WrestlingNewsWorld.com Interviewing Christopher Daniels This Tuesday; Seeking Questions


I have the privilege of interviewing current TNA Wrestling star Christopher Daniels this coming Tuesday for WrestlingNewsWorld.com. While stars were interviewed in the past for the site, this will be quite different!

Christopher Daniels will the special guest on my audio show The Point of Impact. The show is Tuesday, April 23, 2013 at 4PM EDT! Chris will call in as the special guest. I will be asking him questions that you want him to answer. Leave your questions in the comment section below. You can also talk directly to me and Chris and ask him a question by calling in yourself! The show will be 30 minutes long.

Send your questions to me by leaving them in the comment section below or you can call in to ask him yourself. Make sure the questions are appropriate in nature. Questions that aren't will be completely disregarded. If it happens through the call, the line will be cut immediately and we will move to the next caller.

I hope everyone joins in. To set yourself a reminder for the show, or to check out the page for the show early, click here.

Do not miss The Point of Impact Tuesday at 4PM EDT as I interview Christopher Daniels!

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