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Intro: Hello Everyone and welcome back to WNW's Impact Wrestling News Update, This week saw a couple of things happen to Impact Wrestling: From an unexpected lawsuit to an even more unexpected return of a former TNA Wrestler.

Plus recent news regarding a few knockouts on the roster and the arrival of "Impact Week" is getting near; So with that said let's get into the news...



I'm Suing Everybody!!!

Following the rise of the #Speaking Out Movement in the summer of this year, many influential and popular names in wrestling saw their reputations tarnished and their wrestling careers completely destroyed.

From wrestlers to executives to even the entirety of the British Wrestling Scene, the backlash of these allegations are as damning as they are shocking and one of those names who have been brought up in these allegations is former independent star Joey Ryan who was released from Impact Wrestling in the midst of this Speaking Out Movement, however the King of "Dong Style" has not gone quietly into the night as it's been reported that Ryan is suing his former place of business for a total of 10 million dollars.

According various sources, Joey Ryan's reasoning for suing Impact has to do the belief that he claims that he was wrongfully released from the company after the allegations were made public.

Whether you think this lawsuit is justifiable is up to you, but the fact that Impact managed to temporarily put the Jarrett lawsuit to bed only to be hit with this news must be infuriating but will this go anywhere who knows.

Joey Ryan Sues Impact For 10 Million Dollars:


The Alpha Male Has Re-Emerged

Switching gears let's talk about the man from the Serengeti, the former football star turned pro wrestler and the guy who turned a football tackle into one of the most over moves in pro wrestling in the mid 2000's of course I'm talking about "The Alpha Male" Monty Brown.

For those unaware, Monty Brown is best remembered for his time in the early days of TNA (now Impact Wrestling) from 2002 to 2006, where he wrestled against some of the best athletes of the time like Jeff Hardy, Abyss, Christian Cage and Samoa Joe among others. Unfortunately for Brown he was never given the chance to represent the company as world champion despite his popularity, unique skills on the mic and his signature move which he refers to as The Pounce or best remembered as the PPPPPOOOOUUUUNNNCE...period.

Following his departure with the promotion, Monty would then go to the WWE's version of the ECW Brand under the new name of Marcus Cor Von and become a member of Elijah Burke's (The Pope) faction known as "The New Breed"; Sadly for fans Monty/Marcus would be gone from the wrestling business in a matter of months as he left to help raised the children of one his family members and he never looked back...or so it looked.

Aside from being called out by current Impact wrestling star, Moose after his match with Ken Shamrock at BFG 2019 and being seen in a photo with former TNA wrestler, Bobby Roode earlier that same year the Alpha Male hasn't been seen or heard from until Wednesday October 14th when a video uploaded to the Twitter account of All Elite Wrestling star Lance Archer showed a bearded Monty Brown speaking for the first time since his exit from wrestling.

In the video which is still on Archer's Twitter account, sees the Alpha Male cutting a classic Monty Brown promo complete with rhymes, a little bit of singing and tremendous amount of charisma throughout; Brown hypes up and even predicts that Lance Archer will beat Jon Moxley for the AEW World Championship at the one year anniversary show taking place later that night.

As you might expect, it didn't take long for wrestling fans the word over to get this tweet/video blowing up on social media with many wondering if this could led into a return to pro wrestling for Monty Brown and if so, which promotion will go to?

It's too soon to speculate on where Monty Brown will go but that's if this video wasn't just a one time thing; For now it's best not to overthink this and instead the wrestling world should wait and see if something comes out of it but nonetheless it's great to see that the Alpha Male has still got it.


Who Got The Virtuosa Back In Impact Wrestling

Since her return to Impact Wrestling back in the summer of 2020, 'The Virtuosa' Deonna Purrazzo has become mega star following her victories over names like Alisha Edwards, Susie, Kimber Lee and Jordynne Grace with the latter resulting in Purrazzo winning her first Knockouts Championship at this year's Slammiversary event.

But as it turns out Purrazzo's  decision to come back to Impact Wrestling was orchestrated by one of Deonna's biggest and most loyal supporters, Madison Rayne 


That's right, the former five time Knockouts Champion turning color commentary for the company, Madison Rayne was the one who got into contact with Purrazzo following her release from the WWE as part of the infamous "Black Wednesday" which saw 20 or more wrestlers and other WWE employees furloughed or straight up released from the WWE.

According to recent articles and an interview involving Deonna Purrazzo for, the Virtuosa mentions that the "Locker Room Leader" (Madison) checked in on her and discussions on bringing her to Impact Wrestling was made between Rayne and Impact Wrestling Executive producer, Scott D'Amore.

Since then, Purrazzo has done well for herself since her return to Impact but it looks like the Virtuosa might be looking to in Impact Wrestling a little while longer, which brings me to our next topic.

Who Got Deonna Purrazzo Back In Impact:


Deonna Purrazzo & Impact Wrestling: Long Term?

As if mentioning that Madison Rayne was the one who helped her to get back in Impact Wrestling wasn't only interesting news to come out of that interview, it's also revealed by Purrazzo herself that she would love to be with Impact Wrestling in the long term.

According to Purrazzo in that same interview and reported by other sources Purrazzo talks how she likes her current run in Impact from the females working in the locker room to how she's being treated as well as the vibe that the company has around itself right now.

when asked about staying with Impact for the long term, Deonna mentions the opportunities and trust she has been given since coming back to Impact and at the end of her response she mentions "I would love to be here long term". 

Since her feud with Jordynne Grace, many fans have wanted to see the Virtuosa sign with Impact Wrestling and now this new only helps to further their excitement but as of the time of me writing this, any updates regarding Deonna Purrazzo's contact status with Impact is unknown but if this interview was any indication, it looks like Impact's current Knockouts Champion might be sticking around for quite some time.

For the rest of Deonna's responses to this question and a few others in the interview, I'll put a link to an article that goes more in-depth down below. 

 Deonna Purrazzo In Impact Wrestling Long Term:


AXS TV Presents "Impact Week" 

By the time of this articles release, it will be seven days until Impact Wrestling's annual Bound For Glory event on October 24th live on pay per view at 8pm before but before the wrestling world can bare witness to what the men and women of the Impact roster can provide on the company's biggest stage, fans are given almost a week of Impact related content focusing on the major event.

As announced a few weeks ago and covered in a previous New Update, Impact Wrestling and AXS TV will be airing the first ever "Impact Week" in the days leading up to BFG with content airing exclusively on AXS TV  from Tuesday October 20th to Saturday the 24th.

So far the card for this year's Bound For Glory looks stacked but in case your not fully aware of what to expect, allow me to break down for you...

For More On Impact Week Here's A link Down Below:


The Card Going Into Bound For Glory 2020

The final Go Home episode for Impact Wrestling leading to Bound For Glory airs at 8pm in the U.S. on Twitch and AXS TV and while these still a couple of things left to be determine before the big show, here's a run-through of the matches that have been announced so far... 


The Call Your Shot Gauntlet Match makes it's return at this year's Bound For Glory which will see both the males and females of the Impact roster compete in an over the top rope style of match with the winner getting a shot at either the World Title or the Knockouts Title.

Names like Tenille Dashwood, Tommy Dreamer, Heath, Rhino, Alisha Edwards, Johnny Swinger, The Deaners, Hernandez and Brian Meyers are just some of the names that have been mentioned to take part in this match. An up-and-coming bout involving some of the previously named participants will take place on Impact to determine who will be the #20 entrant in the match and the person who gets pinned or submitted getting the number one spot.

As a side note, if either Rhino or Heath win then Heath officially becomes a member of the locker room as his demands made in his contract will be agreed to, however if neither man wins then not only does Heath not get signed with Impact but his tag team partner Rhino's contract with Impact Wrestling comes to an end.


The Desi Hitman, Rohit Raju  has been on cloud nine since winning the X Division championship back at Emergence night two but during that time his made a lot of enemies and at Bound For Glory those enemies in the form of: Chris Bey, Trey Miguel, TJP, Jordynne Grace and Willie Mack will be looking to take the X Division title away from Rohit in a six way scramble match will Raju be able to walk still the champion or will we see a new champion being crown.


Under the orders of his off again/ on again enemy and tag team partner Sami Callihan, The World's Most Dangerous Man and soon to be Impact Wrestling Hall of Famer Ken Shamrock will go one-on-one with with former world champion, Eddie Edwards.

Will the Unstable Wolf Eddie Edwards get his revenge against Ken Shamrock or will the former MMA fighter end his Bound For Glory weekend not only with a hall of fame induction but a major victory under his belt.


The tag team division in Impact Wrestling has been buzzing for the last couple of the months and at Bound For Glory the Motor City Machine Guns will defend their tag team titles against one of the most popular tag teams today The Good Brothers, the former tag champions The North and rising star in the tag team division Ace Austin and Madman Fulton.

Who will walk out of BFG as the tag team champions when these four teams collide... 


A rivalry that has become more intense over the last couple of months will see "The Virtuosa" Deonna Purrazzo defend his Knockouts Championship against "Smiley" Kylie Rae.

Deonna will be looking to not only retain her title but also break the arm or arms of Kylie Rae at BFG while at the same time a more vicious and determined side of Kylie has emerged since her best friend, Susie was taken out by Purrazzo at Victory Road; This match promises to be a good one, but which one of these Knockouts will come out on top and walk out as the Knockouts Champion.


Following the events that took place on Impact Wrestling and after months of head games, paranoia and the threat of destroying the TNA World Title, bitter rivals EC3 and Moose will go at it in a fight that will take place in an undisclosed location.

Will Moose Exercise his demons and defeat the man who has been tormenting him for months or will EC3 continue his crusade to "Control His Narrative" by defeating the former NFL Star turned pro wrestler.

Also will the hooded figures wearing EC3's jacket be involved in the match somehow and where exactly is this disclosed location that the fight will be taking place were gonna have to find out in a matter of days.


And in the main event, the World Class Maniac and defending World Heavyweight Champion, Eric Young will take on his sworn enemy Rich Swann in a match with looks to be action packed as it is emotional.

Can Rich Swann turn his luck around and make the remainder of 2020 good one by becoming the world heavyweight champion or will Eric Young continue his reign of terror over the Impact roster and defeat Rich Swann once and for all.

All of this and more is coming at Impact Wrestling's annual Bound For Glory event live on pay per view and the FITETV app at 8pm eastern time.


Update On The Tasha Steelz/Twitter Situation

And Finally, We end this week's Impact New Update by following up on the previous story involving Impact Wrestling Knockout, Tasha Steelz and her Twitter Account.

As I previously reported on last week's News Update, an unknown person or group of people hacked into Tasha Steelz' Twitter and messed with it in a big way causing the account to look like a shell of itself former self.

However on October 15th, Tasha re-emerged on Twitter confirming that she had regain control of her account and responded with a message which I posted  down below


Thankfully, the Boricua Badass has regained her control of her account and just in time for Bound For Glory nonetheless; With any luck this be the first and last time this happens to Tasha Steelz or anyone else on the Impact roster.

So this has been this week's WNW Impact Wrestling News Update, I will be taking a week off from the New Updates what with all the Bound For Glory stuff coming very soon, but I will be back sometime between Halloween or the first of November with a new Update look out for that.

If you enjoyed this article, be sure to follow me on Twitter @hakeemfullerton and for more wrestling related content, be sure to follow, Wrestling New World on Twitter @wnwnews.

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