How WWE Explained The Departure Of Eve Torres

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Embedded in the video below is how WWE chose to explain the departure of Eve Torres from the company:

As previously noted, Eve's contract was coming up and she chose to leave the company. We have more on her departure here in our Backstage News section. If you are not yet a Premium Member you can signup now at this link.

  • poor matt…

  • sehunter

    Ratings from last night : 8 PM 4.50 million viewers
    9 PM 4.68
    10.PM 4.47

    Vince,you & Usa Network should offer The Rock &Lesnar the moon!These numbers and the ones from last summer might just be a dream after Wrestlemania!

    • sir-rusty82

      Wow best raitings in along time but think WWE dropped the ball with that episode I bet alot of people were expecting to see more old faces and all we got was Rock and Flair (not even HHH)

      • Kenneth

        Bringing back old names for ratings is all well and good but they really need to try and get those ratings by using current names, and they can’t do that if they’re relying on the old names.

        • Vic Jose

          I bet the ratings went up after Eve quit, lol.

        • Vic Jose

          What old names? The only old names I saw were Foley and Flair, the show seemed lackluster to me.

          • Kenneth

            Exactly my point.

            Had they brought back more old names besides Foley and Flair they might have got a ratings pop for that one show but they can’t do that every week.
            The show was lackluster, and they need to fix that without relying on old names.

        • sir-rusty82

          Yeh yeh dont get into the politics to fix all WWEs shows I was just talking about that 1 episode I wanted to see alot of the old names that made WWE last 20 years

          • Kenneth

            I suggest Youtube.

  • cdinho



  • cdinho

    damn kaitlyn!

    never liked her in first place

    first it was kelly kelly (i dont care), then it was the lovely bella twins, then the amazing EVE!
    and now we’re left with F’N KAIT!!!

  • all thats left who actually is a trained wrestler is Natalya now? WTF? Nattie needs to go to TNA and hopefully Beth ends up there so they all can actually wrstle there