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Turing Point returns TONIGHT on Impact Plus so I decided to take a look back and review a past Turning Point PPV from 2009. So sit back and enjoy some retro Turning Point before Turning Point tonight on Impact Plus.

Commentary: Taz ane Mike Tenay 

Amzing Red vs Homicide(X-Division Championship):

The bell rings and here we go. The crowd is firmly behind Amazing Red as they chant he's amazing which angers Homicide. Homicide then pokes the chest of Red and goes for a clothesline attempt but Red ducks and kicks him in the midsection. Red locks in a sideheadlock but Homicide shoots him off the ropes and takes him down with a shoulder block. Homicide then taunts the crowd and hits the ropes as Red drops down and Homicide leaps over him then Red leapfrogs over Homicide and takes him down with an armdrag takedown followed up with a dropkick. Homicide elects to slide out to the floor and pushes up on Don West leading to Red jumping onto the apron and hitting a hurricanrana on Homicide to the floor. Red then throws Homicide back in the ring and as he gets on the apron Homicide looks for a shoulder block attempt but Red flips over to get back in the ring. Red then hits the ropes for a crossbody and a nearfall. Red then hits a monkey flip out of the corner but Homicide is able to land on his feet and looks for a clothesline attempt but Red ducks and hits a tilt-a-whirl head scissors takedown. The finish of the match sees Amazing Red counter a top rope hurricanrana and hit the Code Red for the win.

Winner: Amazing Red via Code Red 

The Beautiful People vs ODB, Taylor Wilde, and Sarita(ALL THE GOLD IS ON THE LINE):

If The Beautiful People pin Wilde or Sarita they win the tag belts. If one of The members of The Beautiful People pin ODB that person becomes Knockouts Champion. The bell rings and here we go. Velvet Sky and Taylor Wilde start off the match. They lock up and Sky pushes Wilde into one of the six corners. The referee gets a clean break but Sky also gets the slap across the face of Wilde. Wilde then sweeps the legs of Sky and drags her to her own corner as she tags in her tag team partner Sarita. The tag team champion then perform wishbone on Sky before Sarita tags out to ODB who comes in and falls head first with a headbutt in no man's land. ODB then stacks up Sky for a nearfall. ODB then picks up Sky just before Sky nails her with a knee to the midsection and drags her over to her corner and drives ODB face first into her corner as she tags out to Madison Rayne. Rayne then hits multiple shoulder blocks in the corner before she throws ODB face first into another turnbuckle. The finish of the match sees the match break down and ODB single handedly takes out all three members of The Beautiful People and hits the TKO on Madison Rayne to pick up the pinfall victory.

Winners: ODB, Taylor Wilde and Sarita 

After the match we go backstage to JB who interviews Desmond Wolfe. We get comments from Wolfe ahead of their clash. 

Beer Money Inc. vs Motor City Machine Guns vs British Invasion(TNA Tag Team Championship):

The bell rings and here we go. Storm and Magnus start off the match. Magnus has his back turn talking to Douglas as Storm gets the jump on him and takes Douglas off the apron. The crowd is firmly behind Motor City Machine Guns as they chant for them and Storm lays in the right ro Magnus in rhe corner. Magnus looks to vomebsck with an irish whip of Storm into the corner but Storm comes out of the corner with a clothesline taking down Magnus leading to another clothesline. Storm then grabs the arm of Magnus and drags him over to his corner to tag out to Roode. Magnus then breaks free and stumbles into the corner of Motor City Machine Guns as Shelley tags in. Shelley and Roode lock up with Roode getting the advantage and locks on a sideheadlock. Shelley shoots Roode off into the ropes and Roode bounces back with a shoulder block that takes down Shelley. Roode then hits the ropes and leaps over Shelley who bounces back up and takes down Roode with a drop toehold. Shelley then looks for a low dropkick but Roode evades and loks for a clothesline attempt but Shelley goes behind and Roode runs into the ropes and knocks off Shelley. Roode then gets taken down by an armdrag takedown from Shelley who then hits the ropes and gets caught with a HUGE backbreaker for a two count. The finish of the match sees the match break down as Eric Young the leader of The World Elite runs down and takes Storm off the apron. Kevin Nash then takes the TNA Global Title and drills Storm in the back of the head. Roode then eats The British Invasion version of the Hart Attack for the pinfall victory.

Winners: The British Invasion via Hart Attack 

After the match we go backstage to JB who ask Kevin Nash what happened during the tag title match. Nash says this is between him and Hulk and he will explain why on IMPACT if Hulk gives him the go ahead. 

Tara vs Awesome Kong(Six Sides of Steel):

The bell rings and here we go. Kong comes right at Tara and drives her into the turnbuckle. Tara tries to fight out of the corner with clubbing blows to the back of Kong which leads to them trading slaps across their faces. Tara seems to be getting the upperhand on Knong hits the ropes looking for a shoulder block but can't take Kong off her feet. Tara then hits the ropes and ducks a clothesline attempt then slides under Kong and moves just in the nick of time as Kong drops onto the mat. Tara then punches Kong multiple times then attempts to drive her face first into the turnbuckle twice but Kong blocks and attempts a spinning backfist only to wind up hitting the cage as Tara ducks. Tara then drives Kong's hand into the cage and begins her focus attacking the hand of Kong. Tara looks to climb the cage but gets taken down via an electric chair by Kong. Kong then looks to climb the cage but Tara puts a stop to that and sweeps the legs of Kong. Tara looks to meet her on the top rope but gets shobed down by Kong. Kong then shocks the world by hitting a MISSILE DROPKICK but only gets a two count. Kong then throws Tara face first into the turnbuckle then into the cage itself. Kong then throws her face first into another turnbuckle before pressing her face up against the cage and hits the ropes for a running start hitting her with a splash to the back driving Tara face first into the cage. The finsh of the match sees Tara climb all the way to the top of the cage and hit a HIGH crossbody for the pinfall victory. After the match Tara calls out ODB and says she will be the next Knockouts Champion.

Winner: Tara via High Crossbody from the Top of the Cage. 

We then go to a video package that shows a recap of a press conference announcing Hulk Hogan joining TNA. 

Rhino and Team 3D vs "The Pope" D'Angelo Dinero, Hernandez, "The Blueprint" Matt Morgan:

The bell rings and here we go.  Hernandez and Brother D-von start off the match. Pope distracts Hernandez which allows for Devon to club him from behind. Matt Morgan and Pope get into on the apron as D-von continues the attack on Hernandez in the ring. D-Von continues the attack with shots to the face of Hernandez as he pushes him to the ropes. D-Von then attempts an irish whip but ends up getting pounced by Hernandez which leads to a blind tag from The Pope. Pope then looks for an irish whip attempt on D-Von who puts on the brakes but Pope hooks the arm and puches him in the gut followed up with back kick then hits the ropes for a diving shoulder block for a nearfall. Pope picks uo D-Von only for D-Von to rake his eyes and tag out quickly to Bubba Ray. Bubba thanks the one of the Dinero bucks and rips it into pieces before blowing it into the face of Pope. Pope then spits in the face of Bubba which leads to him getting pushed down. Pope fires back with a double leg takedown and rans down the fist to the head of Bubba who is able to slip free and rolls to the outside. Bubba is furious at ringside and comes back into the ring and locks up with Pope and is able to get a shot to the ribs with his knee. The finish of the match sees the natch break down and behind thr referee's back D-Von hits Hernandez in the midsection with a steel chair to prevent the border toss on Rhino which leads to a gore from the man beast for the pinfall victory. 

Winners: Rhino and Team 3D via Gore 

After the match we go backstage to Laurn who is interviewing Scott Steiner. Due to him stalking Bobby Lashley's wife for weeks their match is now a no disqualifications falls count anywhere match. 

Scott Steiner vs Bobby Lashley(No Disqualifications Falls Count Anywhere):

The bell rings and here we go. They meet each other in the entrance ramp as Bobbybthrows bombs at Steiner before driving him head first into the steel guardrail. Lashley then kicks him in the midsection then punches him in the face before throwing him into thr chairs at ringside. Bobby punches him him in the face then clubs him in the back before picking up a steel chair and hits him directly in the head. Bobby then throws Scott back in the ring and conthe onslaught with punches to the head as Steiner tries to back up. Lashley drives Scott face first into the turnbuckle and lays in more punches and kicks to Scott in the corner. Lashley then whips Steiner into the opposite turnbuckle before hitting him with running clothesline then a HUGE shoulder block in the corner. Bobby then hits him with a snap suplex for a two count. Steiner tries to fight back but Bobby puts a stop to it and whips him into the ropes and connects with a HUGE spinebuster. Lashley looks for a spear but Scott gets the boot up in time. Steiner then looks for a clothesline but Lashley counters with a T-bone suplex for a nearfall. The finish of the match sees Scott Steiner choke Bobby oit with an electrical cord and goes for the pin and gets a two count. Steiner then looks to retreat back into the Impact Zone and Bobby follows him. Scott then rips off a piece of steel pipe from the scaffolding and hits Bobby with it to pick up the pinfall victory.

Winner: Scott Steiner via pinfall 

After the match we go to the locker room are as JB interviews Kurt Angle and gets some pre-match comments from the Olympic Gold Medalist 

Kurt Angle vs Desmond Wolfe:

The bell rings and here we go. They lock up and Angle gets the power advantage as he pushes Wolfe into a corner. We get a clean break from both guys and they lock up again. Angle gets the advantage again as he goes behind with a hammer lock. Wolfe is able to roll out and grab the wrist of Angle then sweeps the legs of Angle while maintaining the hold. The crowd seems to really be into the match as we are only in the imbreonic stages as they chant "This is wrestling." Kurt shoots Wolfe into the ropes but gets taken down with a shoulder block and Wolfe hits the ropes again and leaps over Angle only to come off the ropes into a hip toss from the Olympic Gold Medalist. Kurt follows it up with two consecutive deep armdrags into working hold on the arm of Desmond Wolfe. Wolfe is able to get back to his feet spins out of the top wristlock into a hammerlock. Wolfe then transitions into a modified keylock before he goes to a wristlock and takes down Angle. Wolfe thn drops down on the arm of Kurt and wraps his legs around it. Kurt's shoulders were down for a moment as Desmond gets a two count. Wolfe then looks to bring angle back to his feet but Angle counters into a wristlock but Wolfe just over powers him and pushes him into the corner. Kurt tries to move out of the way and ends up leaning on the top rope which opens the door for wolfe to kick it taking Angle down to the mat. Demond then sets Angle up in the corner as he wraps his arm in the ropes and pulls on the fingers of Angle. The finish of the match sees Wolfe counter a piledriver attempt from Angle into one of his own but Kurt is able to counter into the Angle Lock. In the end Kurt locks on a side triangle choke for the submission victory.

Winner: Kurt Angle via Side Triangle Choke 

After the match we go back to the locker as JB gets pre-match comments from Samoa Joe. 

AJ Styles vs Christopher Daniels vs Samoa Joe(TNA World Heavyweight Championship): 

Winner: AJ Styles via 450 Splash 

My Take: A+

This was one of the best WRESTLING PPVs that I have seen in quite some time. From top to bottom this card delivered in a big way. The best matches from this PPV are the last three matches of the night: Scott Steiner vs Bobby Lashley, Desmond Wolfe vs Kurt Angle and the rematch from their LEGENDARY 2005 match. Kudos TNA/IMPACT

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