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Commentary: Mike Tenay and Don West

We go backstage to Shane Douglas as he is at the door or Jeff Jarrett’s dressing room. Larry Zybysko comes out of the room and says that it was the biggest legal battle he ever seen. We then go to Scott Hudson who is at the door of Kevin Nash’s dressing room looking to get a word with him. 

Petey Williams vs Elix Skipper:

The bell rings and we are underway. Petey goes for a lock up but Elix goes for the legs and takes him down to the mat. While on the ground he grabs control of the arm and transitions into a crucifix pin for a two count. Petey then immediately transitions into a front face lock only for Skipper to roll through into a hammerlock. Petey then slips out and locks in a head scissors hold. Skipper then pops his head free of the hold and locks in a headlock but Petey is a able to slip free and locks in a hammerlock. Both guys finally make it back to their feet only for a Petey to sweep the leg of Skipper and gets a one count as Skipper bridges out. Elix then goes for a spinning heel kick but Petey ducks out of the way and hits a rolling heel kick and looks for something else only for a Elix to shoot him off with his feet. Elix then leaps over Petey and hits him with a dropkick sending him to the floor. Petey then reenters the ring and locks up with Skipper. They hold onto each for a while as Skipper has the strength advantage and pushes him around the ring. They wind up in a corner where Petey climbs it and the hold is eventually broken with a hip toss off the middle rope from Skipper. Petey then looks for a time out as he goes into the ropes and the referee breaks it up and Petey takes him in the eyes. Skipper is able to come back with a snapmare then a kick to the back. Skipper then looks for an whip but Petey reverses leading to Skipper leaping over him as Petey followed him in. Elix then goes for a slam but Petey is able to escape and throws him to the floor allowing Scott D’Amore to get a cheap shot in as he distracts the referee. The finish of the match sees Skipper able to hit his new finisher called Sudden Death to pick up the win.

Winner: Elix Skipper via Sudden Death 

Michael Shane and Kazarian vs B.G. James and Jeff Hammon: 

The bell rings and we are underway. James and Kazarian start the match. Kazarian calls out Hammon and wants him in the ring but James is having none of it. Shane tags into the match now and is also calling out Hammon. Hammon finally tags himself into the match. Shane and Hammon go nose to nose with each other trash talking. They begin to shove each other with Hammon getting the better of the exchange. He then grabs control of Shane’s arm and wrings it out a bit before tagging out to James who comes in and kicks the arm of Shane. James then grabs control of the arm only to tag back in Hammon who climbs to the top and drops the hammer fist on the arm of Shane. Hammon then begins to wring out the arm again before tagging out to James. James then locks in a key lock onto Shane who then pushes James to his corner and allows Kazarian to kick him in the back to break the hold. Kazarian then enters the ring and they continue to double team James as they whip him into the ropes and look for a double clothesline attempt but James is able to duck and kick Shane in the face. Kazarian then rolls off the back of James but also eats a boot for his troubles. The finish of the match sees Jeff Hammon hit the Pit Stop Elbow Drop for the win. 

Winners: B.G. James and Jeff Hammon via The Pit Stop

We then go to Dusty Rhodes as the lawyer for Jeff Jarrett wants Dusty to sign a paper that will null and void the stipulation. The lawyer says if he doesn’t sign then he will have Dusty evicted. 

Raven vs Dustin Rhodes: 

The bell rings and we are underway. Raven and Dustin go face to face and nose to nose with each other before Raven clicks him with a couple of forearm shots to the face. Raven continues the onslaught as he beats him down in the turnbuckle with multiple kicks to the midsection and punches to the face before spitting in the face of Dustin. Raven then drills a couple of shots to the head of Dustin before Dustin fights back and tackles him to the mat and lays in the rights to the head of Raven. The match then spills to the floor and Dustin follows him out the ring. Dustin continues the attack as he slams Raven’s head into the steel steps then lights up his chest with a chop. Raven rolls back in the ring only for Dustin to follow him back in and whip him into the ropes. Raven comes back by telegraphing the back bodydrop and kicking Dustin in the face. Raven comes off the ropes and eats a boot from Dustin leading to Dustin choking him out with his boots. Raven is then able to tie up Dustin’s leg in the ropes and begins to focus his attack on the leg. Raven then picks him up and lights him up with jabs to the face before taking him down with a spinning clothesline. The finish of the match sees Raven reverse the ankle lock and use the ropes for leverage to pick up the win. After the match he continues to beat up Dustin who looks to fight back and inadvertently takes out the referee. Raven then is able to get a straight jacket on Dustin and continues to attack but Dustin fights back only to take a garbage can to the head. Cassidy Riley looks to make the save only for Raven to hit the Raven Effect. Finally security comes down to the ring to get rid of Raven. 

Winner: Raven via Rollup 

We then get a video package that Trytant is coming to IMPACT this week

America’s Most Wanted vs Kid Kash and Lance Hoyt(NWA World Tag Team Championship):

The bell rings and we are underway. Storm and Kash start off the match. They lock up and they are going back and forth looking for control and eventually Kash is able to lock in a sideheadlock. Storm is able to slip out of the hold and looks for a full Nelson but Kash is able to escape and goes behind with a waistlock. Storm then looks for a back elbow but Kash is too quick and takes down Storm. James then is able to slip out and goes behind for a hammerlock. Kash then rolls through and transitions into a front face lock. Both guys make it back to their feet as Kash still maintains the hold and is clubbing the back of Storm. They both then begin to trade knee lifts to each other’s midsection. Kash then locks in a headlock before Storm shoots him off into the ropes. James looks to follow him in but Kash kicks him in the kidney and whips him into the ropes. Storm comes off the ropes and takes down Kash with a shoulder block. Storm then hits the ropes again as Kash drops down and Storm leaps over him. Storm then comes off the ropes again leading to a leapfrog from Kash. Kash then attempts a hip toss but Storm blocks it and hits one of his own. Storm then goes for a running clothesline attempt but Kash ducks and goes for a kick but Storm catches the kick and flips over Kash who lands on his knees. Storm then ducks a clothesline attempt from Kash leading to a roll up from Kash but Storm rolls through and sweeps the leg leading to a pin attempt but Kash is back up before the count can begin. They lock up and pushes each other away and we have us a stalemate. Both Storm and Kash tag out to their partners who go face to face with each other leading to Hoyt pushing Harris. The finish of the match sees AMW hit the Death Sentence on Lance Hoyt for the win.

Winners AND STILL NWA World Tag Team Champions:America’s Most Wanted via Death Sentence

We then go backstage as a limo pulls up to the IMPACT Zone and security won’t let Shane Douglas anywhere near the vehicle. 

Abyss vs Jeff Hardy(Full Metal Mayhem):

The bell rings and we are underway. Abyss looks to punch Hardy who ducks and lights up Abyss with shots to the face. He then backs him up into the ropes and goes for an Irish whip on multiple occasions but Abyss puts on the brakes each and every time. Abyss then sends Hardy into the ropes and looks for a clothesline attempt but Hardy ducks and comes off the ropes with a dropkick to the monster. Hardy then comes off the ropes multiple times trying to take down the monster but on the second time Abyss picks him up and he hits hard on the canvas. Abyss then comes off the ropes with a legdrop but Hardy moves out of the way in the nick of time. Hardy then comes back with a legdrop of his own to the no man’s land. Hardy the tosses chairs into the ring but Abyss rolls out to the floor. Hardy then sets up a chair and springs off of it and takes down The Monster on the outside. Hardy then slams Abyss’ face into not only the steel guardrail but also the steel steps. The finish of the match sees Abyss throw Hardy out of the ring and into the tables allowing Abyss to grab the correct envelope earning a future world title match. Hardy has snapped after the match destroying the rest of the tables at ringside. 

Winner: “The Monster” Abyss

Team Canada vs Monty Brown and DDP:

Scott Hall was supposed to be in this match but Scott D’Amore bought out his contract so he is replaced by Eric Young. The bell rings and we are underway. Young and Monty start off the the match. They lock up and Monty throws Eric into the turnbuckle. Young comes back and they lock up again but this time Young gets control of the arm but Monty is able to hit Eric with a back elbow and break the hold. Monty gets control of the arm and has to pull Young off the ropes multiple times. Eric then leaps over the ropes and onto the apron but Monty who still has control of the arm pulls him back into the ring. Eric then slides out to the floor but still no good as Monty just pulls him right back into the ring. Monty then locks in a hammerlock before Eric Young is finally able to break free as he hits Monty with a back elbow. Young then comes off the ropes only to be met with two hip tosses and a clothesline from Monty. Monty then drills Young face first into the top turnbuckle and whips him into the ropes looking for The Pounce but Roode pulls Young out of the ring. Monty then pulls Young back into the ring by one arm before tagging in DDP. They then spin his arms back and forth before flipping him over. They then shoot him off into the ropes and take him down with a double back elbow. The finish of the match sees DDP hit the Diamond Cutter for the win.

Winners: DDP and Monty Brown via Diamond Cutter

AJ Styles vs Christopher Daniels(30 Minute Ironman Match for the X-Division Championship):

The bell rings and we are underway. They lock up and back and forth they go around the ring. Styles is able to go behind on Daniels for a moment only for Daniels to be able to go behind on Styles with a waistlock. They then go back and forth again this time trading front face locks. Both guys make it back to their feet as Daniels has a hold of Styles’ leg. Daniels takes down Styles and focuses on the leg. Styles looks to fight back with a shot to Daniels. Daniels then transitions into a sideheadlock on Styles but AJ is able to make it back to his feet and break the hold as he locks in a top wristlock leading to a waistlock. Daniels breaks the hold with multiple back elbows and hits the ropes look for something but Stulrs is able to leapfrog over leading to a roll up from Daniels for a two count. Styles then stacked up Daniels for a nearfall. Styles then rolls up Daniels again for another nearfall. Styles charges back in but Daniels puts on the brakes and clubs him multiple times in the back. Daniels then drops Styles with a clothesline before locking in a sideheadlock. Styles then hits a couple of shots to the midsection of Daniels before shooting him off into the ropes. Styles then leaps over Daniels before dropping down as Daniels leaps over him and hangs onto the ropes as AJ comes up empty on the dropkick. The finish of the match sees the match end in a time limit draw one fall a piece leading to a sudden death and AJ is somehow able to hit The Styles Clash for the win.


We then see Jeff Jarrett exiting his dressing room and asks his lawyer if he got it done. The lawyer says he couldn’t so Jarrett says that he will get it done by any means necessary.

Kevin Nash vs Jeff Jarrett(NWA World Heavyweight Championship):

The bell rings and we are underway. Jarrett tries to use his speed to stay away from Nash. Kevin is able to catch Jarrett and hits him with a huge kneelift. Kevin then continues with the attack and he drops an elbow to the back followed by a punch to the face. Jarrett is able to escape the grape of Nash as he uses his speed to run the ropes and duck multiple clothesline attempts. Jarrett then shoots Nash into the ropes but Kevin comes back and takes him down with a big back elbow. Nash then puts Jarrett in the corner and hits him with a knee lift before throwing him across the ring by his throat. Nash then sets Jarrett up in the corner as he lays in multiple knee lifts to the the midsection followed by back elbows to the side of the head. Nash then lays in multiple punches to the face before choking Jarrett with his boot. We then get a clean break from Nash before Jarrett turns his attention to the knee and legs of Nash. The finish of the match sees it break down into complete chaos as they brawled all over the IMPACT Zone, Billy Gun came out to help Jarrett, B.G. James and Sean Waltman came out to help Nash but in the end Jarrett one hit a low blow behind the referee’s back and The Stroke one last time to pick up the win and retain the title.

WINNER AND STILL NWA CHAMPION: Jeff Jarrett via The Stroke 

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