Hypocritical Ryder Song, Lesnar's Wrestlemania Program, Raw Presale Pass, Head Of '13 HoF

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I know a lot of people in the internet community think Zach Ryder is being underused and I suppose that's debatable. What I'd like to know is how does a WWE employee in the PG era put out a song called Hoeski? Isn't it more than just a bit offensive and a major step backwards for the treatment of women as sexual objects?

Fans of Zack Ryder will respond to critics by telling them to lighten up and "Hoeski" is just an entertaining joke. I'm personally not offended by it, however, it would be remiss to not call it for what it is… hypocritical. It's not that it's in violation of the PG initiative but WWE runs Be-A-Star anti-bullying rallies. The rallies are very important and are about showing tolerance and respect. However, there is nothing respectful or tolerant about calling someone a hoeski. Again, it doesn't offend me, it's just extremely hypocritical.

It's too early to know for certain but it looks like a Brock Lesnar vs. Triple H rematch at Wrestlemania 29 is a good possibility. How do you feel about that potential matchup? Would you rather see Brock face one of the younger guys on the roster? If so, who?

With Brock Lesnar under WWE contract for another two years after Wrestlemania 29, pairing him off against Triple H doesn't seem to make much sense. Lesnar beat Hunter at SummerSlam, the match drew a good buyrate, why not move onto something else? I actually wouldn't mind Lesnar vs. Ryback, however, Hunter has pretty much "laid claim" to working Brock again at Wrestlemania and that seems to be the direction they are going. My top match would have actually been Lesnar vs. The Rock but that was taken away with the rematch against John Cena.

Do you have the presale password for the April 8th episode of WWE Raw the night after Wrestlemania 29 from the IZOD Center?

The presale password to obtain tickets for WWE Raw the night after Wrestlemania 29 from the IZOD Center is RAWROCK.

Who will be the head of the 2013 WWE Hall of Fame class? Bruno Sammartino or Mick Foley? Was Triple H's hard work to get Sammartino into the HoF motivated by his opinion that Foley doesn't have the look of a star and he needed a bigger name to head up this year's class?

Bruno Sammartino is the head of the 2013 WWE Hall of Fame class, however, younger fans may not recognize him like they would someone like Mick Foley or Trish Stratus. There are not very many lists you can put together that do not have Bruno at the top. As for the second part of your question, Mick Foley has always downplayed a beef with Triple H but you accurately summed up Hunter's opinion of him. However, Bruno is the one name WWE has targeted for this Hall of Fame for several months and was discussed before Mick Foley. Foley was actually brought up after Vince McMahon thought Sammartino was off the table.

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  • Baby S

    I am proud to be a Hoeski I just loved me some hostess treats (twinkes , ding dongs, dunkin sticks the whole lot)

  • BrooksOglesby

    The Hoeski thing is pretty embarrassing, but it’s indicative of where WWE is at in terms of their treatment of their female talent. They’ve actually gone backwards somehow. When I talk to female former fans, so many of them say they loved Trish and Lita. They showed girls that they could be cool, talented, and feminine. Something got lost along the way and now Diva segments are just pee breaks.
    When over 1/3 of your audience is female, you should provide them with characters to look up to and cheer for. Right now, the Diva gimmicks are “smiling girl,” “scowling girl,” and “whore.” The Divas deserve better than that, and so do the fans. You can easily write compelling female characters. It would do wonders if the entire creative process for turning a Diva heel wasn’t just “well let’s just make her start sleeping around and then the super nice and cool dude John Cena can call her a whore.” It’s an stupid, outdated mentality that WWE needs to grow out of.
    Not to mention, I used to be a big Zack Ryder fan, but the Hoeski stuff, coupled with his constant whining made me sour on him. I know it’s just his gimmick, but it reeks of high school-level “waaaah I got friendzoned.” In the real world, Eve choosing a guy that isn’t Zack Ryder wouldn’t make her a bad person, and certainly not the whore she was portrayed to be. But thanks to the WWE mentality, the good guy says “if you don’t date me, you’re a whore and I’m gonna whine about it for over a year and release a song on iTunes about it.”

    • peter

      You say that during Trish and Lita’s time in the WWE they showed how the Divas could be cool,talented, and feminine-you mean the endless Bra and Pantie matches,how about the Paddle on the Pole,Gravy Bowl,Wet Tshirt,Lingerie,Spanking,Ballgown and the Bikini Matches,not to mention the matches with the male wrestlers where they could take a beating from them like The Dudley Boys putting Trish,Stacy Keibler and even poor May Young through tables,I wonder just how many times Jerry the King Lawler and the crowd shouted out for WE WANT PUPPIES,WE WANT PUPPIES.Yes there where some excellent excellent female wrestlers and matches but the WWE still concentrated on there sexy appeal and not their talent.So how on earth you can say that it’s worse now Is unbelievable, at least the Divas ant seen as meat anymore, they my be pee-break matches but do you really want to see them fighting to strip each others clothes off.

      • BrooksOglesby

        There were definitely much more sexual segments back in the Attitude Era, I won’t dispute that. And I don’t have a problem with Divas being sexual. Needless to say, it’s appealing. The Attitude Era was definitely not without its issues in its portrayal of women (Trish barking like a dog comes to mind), but there were times when the Divas had dynamic characters that weren’t stereotypically “girly.”
        You mentioned women fighting men. I’m absolutely against violence against female valets and anything else that could be construed as abusive, but when women stood up to the guys, that was great. It was compelling! I know she’s gone way way way downhill, but having Chyna fighting guys as the Intercontinental Champion was a BIG deal. I’m sure the lingerie pillow fights brought in viewers, but so did the intrigue of a woman holding her own against men. It was something different, which I think is my main point. The Attitude Era was deplorable in terms of objectification, I agree, but there was still solid writing behind many of the angles written for women.
        And there’s nothing inherently wrong with having sex appeal. The current Divas have it. But Divas used to be enjoyable to both men and women. Those who were attracted to the Divas just had a bonus incentive to watch, but everyone could enjoy the characters. There are plenty of little boys with John Cena, Sheamus, and Randy Orton posters in their rooms. Do you think many little girls have Kaitlyn, AJ, or Kelly Kelly posters? Absolutely not. But Lita posters 15 years ago? Absolutely. Eye candy has always been a part of the Divas’ philosophy, but there’s currently nothing to enjoy about the Divas for those who aren’t attracted to them.
        And after the Attitude Era, there was still a much bigger focus on the women in the company. Remember when Lita vs. Trish was the main event of Raw? Kaitlyn vs. AJ wouldn’t headline Raw. My point is that they absolutely could, with convincing build and actually relatable characters. We get glimpses of what WWE could be doing every now and then. When Beth Phoenix entered the Rumble, the crowd went crazy. When Kharma debuted, everyone was excited to see her eventually fight men. I’m not looking at the past with rose-colored glasses, but purely in terms of characters, WWE’s Diva division has been (and could be) much better.

        • I agree, the Diva Division has been and could be so much better. The battle of the sexes matches that Eric Bishoff made between Trish/Lita vs Jericho/Christian were epic. I am not offended with the bra and panties/paddle on a pole/evening gown matches and this world has become too PC to enjoy those type of matches now-a-days. How is it anymore sexist then watching True Blood or even Law and Order:SVU where women are usually the victims?
          Cena haters want him to turn heel, but when he calls AJ a whore or Eve a hoeski, its “be a star wwe”. you cannot have it both ways. Chyna, Kharma and Beth Phoenix could easily hold their own in matches with the boys, I think maybe even Nattie could as well. WWE has made a great female wrestlers division into a DIVA’S division. They hold back talent like Naomi and push Askana. WWE will never get close to having something as awesome as watching Mickie James’s stalking Trish and kissing her with bloody lips or main events with the likes of trish and lita. With AJ starting to go stale, even with Ziggler, Tamina has potential, just needs more personality, Alicia Fox blotching her scissors kick, Layla seems lost without michelle mcool, Kaitlyn also has potential, nattie being STUCK with the hornswoggle and kahli, and wth is up with askana….its in dire straits.
          did anyone else notice there was no divas match for raw or smackdown this week?

  • AntGilroy

    thanks for answering my question. your the man!!!!

  • Nostaljack

    My how the mighty have fallen. Ryder was once widely hailed as an underdog who took matters into his own hands; now, a whiny little boy who had some semblance of an opportunity and didn’t persevere until it became something more. He is responsible for the position he’s in, by and large, and this video won’t do *anything* to fix his standing with people who were once behind him.

    • Pluto


  • I don’t know if it was a very selective camera shot or not, but as Pat Patterson would say “The crowd went banana” for Bruno after his video on Raw. Surprised me, either the fans know Bruno better than we give them credit for or they gained instant respect for him based on informative video piece.

  • Pluto

    Here’s the thing that people need too understand, Ryder isn’t very good, period. He offers nice comic relief as a lower midcard card face and that’s it, but the problem with that is that Santino Marrella does the whole funny lower midcard babyface act a whole better. Even a co-sign from Cena could not keep him over, Ryder had his shot and no one including Ryder himself can deny that. I dare any fan of Ryder too tell me who he should get pushed ahead of that is currently in the midcard.

    • Nostaljack

      Totally agree. His work is pretty ordinary. Scarier still, he clearly lacks the disposition to “ride things out”. Miz was put through the wringer. It took *years* for anyone to take him seriously (clearly, Brock and others still don’t). He rode it out. Ryder languished a bit and never endured the kind of persecution Miz did. Still, he folded like a deck of cards when he didn’t get what he wanted.

    • Michael

      To be honest I never knew what all of the fuss was about. I didn’t like him in ecw with the half tights half trunks fit. I think he is better suited to be in the tag team scene with Hawkins that’s when I thought the guy was alright. I never took him serious as u.s. Champion when they put him over Ziggler I thought wow really of all the wrestlers to take the title off Ziggler Ryder in the words of Kane Monday night hell no. the guy is a curtain jerker at best. Ni matter who on the current roster you put in a match with him I never believe he could beat them. I get how wwe futures endangered wrestlers like Shelton Benjamin or Charlie Haas but keeps Ryder around.

  • Michael

    I know that bulling is bad and I commend wwe for doing be a star, but to compare storyline wrestling to real life bulling is a bit much. Wrestling wouldn’t be able to exist without a bad guy and a good guy. In order to have a feud they must talk about each other. The bigger wrestler must pick on the smaller wrestler to tell a story and have the good guy usually overcoming the bad guy. That’s not bulling that’s wrestling always has been if you go back to the days of the factions you had the horseman talking about styling and profiling they attacked other wrestlers and tainted them with their championships.

  • KingJamsie

    If Foley doesn’t close out the HoF I would be every disappointed. While I respect Sammartino’s achievements…Foley is gonna give the best speech and Brunos would be an anti-climax…

  • that_one_guy

    I feel bad for Mick Foley he should headline that class not Bruno through all that wwe has done to Mick over the years he remained loyal to wwe and deserve to headline this class

    • Loren Goldstein

      Not sure how you can say Mick was loyal? He did go to TNA from 08-11. Still one of my favorites though.

      • Kenneth

        Going to TNA to try and improve the WWE’s main ‘competition’ wasn’t a betrayal of the WWE on Mick’s part. The WWE needs strong competition. By trying to help TNA Mick did ore for the WWE than a lot of the WWE upper echelon have done in many a year.

        • Loren Goldstein

          I never said anything about a betrayal. There’s a difference between not being loyal and betraying a company. The only point I was trying to make was that at one point he had gone to the competition.

  • They should do a Heyman vs. McMahon tag match at WrestleMania. Lesnar and CM Punk against maybe Triple H and Ryback. They could even add in the Sheild on Heyman’s team and then Sheamus, Randy Orton and The Miz on McMahon’s team.

    • The Awesome James

      Better idea, find some way to keep those angles going for 6-8 months (shouldn’t be hard, make Heyman GM, and HHH only turns up every 6 months or so anyway) and have this aas your Traditional Survivor Series match. Beats the mid-card SS matches they’ve thrown together the last few yeas…

  • The Breaker

    People who complain about Zack Ryder’s “Hoeski” being too immature must have not been paying much attention to his gimmick. He’s a dude from Long Island who likes spray tan, Bud Light Lime, fist pumping, and Justin Bieber. The song falls right in line with his character, and shouldn’t be taken seriously. Now it would be a different story if he were more like John Cena, whose own motto is “Rise Above Hate”. So I do tend to agree that Cena basically calling AJ a whore is hypocritical, but with Ryder it isn’t so clear-cut.

  • This has to do with the Be a Star comment made by Richard. It frustrates me when people pull the…”Oh way to Be a Star WWE” when they do something on RAW or SmackDown to either ”bully” another wrestler or make fun of someones appearance like Vickie. Yes its cruel but its a TV show. Just like any other show or movie you have bullies and people being jerks and do people give them a hard time? No because they know they’re playing a character. Same in WWE, It’d be a different story if they were doing it in public but they dont. WWE does a lot of good with their anti bullying campaign and it shouldnt be brought down because people cannot seperating the two.

    • The Awesome James

      I’d agree with you, except that the “target” of the song is no longer a WWE employee (in fact the release of this single and the timing of her departure make me wonder if it’s not more than coincidence) and you can’t get more “public” than releasing the song on freaking ITUNES!

      • They did the same thing with The Rock concert. He bashed everyone and they released it on iTunes. I think Ryder lives his character imo.

  • BlazeKing

    It’s amazing that people forgot the term “Hoeski” was only for Eve Torres; not all women. The Hoeski song is a song about what Evil Eve has done and people need to watch out for them. I think every naive kid needs to learn that lesson. Don’t give the girl your cookie (or your riches) just because you want her attention. The song isn’t about bullying but more about exposure and outing of a negative influence of society a.k.a goldiggers.