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Commentary: Mike Tenay and Don West

Samoa Joe vs Jushin Thunder Liger:
The bell rings and here we go. They lock up with Joe getting the power advantage as he pushes Liger down to the mat. They lock up again with Joe pushing Liger into one of the six turnbuckles. They lock up for a third time with Jushin getting the advantage by lockingbin a sideheadlock on Joe. Joe then shoots Liger off into the ropes and meets him in the middle of the ring with a shoulder block that doesn't take down Liger. Liger hots the ropes again and this time is taken down with a shoulder block. Liger tells Joe to hit the ropes and come at him which Joe obliges but Liger drops down allowing Joe to leap over him and as he come off the ropes Jushin hits a drop toehold. Jushin then comes off the ropes with a low dropkick to the face of Joe. Jushin then attempts to irish whip Joe but he counters and sends Jushin into the ropes and looks for a back bodydrop but Jushin counters with a kick to the face and looks to come off the ropes again but Joe connects with a back elbow leading to Joe hitting the ropes and and runs at Liger who sidesteps and sends Joe to the floor. Liger follows it up with an attempt at a dive but puts on the brakes as he sees Joe move out of the way. Liger then kicks Joe through the ropes then climbs to the top and dives onto Joe taken him down. Both guys make it back in the ring but Jushin opts to climb back to the top and gets caught into a Samoan Drop by Joe. Joe then irish whips Liger into the turnbuckle then follows up with a running kneelift to the face of Liger. Joe then hits a snapmare then a chop to the back leading to a kick to the chest then comes off the ropes with a knne drop to Liger and gets a two count. Joe then locks in a working hold but Liger gets back to his feet and breaks free with shots to the midsection. Jushin then hits the ropes but gets caught in a powerslam for a two count. Joe locks in another working hold but Liger fights back to his feet with a series of elbows to the midsection of Joe. Joe then catches Liger with a knee to the midsection and irish whips him into the corner before following it up with a running kneelift but Liger moves out of the way in time. The finish of the match sees Liger go up top but Joe cuts out his legs then hits the muscle buster into the rear naked choke and Liger passes out.
Winner: Samoa Joe via Rear Naked Choke

After the match we go to a video recap of Fan Fest.

We then go backstage and see Simon Diamond hyping up the Diamonds in the Rough as he tells them that he is tired of losing.

Diamonds In The Rough vs Sonny Siaki, Apolo, and Shark Boy:
The bell rings and here we go. Diamond and Shark Boy start off the match. Diamond kicks Shark Boy in the midsection then a right to the face. Shark Boy comes back with a chop to the chest of Diamond but Simon comes back with a sideheadlock leading to Shark Boy shooting him off into the ropes and Simon takes down Shark Boy with a shoulder block. Shark Boy comes back with punches to the face and midsection but Simon is able to duck and looks for a powerslam but Shark Boy slips out the back and drives the face of Diamond into his knee. Simon then catches Shark Boy off the ropes with a clothesline for a two count. Simon then throws Shark Boy face first into one of the six turnbuckles and follows up with a running clothesline for a two count. Simon then irish whips Shark Boy into the opposite turnbuckle and follows him in but gets caught as Shark Boy gets the boots up. Shark Boy then hops on the top rope and atrempts the death sea dropout but Simon counters with a shot to the face then throws him off the rope and comes off the ropes looking for a legdrop but comes up empty. Shark Boy then bites Simon in the butt which sends him to the floor. Simon then gets back in a tags in Skipper who runs at Shark Boy but is caught by a drop toehold. Shark Boy then rolls over the back of Skipper into a sideheadlock. Both guys get back to their feet with Shark Boy maintaining the hold. Skipper is able to grab the wrist of Shark Boy and twist out of the hold and takes Shark Boy down to the mat while maintaining the wristlock. The finish of the match sees the match break down with everyone taken out everyone with dives to the floor. Back in the ring Skipper lifts up Siaki in the air who is caught by Young and hit with a spinebuster for the pinfall victory.
Winners: Diamonds In The Rough via Elevated Spinebuster

We then see recap of Sonjay Dutt winning a match before Bound For Glory and Raven and Larry Zbyszko getting into a confrontation. Raven would attack Larry Zbyszko leading to Rhino coming out to make the save and confront Raven. Rhino then says that he deserves the title shot over him and hitd him with the gore.

We then go backstage as Shane Douglas interviews Jeff Jarrett with Gail Kim about who will be next in line to challenge him for his title. Monty Brown then confronts Jeff Jarrett and says he will show Jeff that he is at the top of the food chain and take his title from him.

Lance Hoyt vs Monty Brown:
The bell rings and here we go. They lock up and Monty Brown gets the advantage with a hammer lock into a clubbing blow to the back of the neck. They lock up again with Monty getting the advantage with a fireman's carry takedown then stomps the arm of Lance. Monty then hits Lance with a right then turns his back on Lance and plays to the crowd allowing Lance to come back and get off a couple of rights on Monty. Lance then goes for an irish whip but Monty counters into an irish whip of his own. Monty then looks for a clothesline but Lance fucks and comes off the ropes with a shoulder tackle taking down Monty. The finish of the match sees Monty Brown catch Lance Hoyt with the pounce for the pinfall victory.
Winner: Monty Brown via The Pounce

We then go backstage to Shane Douglas who interviews Three Live Crew before their match against Team Canada. We then see Kip James show up and offers his services but Konan rejects the offer.

3 Live KRU vs Team Canada:
The bell rings and here we go. Konan looks for a test of strength but Eric Young kicks him in the midsection and grabs the wrist but Konan is able to spin out of it and puts on a sideheadlock before Eric Young shoots him off into the ropes and he takes down Eric Young with a shoulder block then hits the ropes and leaps over Eric Young who drops down leading to Konan kicking EY in the midsection then irish whips him in the corner. EY then looks to leap over Konan but Roode tags in as Konan brings him down with the Alabama Slam. The finish of the match sees the match break down and Scott D'Amore get up on the apron to distract the referee allowing for Bobby Roode to hit BG James with the hockey stick as Eric Young picks up the win.
Winner: Team Canada via pinfall

After the match Team Canada beat down 3 Live KRU which leads to Kip James coming down and making the save with a steel chair.

We then go backstage to Shane Douglas who is with Larry Zbyszko who is looking to Larry to pick someone to face Jarrett for the title.

Matt Bentley vs Chris Sabin vs Petey Williams(#1 Contender's Ultimate X Match):
The bell rings and here we go. Petey immediately tries to climb the structure but Bentley brings him down and both Bentley and Sabin get the jump on him. Back and forth they go trading shots on Petey. They irish whip Petey and catch him off the ropes with a double hip toss. Bentley then hits Williams with a forearm leading to Sabin hitting a low dropkick that sends Petey to the floor. Bentley then begins to attack Sabin with punches then irish whips him into the turnbuckles and follows him in but Sabin is able to leap over him leading to a hurricanrana. Petey then slides back in the ring and catches Sabin with a chop to the chest leading to an irish whip in the corner. Petey then follows him in and gets hit with a back elbow. Sabin then looks for a suplex but gets hit in the head with a knee from Petey who then goes behind Sabin and hit a backdrop suplex. Bentley then comes running in with a kick to the midsection of Petey. Bentley then punches the head of Petey and looks for an irish whip which Petey reverses into one of his own and sends Bentley into the turnbuckle. Petey then looks for a back bodydrop but Bentley is able to counter into a German suplex. Sabin is then able to climb the structure and looks to make hiw way across to the X but Bentley spots him and slaps him in the lower back and climbs up the structure to try and stop him. Bentley brinhs down Sabin with an inverted atomic drop which hurts not only Sabin but Bentley's knee as well. Traci Brooks then gets up on the apron and tries to seduce Petey which brings him over to her and she motorboats him allowing Bentley to scale the structure and looks to make his way to the X. Scott D'Amore then gets Petey to pay attention to the match and he sees Bentley almost at the X and tries to bring him down but eats an enziguri from Sabin. Chris is able to bring Bentley down who hits an elbow drop onto Petey. All three guys are down at this point but Sabin is able to get up and chops the chest of Bentley then headbutts him leading to a forearm shot. The finish of the match sees Sabin make his way across and almost grabs the X but Bentley jumps up and kinda spears Sabin off the cable causing the X to fall down. The X had to be put back up and in the end both Sabin and Bentley make to the X and kick each other down causing the X to fall into the hands of Petey Williams.
Petey Williams becomes #1 contender to the X-Division Championship

America's Most Wanted vs The Naturals(NWA World Tag Team Championship):
The Naturals make their way out and make a b line for the ring attacking AMW. Chase Stevens and James Storm fight on the outside while Harris and Douglas fight on the other side of the ring. The bell rings and Chase Stevens and James Storm makes their way back in the ring. James Storm has the advantage with a punch to the face of Stevens. Storm hangs Stevens up on the ropes and slaps him across the face leading to an irish whip attempt but Stevens counters into one of his own. Storm goes over the ropes but holds on leading to Stevens looking for a baseball slide to the back but Storm pulls himself up leading to Douglas coming from behind to push Storm into Stevens who powerbombs him into the steel guardrail. Harris is all alone in the ring with The Naturals as he gets on his knees and begs and pleads with them to have mercy on him. The finish of the match sees Andy Douglas get handcuffed to the steel guardrail as James Storm cracks Stevens over the head with a beer bottle then they hit the death sentence for the pinfall victory.
Winners: AMW via The Death Sentence

After the match James Storm cracks Douglas over the head with a steel chair.

Rhino vs Abyss vs Jeff Hardy vs Sabu(Monster's Ball):
The bell rings and here we go. Rhino and Abyss immediately jump Jeff Hardy from behing with clubbing blows to the back of the head while Sabu watches. Sabu then grabs a steel chair and thorws it into the fsce of Abyss who gets taken down leading to a clothesline from Rhino but he ducks into some punches of his own and looks for an irish whip but Rhino counters and sends Sabu into the ropes and follows him in but Sabu side steps and sends Rhino to the floor before launching over the ropes and taking out the man beast. Back in the ring Abyss has a chair and looks to hit Hardy with it but Hardy kicks him in the midsection and takes the chair and set it up as Hardy uses it to launch himself into Abyss in the corner. Abyss rolls to the floor as Hardy uses the chair again to launch himself into Abyss on the outside. Rhino then sends Sabu into the steel guardrail before telling the fans in the front row to back up. On the other side of the ring Abyss and Hardy are still going at it. Rhino throws Sabu over the guardrail and then climbs over the guardrail to continue the attack. Rhino lays in punches to the face of Sabu as Abyss throws Hardy over the guardrail on the other side of the ring and follows him into the crowd. Back on the other side of the ring Sabu has been busted open by his eye. Abyss continues to attack Hardy but Jeff is able to block and send Abyss into the wall. The finish of the match sees Rhino gore Abyss into a table in the corner then hit the Rhino Driver on Hardy from the middle rope for the pinfall victory.
Winner: Rhino via The Rhino Driver

After the match we go backstage and Shane Douglas is with Larry Zbyszko and he announces that there will be a 10 Man Over the Top Gauntlet Match to determine the challenger for Jeff Jarrett's NWA Championship.

AJ Styles vs Christopher Daniels in a 30 Minute Iron Man Match(X-Division Championship):
The bell rings and 30 minutes on the clock. Daniels gets the jump on Styles as his back was turned and lays in the foreams to AJ in the corner. Daniels then stomps a mudhole into Styles with multiple stomps to the midsection. Daniels then irish whips Styles into the ropes and follows up with a dropkick catching AJ off the ropes. Daniels then picks ul Styles and places him into the corner and lays into him with chops and foreams leading Daniels irish whipping Styles into the ropes then a military press slam. Daniels then stomps on Styles multiple and is able to het Styles back into another corner. They begin trading shots back and forth with chops and punches until Daniels looks for a clothesline and Styles counters sending Daniels into the corner who leaps over AJ. Styles then fights back with chops to the chest but Daniels is to fight back and irish whips Styles into the corner but Styles comes off the ropescatches Daniels with an armdrag takedown. The finish of the match sees AJ Styles hit the Styles Clash at the 10 second mark and gets the FIRST AND ONLY PINFALL with ONE SECOND REMAINING for the victory.
Winner: AJ Styles via Styles Clash

10 Man Over the Top Gauntlet Match(#1 Contender's Match):Entrant #1 is Samoa Joe and Entrant #2 is Ron "The Truth" Killings. The first two entrants get a 2 minute opener than after the third entrant every 60 seconds a new person enters the match. Truth starts off the match by mocking Joe's heritage with the Polynesian dance and eats a straight right from Joe. Joe then irish whips Truth into the corner then follows him in with a running kneelift to the face and then a series of facewashes before hitting a running facewash. Truth then uses his core strength to flip over to the top turnbuckle and hit Joe with a neckbreaker off the top rope. Truth then looks for an irish whip but Joe counters and looks for one of his own but Truth counters into a flatliner. Truth then looks to eliminate Joe but he puts a stop to that and hits him with a right. Joe then looks to eliminate Truth as Sabu comes out as the third entrant with a steel chair. Sabu enters the ring and hits both Joe and Truth with the steel chair before setting it up and launches himself into the middle rope to hit a springboard moonsault on Truth. Sabu then sets up the chair again and launches himself into Samoa Joe in the corner. Sabu then continues the attack on Joe before using the chair to launch himself into Joe again in a different corner. Sabu tires it again but this time Joe moves and sweeps the chair into Sabu's legs. The fourth entrant in the match is Lance Hoyt who runs down to the ring and takes out Truth and Sabu with a right and stomp. Hoyt then tries to take down Joe hitting him with multiple right hands before they begin to trade shots with Joe getting the better of the exchange. Joe then hits the ropes but Hoyt catches him with a big boot. The finish of the match sees Abyss eliminate both Styles and Joe which allows Rhino to hit Abyss with the gore and eliminate to win the match and challenge for the NWA World Heavyweight Championship.
Winner and #1 Contender: Rhino

Jeff Jarrett vs Rhino(NWA World Heavyweight Championship)
Tito Ortiz is the special guest referee. Before the bell could even ring Jeff Jarrett immediately attacks Rhino with multiple stomps. The bell rings and Jeff takes off his belt and tosses to the outside then irish whips Rhino and catches him with a dropkick. Jarrett then leans Rhino on the ropes and hits the ropes and crashes into the back of Rhino before hitting the ropes again and slides to the outside and slaps Rhino across the face. Jarrett then gets back in the ring and slaps the face of Rhino again and lays in more punches and stomps. Jeff punches Rhino and sends him to the floor then follows him out to the floor and bounces him fsce forst off the steel guardrail before irish whipping him into the opposite steel guardrail. Jeff then slams Rhino face first into the NWA belt and then face first into the announcers table. The finish of the match sees Gail Kim come down and tries to get involved but Tito ejects her. Jarrett hits Rhino with the guitar but Rhino still finds a way to kick out. AMW then makes their way to the ring and hand Jarrett another guitar but this time Rhino ducks and hits the gore to win the title.
Winner: Rhino via The Gore

After the match Jarrett and AMW beatdown Rhino but 3 Live KRU comes down and takes it to Jarrett and AMW. Team Canda then comes down to the ring to make the save for Jarrett and AMW. They then bring a casket into the ring ans hit Rhino with a guitar and roll him in the casket and close it. Jarrett then poses with the title on top of the casket but Team 3D makes their surprising return and clears house with 3 Live KRU. Eric Young gets hit with the 3D and puts Young in the casket.

My Grade: B+

This PPV would've gotten an A from me but some of the matches and booking choices didn't make any sense or weren't great. The Ultimate X match felt very underwhelming after they had to pause the match to reset the X. Lance Hoyt and Monty Brown are two wrestlers that I can't seem to get behind right now. My favorite matches on the card was Joe vs Liger, the Ironman match, and Monster's Ball.

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