WWE Star Gets Heat For Attending Independent Show; Who It Was & How They Not Only Upset WWE Officials But Also The Show's Promoters For Being A Distraction

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Evan Bourne was spotted in the crowd at an EVOLVE Wrestling show in Ybor City, Florida last Thursday. I'm told both WWE and EVOLVE were upset about it.

Bourne was sitting in plain view of the hard camera chatting with friends and EVOLVE officials and was eventually asked to move because they were afraid he was distracting from the in-ring action.

When WWE officials found out, they weren't pleased that one of their stars was spotted hanging out in the crowd of an independent show.

Bourne is currently out with what is believed to be a career-threatening foot injury that happened during a car wreck after serving a 60-day suspension for his second violation of the WWE Wellness Policy.

  • Kleck

    Of course it was Evan Bourne. Should have known he’d put himself right back into the doghouse. This guy creates heat on himself like a microwave

  • Guy Landau

    Luckily he didn't have any prior heat so they'll probably let it slide… Oh, wait.

  • PainOfDemise

    Just keeps getting worse and worse for him. He better start getting to those independent shows, because we will probably never see him in another WWE ring again!

  • Gary

    Why would WWE care if an injured mid-card worker was seen at an event. They act as if the world doesn't know these guys have lives outside the ring. And if Vince doesn't care about losing talent to TNA, the nearest threat, then he shouldn't care about someone like Bourne being at some little promotion.

    • Lets Think it out…

      Former mid-card Talent:

      The Rock
      Stone Cold
      Bret Hart
      Shawn Michaels
      Triple H
      Mick Foley
      Daniel Bryan
      John Cena
      Chris Jericho
      Eddie Guerreo
      Rey Mysterio
      Randy Orton

      Top Card Talent, was once mid-card talent. Thats why he cares.

    • Patrick

      I have to agree with Gary what is the big deal of Evan Bourne attending a indy show… WWE is making to big a deal out of it. injuryed, suspended or not the guy has a right to go where he wishes when he is not working not stay home out of sight and mind. untill he or anyone else for that matter returns.

      • JohnnyDanger

        You would think that Vince would love the fact that his talents are recognized…. I'd used it as a PR stunt, bu noooooooooooooo Vince has to be all cranky

  • Hitman310

    This guys is just begging to be let go. Maybe he will have his prayers answered pretty soon by the all mighty VKM.

  • Simon

    Considering there's a good chance he'll never wrestle again, what's the harm in visiting another show? Does Cena get in trouble if he goes down to the shops on his day off because he's distracting people and taking their attention away from everything else in life? The guy is injured and probably won't be returning any time soon, he was watching the show and chatting with friends. The real question is why is it his fault that fans go up and pester him while the show is on, causing this to become a big deal in the first place.

  • Matt Scott

    So by becoming a wrestler you must give up being a wrestling fan?