots to the head. Shane then looks to pick up Styles who is able to reverse and goes behind. Shane then hits the ropes as Styles leapfrogs over him then Shane hits the ropes again as Styles drops down. Shane looks to hit the ropes again but Styles catches him with a picture perfect dropkick. Styles then lays in the forearm shots as Sabin makes his way back up to the apron. Styles then hits the ropes as Sabin springboards off the top rope over Shane to take down Styles. The finish of the match sees Shane looking for the superkick on Sabin but Styles srpingboards off the top ropes and takes down Shane leading to a Styles Clash for the win.

Winner: AJ Styles via Styles Clash

After the match X-Division Champion Kazarian and Challenger AJ Styles come face to face to close the show.

My Take: A

This was the very first episode of iMPACT! and I have to say that they hit it out of the park. What a way to kickstart your promotion on TV. We are also in the era of Wednesday Night PPVs as this episode build towards the show as we got three matches set for the PPV. The matches I recommend to watch from this show is the tag title match between AMA and Kash/Dallas as well as the Fatal Four Way X-Division main event. 

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