Impact Wrestling this week was 

How well did the show push forward angles/stories? This show was mostly about championships and not much else. There was an X-Division Championship match and number one contender tournament. For all the talk of how Impact gives tons of time to it's women no women had a match tonight. From a story progression point of view I score this show low. 4/10

Did the show tell a story throughout the night? While I don't like how the only stories told revolved around championships, it was the main focus of the show. The show opened and closed with the number one contender tournament and Moose also continued his push as the TNA Champion. 6/10

Did the show have quality matches? While the show didn't do well pushing stories, they did have some good matches on the show. They dedicated most of their in ring time to wrestling matches and not promos or storytelling. The X-Division Match, and the two number 1 contender matches were fairly solid matches. The tag match was also a fun match to watch. 7/10

Quality of promos? Nothing really stood out from the microphone. The sit down interview with Moose was nice however nothing really jumped of the screen.  4/10

Did it make me want to watch the next show? I am intrigued by everything going on with Moose and the "TNA Championship". They seem to be dividing the locker room on who they feel is "their champion". 6/10

Overall Score: 27/50 (54%)

What was the biggest moment of the show? Moose vs. Suicide 
MVP of the show: Moose and the TNA Championship is hands down the most interesting part of the show.
Let down of the show: Lack of Knockouts
Stand out performer: Moose

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