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Intro: Welcome back to WNW's Impact Wrestling News Update or if this is your first time  'hello and thank you for reading'. 

Anyhow this update is going to be a long one as there was a lot of Impact news to cover so with that said let's get into it.


Language Commentators Added To Bound For Glory

As of late Impact wrestling has been on quite a roll when it comes to promoting their pay per views especially the one coming on Saturday the 24th at 8pm, Bound For Glory.

Whether it's the news about Impact and AXS having their first ever "Impact Week" leading into BFG or Impact slowly revealing on social media the matches fans can expect to see at the event, the company has been firing on all cylinders to get fans (both diehard and new) interested for what promises to be one of the best pay per views on the year but the news regarding BFG is far from over.

Early this week it was announced that Impact Wrestling will have their up-and-coming PPV translated in German, French and Spanish in addition to the traditional English speaking commentary.

Here are the names of the commentators for the up-and-coming PPV:

  • For the Spanish Announce Team: Hector Melendez and Konnan  
  • For the German Announce Team: Christian Bruns and Marcus Holzer
  • For the French Announce Team: Sylvain Grenier and Marc Blondin
  • For the American Announce Team: Josh Matthews and Madison Rayne 

Impact Adds Foreign Speaking Commentators To BFG:


Could Shane Helms Return To Impact Wrestling?

Former WWE Cruiserweight Champion and producer, Shane Helms was seen earlier this week in a recent photo with ECW legend, Tommy Dreamer and Executive Vice President to Impact Wrestling, Scott D'Amore; Some have speculated that this could potentially hint at him re-signing with Impact. 

Helms had previously been in a backstage role as a producer in Impact before returning to the WWE, however like a lot people who had worked with the WWE in early to mid 2020, Helms would be released.

It's mostly likely if this photo does hint at Shane Helms' return to Impact, he'll probably continue his work as a producer overseeing and going over the matches with talent or this could just be a bunch friends posing for picture...will have to what and see.


New Matches Announced For BFG 

As previously mentioned, Impact has been taking it's time revealing the matches that are set to take place at Bound For Glory and this week at least three new matches have be added to the card.


After finding ways to outsmart his opponents from winning the X Division Championship, 'The Desi Hitman' Rohit Raju must defend his title against five other wrestlers who have a serious gripe with him: 

  • Chris Bey (the former champion who was betrayed by Rohit and lost his belt in the process)
  •  TJP (the seasoned veteran of the X Division, who's been looking to get back the X Division title back for a long time)
  •  Trey Miguel (the man who won a number one contender's match to win the title but was screwed over by Rohit's brilliance to have the title bout right away without giving Trey time to rest)
  •  Willie Mack (another former X Division champion who accepted Rohit's Open Challenge at Victory Road but lost after the champ got himself intentionally counted out)
  • And finally the wild card in this match, Jordynne Grace (the former Knockouts Champion and woman who almost became the first ever X Division champion on the previous episode of Impact but due to Rohit exploiting/making up the rules, she won the match but not the title)

After months of head games, belt thievery, releasing Moose's phone number to wrestling fandom and then dropping the TNA World title off a bridge in the most anticlimactic way possible: Ethan Carter The Third aka EC3 takes on Moose at Bound For Glory, Will Moose defeat his rival or will EC3 help Moose 'Control His Narrative'.



The World's Most Dangerous Man, Ken Shamrock has got a pretty busy schedule coming in a few weeks not only is he going to be inducted into the Impact Wrestling Hall of Fame with his friend/kayfabe enemy, Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson making an appearance but his also set to take on the former world champion, Eddie Edwards

Edwards is looking to get revenge on Shamrock after attacking him for the last couple of week, while Shamrock (under the influence of Sami Callihan) is looking to recapture the intensity he once had during his days in the WWE and the early days of TNA by destroying everything in his wake.


Tasha Steelz Gets Her Twitter Hacked

Current Impact Wrestling star, Tasha Steelz was seen in a recent interview talking about how great the backstage atmosphere in Impact is by referring to it as 'one big family' and how the wrestlers help each other and push each 10 times harder, if you haven't read the article I'll put a link down below.

While Tasha is more than happy to talk about how great the ambience within the company is, there has been a recent issue in regards to her Twitter account as someone has managed to hack her account and left if looking like a shell of it's former self.


If you can please report the person responsible for hacking Tasha Steelz' Twitter account, it would be greatly appreciated as the sooner she gets control of her account the better.

Tasha Steelz Talks About Impact Wrestling's Backstage Atmosphere:


Jeff Jarrett's New Trial Gets Denied

In the ongoing saga that is Jarrett v. Anthem & Impact, the former King of The Mountain, reportedly tried to get a new trail set up after both parties were unable to come to a resolution but it was denied by Judge Waverly D. Crenshaw of the U.S. District Court in Tennessee.

While it appears that this issue has been put to a halt for the time being, Double J's persistence in reacquiring the rights back to his old Global Force Wrestling content maybe far from over. 

For more details regarding Double J's new trial getting denied I will put a link down below

Double J Gets Denied:


Impact Uploads BFG Content Uploaded On YouTube

Alright, so to end this week's edition of Impact News Update I have provided some links to previous Bound For Glory moments, the go home show for BFG 2010, and finally a link to Bound For Glory 2012 in it's entirety if you looking for some BFG content before the big show.

Bound For Glory 2020 will aired on October 24th at 8pm live on pay-per-view and the FIFE TV app.  

Gail Kim Becomes The First Knockouts Champion (BFG 2007)

Booker T vs. AJ Styles vs. Christian Cage (BFG 2008)

Bound For Glory Go Home Show [Full Episode] ( Oct 7, 2010):

Jeff Hardy Wins The World Title (BFG 2010)

Bound For Glory 2012 [Full Show]

Crazzy Steve and Rosemary Relive The Great War At Bound For Glory 2016:

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