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Hello everyone and welcome to another edition of WNW's Impact Wrestling News Update, I hope all of you had a safe thanksgiving (for those who celebrate it) and you had delicious food in the process.

So today's edition is going to be a short one as there isn't too much Impact related news today but are some interesting things to talk about...let's get into it.

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Beloved Impact Wrestling Employee Passes Away

Unfortunately we begin today's News Update by discussing the tragic passing of long time, TNA/Impact Wrestling Employee, Bob Ryder who died on Thanksgiving Eve at his home at the age of 64.

For those unaware Bob Ryder was key part of Impact Wrestling going all the way back to the beginning as Jeff Jarrett and his father, Jerry were on Ryder's boat during a fishing trip in 2001 when all three men came to the decision on creating a new wrestling promotion which ended up being NWA TNA and then TNA Wrestling and finally Impact Wrestling.

Aside from being one of minds to help the creation the company we known today, Ryder was also important to the company as a backstage figure who helped the staff and wrestlers whenever possible and for being a hardworking employee even during some of the more darker periods in the company's history. 

It's unclear what lead to Bob Ryder's death but it has been revealed that Ryder had been going through a long battle with cancer; While he might not be know by many mainstream fans, his work behind-the-scenes is undoubtedly tremendous and his loss can be felt by the fans, the wrestlers, the people behind-the scenes who've worked with him and of course his family and friends.

Much like Impact's Voiceover man, Barry Scott (who also passed away this year), we here at Wrestling News World extend our condolences to the family of Bob Ryder during this very tragic and emotional time.

On Impact Wrestling's website there is a tribute article which features words from Executive Producer, Scott D'Amore and Executive Vice President to Anthem Sports and Entertainment, Ed Nordholm; I'll post a link to it down below:

Ed Nordholm & Scott D’Amore on the Passing of Bob Ryder – IMPACT Wrestling

And now let's focus on the more uplifting news to coming out of Impact Wrestling this week...


Jazz Debuts On Impact Wrestling

On this week's episode of Impact, it was revealed in a backstage segment that Jordynne Grace's mystery partner for the Knockouts Tag Team Title Tournament is none other than former WWE superstar and former WWE Women's Champion Jazz.

Since the brackets were officially revealed to the public, many fans have speculated as to whom the mystery partner might be with names like LuFisto, Brooke Tessmacher and Tara being called out as the likely candidates.

In fact, various news sources most decided to do the most journalist thing they could possible do and that's attempting to spoil the reveal of the mystery partner a day or two before the episode aired by saying in articles that former TNA Knockout, Taylor Wilde was confirmed to be Jordynne's partner....well's it safe to say after Tuesday night those who tried to spoil the reveal and confirmed it was Taylor Wilde must of been looking really ridiculous when the actual reveal occurred.

Credit: Impact Wrestling

Credit: Impact Wrestling

Nevertheless, Jordynne Grace and Jazz will be competing in the next round of the tournament against and another unlikely paring of Renee Michelle and Killer Kelly...which one of these two team will come out on top and get one step closer to the tag team titles.

Credit: Impact Wrestling

Credit: Impact Wrestling

New Female Faces 

And to close out today's News Update I'll discussing some of new female talent who appeared on this week's episode. 

Now it's no secret that the contracts of Impact stars like Taya Valkyrie, Rosemary and Ethan Page are set to expire in the near future and with the departures of Kylie Rae and The Rascalz, the roster is starting to shrink but if this week's episode of Impact is any indication we could possibly see some more ladies occupying the locker room.

The first of these ladies are the team Ashley Vox and Delmi Exo also known as the Sea Stars, a pair of sisters who have a handful of years under their belt and most recently put on a very competitive match with Kiera Hogan and Tasha Steelz in the first round of the tag title tournament sadly they were unsuccessful.

Credit: Impact Wrestling

Credit: Impact Wrestling

Later on in the episode, Kimber was scheduled to compete in one-on-one action her opponent meanwhile was accompanied by indie wrestler, Renee Michelle who is best known to many fans thanks to her marriage with former TNA X Division Champion, Rockstar Spud as well as her numerous appearances with her husband while he attempted to consummate their union while also trying to defend the WWE 24/7 title.

Credit: Impact Wrestling

Credit: Impact Wrestling

The woman that Renee was accompanying during this match was former NXT UK star and her tag team partner in the Knockouts Tournament, Killer Kelly; The match ended with Kimber Lee picking up the win however during and after the show many fans on social media was calling for Impact Wrestling management to sign Killer Kelly to an exclusive contract...will this happen, well time will time but Kelly, Renee and the Sea Stars are the only faces showing up on Impact.

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18 year old wrestler, Kenzie Paige had posted a photo to her Twitter account which sees her standing in the backstage area of Impact Wrestling, which has many fans to wonder if she'll be apart of these new set of tapings.

Despite being young for her age, Kenzie has experience working with the major companies as evidence by her matches with Penelope Ford and Brandi Rhodes in AEW.

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Finally we come to another unknown wrestler who has been seen in Impact's backstage area and posting photos on Twitter, Kayla Kassidy an indie wrestler who apparently has been trained by Larry D of XXXL fame in Impact Wrestling.

So you might be asking: Why am I mentioning this names to all you? Well the fact of the matter is that Impact might be losing some of their most established stars if they are unable to reach an agreement with new contracts, so if Impact is looking to add new names to their roster, specifically female names to the roster there is a large collection who have made their presence known to the Impact fanbase in some form or fashion and it's safe to say that if Impact wishes to continue their success in creating great stars these ladies might be their answer.

So that's it for this week's edition of WNW's Impact Wrestling News Update, thank you so much for reading and If you enjoyed this article, be sure to follow me on Twitter @hakeemfullerton and for more wrestling related content, be sure to follow, Wrestling New World on Twitter @wnwnews.

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