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Hello and welcome back to the newest edition of the Impact News Update; Happy New Years everyone it certainly has been a while since the last time I did an article like this and a whole lot has change in regards to Impact Wrestling.

From new wrestlers showing up and getting signed, Moose winning the world title and of course the company almost turning 20 years old.

For this piece, I will be going over some the news that has comes out this week (so far) as we are just a few days away from Impact's first pay per view of the year: Hard To Kill

Also, this is going to be a short one but with that said let's get into it

new japan pro wrestling-and-axs-tv

New Japan Returns To AXS TV

By all accounts the renewed partnership between New Japan Pro Wrestling and Impact Wrestling have been pretty good for both sides with wrestlers from each company appearing on each other's promotion from time-to-time and even in some cases win championship gold, however this news certainly confirms the mending of bridges between NJPW and Impact.

It was announced that New Japan Pro Wrestling would make its return to AXS TV with brand new episodes on March 3rd but starting on January the 20th classic episodes of New Japan will be airing AXS at 10 pm eastern time following an episode of Impact in 60 at 7pm and a new episode of Impact at 8pm (with a repeat of that same episode occurring at 11pm).

While some fans have speculated what this new schedule would mean for the future of BTI aka Behind The Impact which airs at 7pm on Impact's YouTube channel before the official episode, this news further proves the working relationship between NJPW, Impact and its parent company, Anthem are going good especially when you remember that New Japan left AXS in 2019 upon Anthem buying the network and later putting Impact on the channel.

AXS TV Announces the Return of New Japan Pro-Wrestling With All-New Episodes Beginning March 3 – IMPACT Wrestling


Rohit Raju Becomes A Free Agent

veteran pro wrestler Hakim Zane aka Rohit Raju announced via Twitter that he was now a free agent and asked people where would they like to see him next, confirming his departure from the company in a move that stunned may Impact fans.

Rohit first appeared for Impact Wrestling in 2017 under his real name before eventually going under the name of Rohit Raju and soon afterwards becoming a part of the mostly Indian faction known as 'The Desi Hitman Squad' which ran from 2018-20.

However, it's his work after leaving the Hit Squad that can easily be seen as the man's best work within the promotion. 

Rohit would become the new X Division Champion after defeating TJP and defending champion, Chris Bey at Emergence Night one and thus began a period in which Rohit became the best example of a chicken sh#t heel champion in modern pro wrestling: cutting promos degrading the fans while sarcastically praising his allies, using every dirty trick and loophole to walk away with the win and retain the title until he lost the belt to TJP dressed as his alter ego Manik at the Final Resolution event ending Rohit's 120 day title reign.

We here at wrestling news world wish Hakim Zane/Rohit Raju the best in his future endeavors. 

Rohit Raju Is Now Free Agent After Parting Ways With Impact Wrestling (

Road To Rebellion

The Road To Rebellion

In final days of 2021, Impact's social media accounts post a photo showing the set of tapings, pay per views and Impact Plus Specials that will be occurring from January the 8th (the date of Hard To Kill) until April where no dates have been announced yet, but the company has confirmed that the Rebellion PPV will be happening that month.

Other shows set to take place between Hard To Kill and Rebellion amongst the tapings are Impact plus shows like No Surrender and Sacrifice which will be taking place in Fort Lauderdale Florida and Louisville Kentucky respectively.

If you or someone you know would like to get the tickets for the Fort Lauderdale shows, I've posted a link down below.

IMPACT Wrestling Brings 2 Nights Of High-Energy Pro Wrestling Action To Fort Lauderdale – IMPACT Wrestling

The Television Trucks of IMPACT! on AXS TV Come to Fort Lauderdale January 21-22 – IMPACT Wrestling

Well, that's it for the Impact Wrestling News for now but seeing that Hard To Kill is this Saturday, I am sure we will get a lot more headline grabbing news; Also, I've been busy for months so I wouldn't be able to report the news on a weekly basis but I will try to get it out whenever possibly...most likely either Tuesday or Wednesday in the afternoon.

Be sure to check out this week's go home episode of Impact before Hard To Kill on AXS TV and Impact Insiders at 8pm and 8:30pm eastern time respectively.

Here are the things you can expect to see for this week's episode:

  • Masha Slamovich's Official Impact Debut
  • Heath vs. Karl Anderson
  • Lady Frost, Chelsea Green and Tasha Steelz/ w Savannah Evans vs. Jordynne Grace, Rachael Ellering and Rosemary/ w Jessicka Havok
  • Deonna Purrazzo vs. Mercedes Martinez
  • And More...

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