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Recently on WWE TV we have seen MVP return and has stepped up to be the manger or business associate of Bobby Lashely this has led to some success for Lashley as he just recently challenged for the WWE Championship at Backlash two weeks ago for the first time in over 13 years. 

Could we be seeing the beginning of The Beat Down Clan 2.0???

MVP made his Impact Wrestling debut on January 30th, 2014 where he was revealed to be the "investor" for the company.

 He would go to feud with Dixie Carter which led to Team MVP vs Team Dixie at Lockdown for control of the compnay in the end Team MVP would pick up the win and MVP would gain control of the company.

The Beat Clan was a faction that had tons of potential in Impact Wrestling. The faction formed in 2014 and was led by MVP but only lasted a year. The faction included some heavy hitters such as Low-Ki, Hernandez, and Samoa Joe. 

They would find some championship success as they helped Lashley defeat Eric Young for the TNA World Heavyweight Championship.

 In 2015 Hernandez would be involved in a legal dispute with both Lucha Underground and TNA leading to his release which in part led to the downfall and disbanding of the of the BDC like a domino affect. Now that the history is out of the way here is how I would book BDC 2.0.

Bobby Lashley has been on the end of a recent push lately since he has aligned with MVP. This has led to him feuding with WWE Champion Drew McIntyre. Could we see MVP reach out and find more clients???

On a recent episode of RAW we saw MVP talking backstage to Apollo Crews and telling him that he needs to take his advice and slow down or he could wind up losing his newly won United States Championship. Later on in the night we would see Crews cheat to win his match against Shelton Benjamin. Could this be the beginning of a faction led by MVP???

If I was a member of the RAW Creative team I would book the faction of Lashley, Crews, Ricochet, and Cedric Alexander led by their manager and mouth piece MVP. I would slowly show signs of a heel turn for the remaining three guys and have them officially debut at SummerSlam.

Apollo Crews:

Crews won the United States Championship from Andrade on the Memorial Day edition of Monday Night RAW and retain the title against the former champion on the Backlash Kickoff. Crews would later go on to beat Shelton Benjamin by holding the ropes for leverage. Crews using the ropes could mean nothing but to me this means that Crews was listening to what MVP told him before his match and is possibly thinking about aligning with him. I would have Crews use small underhanded tactics to win his matches from now on and begin to make excuses for why he doesn't want to defend his championship anymore. At Extreme Rules Crews could be forced to defend his title leading to MVP getting involved causing the DQ finish. We then have MVP accompanying Crews to the ring for his matches. Crews could confirm while also not confirming that he is aligned with MVP by just saying they are friends.

Ricochet & Cedric Alexander:

Ricochet and Cedric Alexander have found some success in their WWE careers as Ricochet is a former North American and United States champion while Alexander is a former Cruiserweight champion. Since then they haven't done much and haven't been on TV in a while. They recently have teamed up to form the 2 Fly. This is a pairing I didn't know I wanted until now. This is also a smart move since the RAW Tag Team Division is lacking in teams right about now. I would have this team lose a couple of matches and see themselves down in the dumps leading to MVP giving them some advice backstage. Then after losing more matches we would see Ricochet and Alexander cheat to finally win a match on RAW. This would set them up to be a number one contender's tag team turmoil match at Extreme Rules. They would win the match and go on to challenge The Viking Raiders for the titles at SummerSlam and surprisingly shock everyone and win the titles. 

The Offical Formation:

Later in the main event it's Bobby Lashley vs Drew McIntyre for the WWE Championship. Lashley will start off the match strong locking in the Full Nelson right away but McIntyre finds a way out shocking Lashley. After a hard hitting affair things would spill to the outside and McIntyre standing over Lashley. This would lead to Crews, Ricochet and Alexander coming out which distracts the referee allowing MVP to hit the Drive By allowing Lashley to pick up the win and become the new WWE Champion. After the match we would get a post match beatdown from Crews, Ricochet and Alexander. They would then hold Drew up setting Lashley up to hit him with the spear. MVP would then grab the mic and introduce us to the new and improved Beat Down Clan.

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